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Following a severe car accident, you may find yourself struggling to overcome the many types of suffering and damages you may have experienced because someone else was careless with your safety. Unfortunately, overcoming these obstacles and getting compensation for your injuries and other losses can be difficult. That is especially true if the at-fault party is doing everything in their power to avoid paying what they owe for the suffering you have experienced.

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we understand how important a Mountain View car accident lawyer can be for the success of your claim, especially when trying to maximize the compensation you are due. We strive to help our clients pursue their maximum compensation through our high-quality legal tools and resources, as well as our extensive experience in the courtroom. If you are struggling to recover from your accident, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help.

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Mountain View Car Accident Statistics

While statistics can only give an idea of trends and common factors in Mountain View car accidents, they can be useful for understanding why and how accidents happen. When we know the frequent causes of collisions, we can begin determining common factors that can impact the likelihood or severity of an accident. Likewise, understanding common crash types can help you be more alert for these situations.

For example, the California Office of Traffic Safety provides rankings and data for many California cities. While Mountain View typically scores relatively low, it is ranked 5th of the 105 cities in its category for accidents involving bicyclists under 15. With seven victims injured or killed in these accidents, Mountain View has had a relatively higher number of bicycle accidents, including 23 bicycle accident victims of all ages.

Understanding common dangerous situations and how to avoid them can also help keep you safe. For example, according to data from the California Department of Transportation, accidents at intersections, interchanges, and other roadway accesses account for 43% of statewide fatalities in car collisions. Because of this, it is crucial to give extra attention to the road when navigating an intersection.


Car accident statistics may not directly affect your claim, but they can help you better understand the details of your case. We are prepared to help you understand what to expect and how these accidents happen.

Which Roads and Intersections in Mountain View Are the Most Dangerous?

Car accidents can happen at any time, and they can leave you facing catastrophic injuries. However, certain areas may have more dangerous conditions than others, leading to more frequent instances of collisions. According to data presented by the Mountain View Voice, these are some of the most dangerous intersections in Mountain View:

  • El Camino Real, Grant Road, and Highway 237
  • West Middlefield Road and Highway 237
  • Central Expressway and Rengstorff Avenue
  • W. Middlefield Road and Shoreline Boulevard
  • Central Expressway, Moffett Boulevard, and Castro Street
  • El Camino Real and Sylvan Avenue

If you have been involved in an accident at these intersections or anywhere else in Mountain View, you may have grounds for a lawsuit that can help you recover compensation for your suffering. When someone else’s actions have led to your injury, you may have difficulties recovering, no matter what road or intersection you are injured on. Fortunately, we provide the resources and tools needed to overcome these difficult cases.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Mountain View?

While you may be aware that you potentially have grounds for a lawsuit, you may be unsure what steps to take in the immediate aftermath of your Mountain View car collision. These incidents can be dangerous, scary, and overwhelming, leaving you struggling with your follow-up steps. Fortunately, we have provided a few of the most important steps you can take to protect your claim after an accident:

  • Document the accident
  • Keep records
  • Follow medical advice
  • Notify your insurance
  • Preserve evidence
  • Call a lawyer

If these steps are too difficult or overwhelming, you do not have to face them alone. We offer the tools and services you need from a personal injury lawyer in Mountain View following an accident. If you are worried about making missteps that can cost you compensation, reach out to us for the guidance and information you need.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All of Your Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents like yours can lead to catastrophic injuries that leave a lasting impact on your quality of life. These injuries can also be expensive, leading to significant compensation being needed for your recovery. Below is just a small sample of the many injuries you may need compensation for following a severe car accident:

In the wake of a car accident, it can be difficult to identify exactly what this compensation is worth. However, we provide the tools needed to determine the economic and non-economic damages you have suffered because of your car accident. If you are struggling to identify what your claim is worth and pursue compensation in court for it, reach out to us for help.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

While popular media often portrays hiring an attorney as an expensive experience, handling your claim with the help of an attorney is not necessarily expensive. While movies and TV shows refer to flat rates and hourly charges, we do not use these as your car accident lawyer. Instead, we work on a contingency fee basis.

A contingency fee is a set percentage of your compensation rather than a flat rate. That means your payment will never be more than the compensation you receive from your lawsuit. It also means that your payment for our legal services will change based on the value of your compensation.

For example, if your contingency fee is 30% of your compensation, and you receive a $1 million settlement, you would pay $300,000. However, the same contingency fee for a $10,000 settlement would leave you paying $3,000 for our services. This method keeps your payment proportionate to the compensation you received.

