One Killed in Fountain Valley Hit-and-Run Crash

A man was killed in a Fountain Valley hit-and-run crash over the weekend. The crash itself took place early on the morning of Saturday, September 11. The victim of the incident suffered critical injuries and died at a hospital two days later on Monday, September 13.

According to the details shared by the Fountain Valley Police Department, the deceased victim was identified as Long Ta, 34, of Santa Ana. Ta was taking a morning jog at around 6:20 a.m. on Saturday when he was struck by a vehicle.

The Fountain Valley hit-and-run occurred at the Edinger Avenue crossing. Ta was in a crosswalk and had a green light at the time. As he was walking along the crosswalk, he was hit by an eastbound car on the Edinger. The car had a red light when its driver drove through the crosswalk and hit Ta at a fairly high rate of speed.

The sheer impact of the collision caused severe injuries to Ta, especially in the head area. After hitting the victim, the driver of the vehicle didn’t stop and drove on. It took a while for others on the road to spot the victim and notify the authorities about the situation.

The Fountain Valley Police Department continues to look for the suspect involved in the hit-and-run. Based on the surveillance footage at the intersection, the authorities have identified the hit-and-run vehicle to be a Dodge minivan or a Chrysler. Given the angle of the hit-and-run, the vehicle likely suffered front-end damage.

Hit-and-run is a serious offense in California which carries stiff penalties, especially when the incident involves an injury or a fatality. In Orange County accidents like these, a hit-and-run suspect may also face a wrongful death lawsuit in addition to criminal charges. Such a lawsuit can be brought by the family of the deceased victim with the help of an Orange County car accident attorney.


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