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Car Accidents.
It's All We Do.

We take the time to develop an independent car accident investigation into the circumstances of the accident and determine responsibility and liability.

We will talk not only with you but with all the other drivers, passengers and witnesses to the accident and develop a strong legal case on your behalf.

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While some law firms handle a wide range of personal injury cases, we almost exclusively handle motor vehicle accident cases at the Crockett Law Group. This has allowed us to become very good at winning maximum compensation for our clients.

We Are Top-Rated Car Accident Lawyers With Millions of Dollars Recovered


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Car Accident


Car Accident

Car Accident Attorneys

We are renowned car accident attorneys regularly representing the interests of victims who have been treated unfairly by the insurance company. Our firm is ready to handle your injury claim process and fight to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Reasons to Hire the Car Accident Lawyers of Crockett Law Group

Ads Landing Page Car Accident Palm Springs
1. Pay Nothing Until We Win
Ads Landing Page Car Accident Palm Springs
2. We Deal With the Insurance Companies
Ads Landing Page Car Accident Palm Springs
3. We Only Handle Auto Accident Claims

The Car Accident Lawyers of Crockett Law Group Are 5.0 Rated


I would give the firm 10 stars. They were very nice and went above and beyond to make sure I got most out of my settlement. I would recommend them to anyone in need

Darren U.

This is the attorney when you are involved in a car accident. I called them late in the night and answered all my questions, very, very helpful people .
I believe again in good people .
Millions times thank you, wish you only the best to you .

Victor Y.

I had a case that the other party’s insurance company was Denying liability, with the advice of my son I talk to this firm nevertheless the same insurance company which Was denying their liability altogether end up paying the full limit of their insured.

Hossein S.

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Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer in Palm Springs for a Car Accident?

Yes, you can deal with the insurance company on your own if you are capable of doing it. However, all the clients we have worked with are not ready to handle the stress associated with bodily injury or property damage after a car accident. It’s convenient to hire a lawyer for your case and it’s the best decision for your case. Note that you need to hire an attorney after a car accident in case the fault is disputed.

It’s tough to make a compensation claim for a car accident involving a disputed liability. You need the tenacity and expertise of a car accident attorney to help you overcome the challenges associated with your case. Regardless of who is at fault, it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer after a car accident because we will help you stand on your ground. Remember, the insurance company knows that you have no other recourse if they reject the demand for settlement.

As such, they are ready to give you a lowball offer. Insurance adjusters make a higher settlement to people with an attorney than one without. That’s because their insured party could be sued if they don’t find a way to settle the claim. That means you don’t have any leverage if you don’t file the claim using an attorney.

Ads Landing Page Car Accident Palm Springs

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