Pomona Collision Claims Life of 6-Year-Old Girl, Injures Older Sister [Los Angeles, CA]

Los Angeles, CA (May 30, 2024)- Pomona collision claims Life of 6-year-old girl: Police in Pomona are currently investigating a tragic collision that has left the community reeling.

This heart-wrenching incident occurred at the intersection of Towne and Lexington avenues, claiming the life of 6-year-old Guadalupe Alvarez Salgado and leaving her 19-year-old sister severely injured.

Pomona Collision Claims Life of 6-Year-Old Girl, Injures Older Sister
The intersection of Towne and Lexington avenues where 6-year-old Guadalupe Alvarez Salgado lost her life leaving her 19-year-old sister severely injured in the tragic accident


The devastating impact of this collision has deeply affected not only the victims’ family but also the entire community, highlighting the urgent need for improved road safety measures and stricter enforcement of traffic laws.

The details surrounding the collision paint a harrowing picture of a routine evening turned into a nightmare for the Alvarez family. Guadalupe and her sister, Mireya Alvarez, were walking home from a nearby store with their mother when tragedy struck.

As they crossed the intersection, a silver Honda Accord traveling north on Towne collided with the two sisters, resulting in catastrophic injuries.

Despite the swift response from emergency services, Guadalupe succumbed to her injuries at the scene, while Mireya was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

In the aftermath of such a devastating loss, the victims’ family must seek legal guidance and support to navigate the complex process of pursuing compensation for their losses.

At Crockett Law Group, our compassionate team of attorneys specializes in assisting families who have been affected by car accidents and wrongful deaths.

We understand the immense emotional and financial toll that such tragedies can inflict, and we are committed to fighting tirelessly on behalf of our clients to ensure they receive the justice and compensation they deserve.

Our experienced attorneys will work diligently to investigate the circumstances surrounding the collision, gathering crucial evidence to establish liability and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

We will also provide comprehensive legal counsel to the victims’ families, guiding them through every step of the legal process and advocating for their rights every step of the way.

In addition to seeking compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, and other financial losses, our attorneys will also pursue damages for the emotional pain and suffering endured by the victims’ families.

While no amount of compensation can ever fully compensate for the loss of a loved one, we believe that holding negligent parties accountable can bring a sense of closure and justice to grieving families.

As the investigation into this tragic collision continues, our thoughts and prayers remain with the Alvarez family and all those affected by this devastating loss.

Our law firm extends our deepest sympathies to the friends and family of the victim who are mourning the loss of their loved one.

It’s important to have experienced wrongful death lawyers on your side when losing a loved one in a car accident. Call us at 1-888-965-3827 for a free and confidential case evaluation. You can reach us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by phone, text, and online chat.

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Source: My News LA

The map below shows the intersection of Towne and Lexington Avenues where6-year-old Guadalupe Alvarez Salgado lost her life leaving her 19-year-old sister severely injured in the tragic accident



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