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Our free consultations allow you to reach out and speak about your claim before you commit. We also encourage potential clients to check out our testimonials page to learn more about our aid.

Can I Recover Compensation if I Share Some of the Blame for a Car Accident in Mountain View?

In the wake of a Mountain View car accident, you may be surprised to find that the at-fault party is placing the blame on you. They may claim that you were partially at fault in an effort to protect their own financial status. Unfortunately, under California Code Section 1714, this tactic can reduce the value of your settlement.

This law is California’s comparative negligence statute, Which states that if you are responsible for any part of your accident, your claim may be reduced in proportion to the amount of fault placed on you. In practice, this means that if you are found 15% at fault for your accident, you may only receive 85% of the compensation you need for your recovery. That leaves you paying for the other 15% of your compensation out of pocket.

Even 15% of your compensation may be thousands of dollars in severe or fatal car accidents. If you are unable to work, that amount may feel insurmountable. Fortunately, we offer dedicated services to clients, gathering evidence that we can use to defend their claims.

What Causes Car Accidents in Mountain View, CA?

As you seek a Mountain View car accident claim, one of the first concerns you may have is determining what caused your car accident. Identifying the cause of your accident can then help you identify the liable party, as you will need to determine who is at fault for your injuries. Below are some of the most common causes of car accidents in the area, which can cause dangerous injuries and property damage:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield

Once you identify the cause of your accident, you can then begin determining who caused those conditions that led to your accident. This question can be complex, as the at-fault party is not always the other driver. However, if you are struggling to identify who is at fault for your claim, we are prepared to help you handle your claim and get the compensation you are due.


If you are unsure what caused your accident, gather as much evidence as possible from the scene. That evidence can help you identify how your accident happened.

Mountain View Car Accident FAQs

While a car accident lawyer is not required to file a claim, you may struggle to take the right steps to pursue compensation without one. Attorneys can provide specific guidance and tools, including representing you in the courtroom. Fortunately, you can always talk with us through a free consultation before you choose whether to work with our team.

We work on a contingency fee basis rather than charging a flat rate or hourly fee. That means we agree on a percentage of your compensation before your claim. And you only pay that percentage if we win. If we are unsuccessful, you do not have to pay our fee.

The average car accident settlement can vary depending on the specifics of your claim, especially the severity. More severe accidents may be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Because of this, rather than offering estimates, we provide specific information about each of our client’s cases.

Following a Mountain View car accident, you can sue anytime in the next 2 years. However, according to California Civil Code Section 335.1, your claim may be dismissed if you do not file within this time limit. Talk to us about these time limits and whether you have a shorter or longer time limit.

California does not cap the overall value of your car accident claim. That means that Mountain View car accident victims can sue for the full value of their injuries, trauma, and property damage. Reach out for help If you are unsure how much these damages are worth.

If your car was involved in an accident, you may still be able to drive it if it is still roadworthy. California drivers must meet federal regulations on drivability for their vehicles, according to California Vehicle Code Section 465. If your car does not meet these standards, it may be illegal to drive it.

Contact Our Mountain View Car Accident Attorneys Today for Legal Help

Car accidents can be devastating experiences and recovery from them can be complex and painful. Without support, you may find yourself facing difficulties getting the compensation you are due. Luckily, while this can be difficult, it is not hopeless.

We have the tools and resources to help our clients recover following a car accident. At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, you can expect high-quality resources and aggressive representation in the courtroom. When you are ready to reach out to a Mountain View car accident lawyer, set up your free consultation by calling or completing our online contact form.

Mountain View FAQs

Mountain View is a city in Santa Clara County, earning its name from its beautiful views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is considered part of the San Francisco Bay area and was a key city in the early growth of Silicon Valley.

Mountain View offers many opportunities for entertainment and outdoor fun. If you are interested in history or the arts, you can check out the Computer History Museum or the Shoreline Amphitheater. Mountain View also features a thriving farmers market through much of the year.

The drive from Long Beach to Mountain View takes 6 hours on average. However, this amount may vary depending on traffic density. If traveling by car, you can expect a 375-mile drive.

Mountain View residents can purchase a birth certificate from the Santa Clara County Office of the County Clerk-Recorder. These certificates are available around 4 to 6 weeks after birth. You have the option to get an authorized or informational certificate.

Mountain View is located approximately 5 hours and 25 minutes from Los Angeles. To reach it, you can travel I-5 N for around 350 miles by car. However, you may also be able to find a flight or train between the cities.

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