55 Freeway Crash in Orange Kills Motorcyclist

A motorcyclist was killed in a fatal traffic crash in Orange, Orange County. The incident occurred on the 55 Freeway early on the morning of Friday, September 3. It was reported to the authorities at around 5:45 a.m.

According to the details shared by the California Highway Patrol, the motorcyclist was traveling in the northbound lanes of the highway at the time of the crash in Orange. As he was close to the Katella Avenue, a collision with another vehicle in the No. 1 lane caused the motorcyclist to lose balance. This caused his ride to fall down on the road.

The fall also caused the motorcyclist to be ejected onto the roadway. At the same time, a 2019 Hyundai Sonata was traveling along the northbound lanes. As the motorcyclist fell onto the roadway, the Sonata driver couldn’t slow down in time. This caused the vehicle to run over the motorcyclist.

The rider suffered critical injuries and was pronounced dead on the scene once the first responders and paramedics arrived. Authorities initially kept the identity of the victim confidential as the next-of-kin were being notified. On Saturday, September 4, the Orange County Coroner’s Office finally revealed the identity of the victim.

He was identified as Ira Bushinsky, 60, of Garden Grove. Bushinsky was traveling along on his motorcycle when he suffered the fatal crash. The first vehicle that caused the motorcyclist to fall down, and its driver, was not identified by the authorities. The Sonata driver was identified only as a Riverside woman aged 48.

CHP continues to investigate the accident. It remains to be seen if any of the other drivers were at fault in causing the crash. For Orange County crashes like these, motorcycle accident victims or victims’ families can seek the help of an Orange County motorcycle accident attorney to see if they can recover compensatory damages.

Source: https://mynewsla.com/orange-county/2021/09/04/motorcyclist-killed-in-crash-on-55-freeway-in-orange-idd/

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Kevin Crockett

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