How Do Contingency Fees for OC Car Accident Attorneys Work?

How Do Contingency Fees for OC Car Accident Attorneys Work?

Typically, attorneys work based on contingency when they’re handling a case or a claim that involves injuries. Contingency fees initially started as an effort to ensure that legal representation was affordable and accessible no matter the person’s financial position. Especially in matters of personal injuries, such as car accidents, it’s often that the victim is in a financially compromised position already. It’s not fair to expect the victim of an accident to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for legal guidance. Most Orange County car accident attorneys work with contingency fees, but there are still some fluctuations in what someone should or could expect. If you are working with an Orange County auto accident lawyer, there’s no guarantee that their fee structure or system is going to be the same as any other law office in the area. Here are some foundational elements of contingency fees and what victims should expect when working with a car accident attorney.

What Are Contingency Fees?

A contingency fee is an approach to legal fees that makes representation more accessible and often more affordable. A contingency fee arrangement takes place between the client and the attorney. As part of these arrangements, the attorney agrees to only take payment if they win or achieve some compensation for their client. That is where you get advertisements saying something like,  ‘if we don’t win, you don’t pay.’ There are restrictions and laws that govern contingency fee arrangements and how much an attorney could take. Most of the time attorneys will use a percentage scale, typically between 20 and 33%. However, if complications arise such as settlement negotiations not going well and the claim moving into court, that percentage may go up higher, typically to about 40%.

Will There be Upfront Costs?

Even with a contingency fee agreement, there is the possibility of an upfront cost. A contingency fee agreement can have a section that acknowledges additional fees and charges. For example, some attorneys charge for consulting fees, which is the cost of meeting with the attorney before engaging their services. It’s possible for law offices to charge the client filing fees or court fees separately from the contingency fee. The only time you may experience an upfront cost is if the attorney charges for a consult meeting. Other charges that may arise or even be directly listed on any contingency fees agreement typically aren’t due upfront.

How Much Will It Cost to Get an Orange County Attorney?

What makes contingency fees set up so affordable is that the attorney only recovers a percentage of the recovered compensation. If you receive compensation as part of settlement negotiations, or through a court award, then they would take a percentage of that before providing you with the rest. For example, if you received a $30,000 settlement and the contingency fee was for 30%, then your attorney would receive $10,000 from that settlement. They would receive one-third of the compensation in exchange for their legal representation and services. When it comes to receiving your settlement when you’re working with an Orange County attorney, you won’t be the one directly receiving the check. If you receive a settlement or a court award, that money goes to the law office. That law office will take their contingency fee out, pay any medical liens, and address other outstanding bills such as payment auto shops. Then, you would receive the remaining amount from the compensation. For many people, it is as though they never have to go out of their way to pay their attorney.

Finding the Right Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

Not a day goes by without a slew of Orange County car accidents. Now, if you’re driving on the freeways or surface streets of California, you’ll probably experience a crash yourself. So what should you do when you’re in an Orange County auto accident? Unfortunately, insurance companies just don’t offer the representation that victims need to access proper compensation for medical expenses and property damage. If you’re looking for full compensation that will handle your medical expenses, cover the property damage, and address the pain and suffering experienced from the wreck then you need an attorney. Local Orange County auto accident attorneys serve to represent victims and address the wrongs done by the at-fault driver. Contact the Crockett Law Group to learn more about your case, how legal fees work, and what options do you have in moving forward with your claim.

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