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If you or someone close to you has been impacted by a car accident in Modesto, you have the right to the compensation you deserve. Car accidents can lead to extensive physical, emotional, and financial strain. At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we offer complimentary consultations to review your case and advise you on the best course of action. We are here to support you through these challenging times.
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Modesto Car Accident Statistics

Car accidents are a harsh reality, and Modesto is no exception. Recent statistics reveal a staggering number of car accidents statewide, with California reporting an average of 156,355 car accidents per year, resulting in 3,786 deaths and 277,160 injuries in 2021 alone. These incidents not only claim lives but also cause significant physical, emotional, and financial hardships.

Total Injuries & Fatalities

  • 2019: 1,364
  • 2020: 1,156
  • 2021: 1,350
  • 2022: 1,359
  • 2023: 1,205

Statistics on Fatal and Injury Causing Collisions in Modesto

Over the past five years, Modesto has seen fluctuations in the number of accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities. Our investigation revealed a notable decrease of 12% in such accidents from 2019 to 2023. Despite occasional variations, safety on Modesto’s roads remains a key concern, prompting ongoing efforts to enhance traffic management and driver awareness.

Primary Collision Factor

  • Right-of-Way: 360
  • Traffic Signals/Signs: 205
  • Improper Turning: 123
  • DUI: 120
  • Unsafe Speed: 116
  • All Other Factors: 281

Statistics on Common Causes of Collisions in Modesto

In the latest year, an alarming trend emerged as the primary collision factor: drivers failing to yield the right of way. This issue underscores the critical need for improved driver education and enforcement of traffic regulations. Efforts to address this issue may include enhanced enforcement measures, public awareness campaigns, and infrastructure improvements aimed at clarifying right-of-way rules at intersections.

Which Roads and Intersections in Modesto Are the Most Dangerous?

Car accidents in Modesto can occur anywhere, but certain areas are more prone to incidents. These include:

Busy Intersections and Downtown Areas

Modesto’s busy intersections and downtown areas are hotspots for collisions. High traffic volume, narrow lanes, and frequent stops contribute to these risks. Drivers should remain vigilant and avoid distractions in these zones. Some of the most dangerous intersections in Modesto are:
  • Briggsmore Avenue and McHenry Avenue
  • Carpenter Road and Hatch Road
  • Oakdale Road and Scenic Drive

Major Highways

Highways like State Route 99 and State Route 132 are major thoroughfares in Modesto. Congestion during peak hours and holidays increases the risk of multi-vehicle accidents. Common causes include speeding, distracted driving, and unsafe lane changes. Some of the most hazardous locations on these highways are:
  • State Route 99 and Lander Avenue: This location was the scene of a fiery, head-on crash that killed one person and injured two others in the summer of 2023. A driver was traveling the wrong way on the northbound lanes of State Route 99 and collided with another car. The impact caused the car to catch fire and block the highway. The driver of the wrong-way car died at the scene, while the driver and a child passenger of the other car were taken to the hospital with major injuries.
  • State Route 99 and Standiford Avenue: This location was the site of a fatal rollover crash that claimed the life of a 19-year-old woman in May 2023. The woman was driving a Honda Civic on the southbound lanes of State Route 99 when she lost control of the vehicle and hit the center divider. The car then rolled over several times and landed on the northbound lanes, where it was hit by a Ford F-150. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver of the Ford suffered minor injuries.
  • State Route 132 and Dakota Avenue: This location was the spot of a deadly head-on collision that killed two people and injured three others in April 2023. A driver was traveling eastbound on State Route 132 when he crossed over the double yellow line and crashed into a westbound car. Both drivers died at the scene, while three passengers in the westbound car were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
Pro Tip
When driving on highways prone to congestion and accidents like State Route 99 and State Route 132, maintain a safe following distance, stay focused on the road ahead, and avoid distractions such as texting or phone calls.

Residential Zones

Areas around schools, parks, and shopping centers in neighborhoods like La Loma, College, and Airport also see frequent traffic incidents. Drivers should be particularly cautious of pedestrians and cyclists in these zones. Some of the most common locations for accidents in these zones are:
  • West Orangeburg Avenue and Tully Road: This location was the scene of a crash that injured four people and damaged a home on New Year’s Eve, 2023. A driver was speeding on West Orangeburg Avenue when he drove through a fire hydrant and a fence and then slammed into a home next door. The driver was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries, while three people who lived at the home, including a woman and two children, were hurt and treated at the scene. The home was heavily damaged and deemed uninhabitable.
  • Mitchell Road and Finch Road: This location was the site of a massive crash that involved 15 cars and three big rigs in December 2023. The crash occurred on the Mitchell Road Bridge, south of Finch Road, during the morning commute. Fog and unsafe speeds were considered to have played a role in the crash. Seven people were injured and taken to the hospital, while the bridge was closed for several hours.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Modesto?

