Two Injured by Vehicle Associated with Black Lives Matter Protest Caravan


On September 27th, a woman drove her vehicle through a crowd of pro-Trump counter-protesters after the Black Lives Matter protest was declared an unlawful assembly. Initially, the Black Lives Matter protest was a peaceful caravan protest that was well-organized and scheduled due to updates in the Breonna Taylor case.  Counter-protestors appeared shortly after the protest […]

Huntington Beach Personal Injury Attorney

Data from the National Center for Health Statistics state that approximately 39.5 million individuals get medical care after accident injuries annually. Out of these, around 29.4 million have injuries that are serious enough to require emergency care. 169,936 sustain fatal injuries. In fact, in the United States, personal injury is the third-most-common cause of death. […]

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Almost 39.5 million people in America seek medical attention each year for accident-related injuries. Out of that number, 29.4 million people are rushed to emergency rooms due to severe injuries. Death related cases are about 169,936. This report was collected from the National Center for Health statistics. According to this report, personal injuries have become […]

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The National Center for Health Sciences estimates that about 39.5 million people seek medical attention for an accident causing injury each year. Of these people, 29.4 million have severe enough injuries that require a visit to the emergency room and 169,936 sustain such serious injuries that it results in a fatality. The numbers quoted above […]

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Slip and Fall accidents are among the most common claims in personal injury law. In case you or a loved one sustained an injury from a slip and fall accident, get in touch with an experienced Orange County slip and fall attorney from The Crockett Law Group to learn more about your options. In many […]

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Each year, over 39.5 million people will become injured to the point that medical attention is required according to statistics by the National Center for Health Statistics. Out of almost 4 million injuries, 29.4 will be bad enough to be sent directly to the emergency room. Furthermore, 169,936 of the injuries will result in death. […]