A car accident in Modesto can be a scary and confusing experience. You need to act quickly after the crash to protect your health and your rights. Here are the steps you should take if you are in a car accident:

Keep Records

After a car accident in Modesto, you need to keep all the documents related to the incident. These include your medical bills, prescriptions, and any reports from the police or your doctor. These documents are important because they show how badly you were hurt and how much you spent on your recovery. You will need them to get the compensation you deserve for your losses and damages.

Follow Medical Advice

Your health is your priority after a car accident in Modesto. You should follow the advice of your healthcare provider and stick to your treatment plan. Don’t miss any appointments or skip any medications. If you ignore your health, you might make your injuries worse or lose your chance to get the compensation you deserve. The insurance company or the court might think that your injuries are not serious or that you are not trying to get better.

Notify Your Insurance

You should let your insurance company know about the accident as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you might lose your coverage or your rights. But be careful about what you say or agree to before you talk to a lawyer. The insurance company might try to pay you less than you deserve or blame you for the accident. Don’t sign anything or admit anything without consulting a lawyer first.

Preserve Evidence

You need to collect and save as much evidence as you can after a car accident in Modesto. This will help you prove your case and get the compensation you deserve. Don’t fix your car or throw away any damaged items until you take pictures of them. Take pictures of the accident scene, your car, and your injuries. Also, get the contact information of any witnesses who saw the accident. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be.

Call a Lawyer

The best thing you can do after a car accident in Modesto is to hire a lawyer who can help you with your case. Text Kevin Accident Attorneys is a great choice for this. Our firm has won many awards and recognition for our work, such as Super Lawyers and the Avvo Clients’ Choice Award. We know how to deal with the insurance companies, and we are ready to go to court if needed. With Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, you can trust that your car accident case in Modesto will be handled with care and professionalism. These steps will help you protect your rights and interests after a car accident in Modesto. Remember, Text Kevin Accident Attorneys is here to help you and support you through this difficult time.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All of Your Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents in Modesto can lead to a wide range of injuries, with their severity often depending on the nature of the collision. Some injuries may be minor and heal quickly, while others can be more severe, having lasting impacts. If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident in Modesto, seek both medical and legal assistance promptly. This ensures a full recovery from your injuries and the protection of your legal rights.

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

Whiplash and neck injuries are common outcomes of car accidents, particularly in rear-end collisions. The busy roads of Modesto increase the risk of such injuries, where sudden impacts can cause the head and neck to jerk unexpectedly. Symptoms can include neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and sometimes dizziness or blurred vision. Modesto residents need to seek medical attention immediately following a car accident, as symptoms may develop gradually. Treatment usually involves pain management and physical therapy, though recovery times can vary.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

In Modesto, concussions and more severe TBIs are a major concern in car accidents. These injuries occur when the brain is jostled within the skull due to the force of impact. Symptoms can range from headaches and confusion to more severe effects such as extended unconsciousness or permanent brain damage. Treatment options vary widely, from rest and medication for milder concussions to intensive rehabilitation for more serious TBIs.

Broken Bones and Fractures

The force of a car crash in Modesto can result in broken bones and fractures. Frequently impacted areas include the arms, legs, ribs, and hips. The treatment required and the severity of these injuries can vary greatly. While some may only need a cast, others, such as complex fractures, may necessitate surgery and prolonged recovery periods.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are among the most grave consequences of car accidents in Modesto. These injuries can lead to a loss of function, such as mobility or sensation, below the injury site. Treatments often include surgery and extensive rehabilitation. In severe cases, these injuries can lead to permanent disabilities, such as paralysis.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are particularly concerning as they may not be immediately obvious. These injuries occur when the force of the collision causes damage to internal organs and can be life-threatening. Symptoms might include abdominal pain and difficulty breathing. It’s wise for anyone involved in a Modesto car accident to seek immediate medical evaluation. Treatments vary based on the severity of the injury and may range from observation to emergency surgery.

Psychological Trauma

The psychological impact of car accidents in Modesto should not be underestimated. Victims may suffer from various psychological issues, such as anxiety, PTSD, depression, and phobias related to driving or traveling. These conditions can significantly affect daily life and overall mental well-being.
Addressing the psychological aftermath of a car accident is crucial for overall recovery. Seek support from mental health professionals who specialize in trauma to effectively manage conditions like anxiety, PTSD, depression, and driving-related phobias.

Burn Injuries

In the case of severe collisions, especially those leading to fires or explosions, burn injuries can occur. These injuries range from minor to severe and require immediate medical attention. The risk of infection and the possibility of long-term scarring and disfigurement make these injuries particularly serious. Treatment may involve pain management, skin grafts, and extensive rehabilitation. In any of these situations, receive prompt medical care and also consult with a knowledgeable legal team. Our team at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys understands car accident injuries in Modesto and is dedicated to ensuring you receive the care and compensation you deserve.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’re curious about the expense involved in securing a car accident lawyer in Modesto following an incident, it’s normal to worry about the financial implications. Victims often find themselves facing considerable repair costs, loss of income due to downtime from work, and extensive medical bills. Thankfully, at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we handle our cases on a contingency fee arrangement. This setup allows you to engage our services without any upfront payments, and our fees are contingent upon the successful outcome of your case. Should we not achieve a settlement or judgment in your favor, you will not be charged any legal fees.
Local Results
Former Client Secured $250,000 Settlement for Injuries Sustained in a California Freeway Accident
Case Type Car Accident
Location California
Settlement $250,000.00

Can I Recover Compensation if I Share Some of the Blame for a Car Accident in Modesto?

It’s a common question for individuals involved in a traffic incident to ask if they can still receive compensation even if they had a role in causing the accident. Such circumstances are not as infrequent as one might assume. Imagine, for instance, colliding with a vehicle that was on the wrong side of the road when your headlights were not on during the night, making you share some of the fault. According to the laws in California, having partial responsibility in an accident doesn’t prevent you from obtaining compensation. However, the compensation awarded will be adjusted according to the extent of your fault. Therefore, if you were found to be 2 percent at fault for the accident, you would be eligible to claim 98 percent of the damages calculated.

What Causes Car Accidents in Modesto, CA?

In Modesto, as in all of California, individuals who are injured in car accidents due to the negligence of others have the right to pursue compensation. This includes damages for injuries caused by various types of negligent behavior:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a significant issue in Modesto, reflecting a widespread problem throughout California. Any activity that diverts a driver’s attention from the road is classified as distracted driving. This includes illegal activities like talking or texting on a cell phone while driving, as prohibited by California Vehicle Code Section 23123. Additionally, texting while driving is expressly forbidden under California Vehicle Code Section 23123.5. These regulations aim to reduce accidents caused by drivers not fully focusing on the road.
Violating California’s distracted driving laws not only endangers lives but can also result in legal consequences. If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by distracted driving, it’s crucial to consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can help you understand your rights and pursue fair compensation for any damages incurred.


Speeding is a common cause of traffic accidents in Modesto. According to California Vehicle Code Section 22350, it is unlawful to drive at a speed that is unsafe for the prevailing conditions, which may be lower than the posted speed limit. Drivers responsible for causing accidents due to speeding or driving too fast for conditions can be held accountable for the resulting harm, as such actions constitute a violation of the expected standard of care.

Failure to Yield

Failure to yield the right of way is a frequent type of negligence on Modesto’s roads, especially in busy intersections and areas with a high presence of pedestrians. Per California Vehicle Code Section 21801, drivers are required to yield when making left turns or when pedestrians are in crosswalks. Accidents in Modesto often occur when drivers disregard these rules, leading to collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians. In these instances, the driver who failed to yield is generally considered at fault and liable for any injuries and damages incurred.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

DUI is a significant cause of car accidents in Modesto, echoing a statewide trend. California Vehicle Code Section 23152 prohibits operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both. This includes impairment caused by prescription and over-the-counter medications that affect driving ability. DUI offenses are treated with severity due to the high risk of causing accidents, injuries, and deaths. Drivers involved in DUI-related accidents in Modesto are likely to face substantial legal repercussions and liability for damages and injuries inflicted.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit-and-run cases, where a driver leaves an accident scene without providing contact information or assisting the injured, are a grave legal matter in Modesto. Under California Vehicle Code Section 20001, drivers involved in accidents that result in injuries or fatalities are legally obliged to stop and perform certain duties. Failing to do so can lead to felony charges. Victims of hit-and-run accidents in Modesto may encounter difficulties in securing compensation, but various legal avenues are available, and the responsible party may face significant penalties.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

In accordance with California law, drivers in Modesto are required to carry minimum liability insurance as mandated by California Vehicle Code Section 16029. Nevertheless, not all drivers adhere to this mandate, leading to issues in accidents with uninsured or underinsured motorists. In these scenarios, victims may need to depend on their own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to obtain compensation.
As a Case Manager, I’m driven by passion in assisting individuals in Modesto, California, with their car accident cases. Each client’s story ignites my dedication to provide compassionate support and guidance. I am committed to advocating tirelessly on their behalf, ensuring they receive the justice and compensation they deserve. It’s a privilege to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Modesto Car Accident FAQs

Suing for emotional distress can be challenging, and success often depends on the circumstances and the presence of physical injuries or other tangible harm. Consult with a personal injury attorney to discuss the viability of an emotional distress claim in your specific situation.

The amount to ask for in a settlement varies based on factors such as the severity of injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Consult with a personal injury attorney for guidance on determining a fair and reasonable settlement amount.

Settling is often preferred due to quicker resolution, cost savings, and more control over the outcome. Trials can be lengthy and involve uncertainties. However, the decision to settle or go to trial depends on the specific circumstances of each case

The cost of suing someone in California varies based on factors such as attorney fees, court filing fees, and other legal expenses. Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case.

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries related to a rear-end collision. It occurs due to the rapid back-and-forth motion of the head and neck during impact, causing strain on the muscles and ligaments.

A herniated disc may cause pain when walking, especially if it compresses nerves in the spinal cord. Symptoms can include pain, numbness, or tingling sensations. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Contact Our Modesto Car Accident Attorneys Today for Legal Help

If you’re involved in a car accident in Modesto, reach out to Text Kevin Accident Attorneys for a free consultation. Our team’s impressive track record of multimillion-dollar recoveries for clients, coupled with accolades like the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and National Outstanding Young Lawyer Award, positions us uniquely to secure the compensation and justice you deserve. Remember, we only charge fees when you win, ensuring you get top-tier legal representation without upfront costs.

Modesto FAQs

The distance between Modesto and Sacramento is approximately 75 miles, making the drive about an hour and 15 minutes long under normal traffic conditions. This relatively short journey allows for easy day trips or weekend getaways between the two cities.

Modesto offers a variety of attractions, from exploring the Gallo Center for the Arts to enjoying the scenic beauty of the Tuolumne River. The city’s rich agricultural heritage can be experienced at local farmers’ markets, and its history is on display at the McHenry Mansion and Museum.

Graffiti Night, a celebrated event in Modesto, typically takes place in June, paying homage to the city’s connection to classic cars and the “American Graffiti” film. It’s a time when vintage car enthusiasts gather to showcase their vehicles, evoking the spirit of the 1950s and 1960s.

Modesto is home to over 200,000 residents, making it a sizable community within California’s Central Valley. This population reflects a diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds, contributing to the city’s vibrant social fabric.

Modesto was founded in 1870, originally planned as a railroad stop. It has since grown into a significant city in the Central Valley, known for its agricultural industry, cultural heritage, and as the birthplace of George Lucas.

The name “Modesto” is derived from the Spanish for “modest,” chosen to honor the humility of William C. Ralston, a financier involved in the city’s early development. Despite his objections, the town was named in his honor, reflecting the values of modesty and respect.

Modesto Points of Interest

A beautifully preserved Victorian mansion built in the 19th century, offering guided tours.

Location: 906 15th St, Modesto, CA 95354


Located in a historic library building, it showcases exhibits on the history of Modesto and the region.

Location: 1402 I St, Modesto, CA 95354


A lovely park with a rose garden, playgrounds, and a picturesque pond.

Location: 401 Needham St, Modesto, CA 95354


Home to the Modesto Nuts minor league baseball team, providing a fun sports experience.

Location: 601 Neece Dr, Modesto, CA 95351


A cultural hub hosting performances, concerts, and theatrical productions.

Location: 601 Neece Dr, Modesto, CA 95351


Offers walking trails, sports facilities, and open spaces for outdoor activities.

Location: 550 May Rd, Union City, CA 94587


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  • Aurora
  • Shackelford

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