Wrongful Death in California: Trucking Accidents

Wrongful Death in California: Trucking Accidents

Wrongful death in California happens more often than many are willing to admit. It is no secret that California hosts one of the busiest trucking ports and is no stranger to truck accidents. Even after efforts by local authorities to curb such incidents, wrongful death reports continue to rise due to sloppy standards and high costs associated with truck accidents. In addition, we discuss the responsibilities of commercial trucking companies to prevent truck accidents. In addition, we help truck accident victims who suffer the consequences of wrongful death in California. A trucking company will be held responsible in the event that a driver’s negligence causes a fatal truck collision. Our attorney will also provide additional information about the financial recovery against commercial vehicles that most trucking companies are not telling you. Statewide data from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) shows that 367 people were killed in truck accidents in 2017, the most recent year for which available statistics are available. 9700 people were injured in truck accidents that year.

What is Meant by Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death actions are civil lawsuits brought against the party or entity responsible for causing the accident when negligence or willful misconduct results in death. Generally, you can apply for compensation if the death of your loved one was caused by the negligence of a lorry driver. If you believe it may have been avoided if there had been a safety measure implemented, you may be eligible for compensation in the case of car accidents with manslaughter. Due to these accidents leading to manslaughter or other traffic accidents, you can seek compensation if you believe the death of your loved one could have been prevented by a truck driver. You should be aware of the signs and symptoms of accidents involving trucks and other motor vehicles to determine who to sue for the death of a family member. And when you understand why having an experienced truck accident lawyer by your side makes it easier to file a claim for wrongful death in California compensation, you will not hesitate to take action.

Common Fatal Injuries from Commercial Trucking:

In a truck collision, passenger vehicles are crushed like foil under the weight and power of the truck. However, not all passengers and occupants die on the spot. Because of the nature of the incident, many victims suffer severe injuries and die during convalescence or physical therapy. This can be for many reasons. For example, a victim of a large truck could suffer internal injuries, including:
  • Brain damage
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Burns.
In addition to other injuries sustained by the deceased, size may not be all that causes you to die. Examples include trucks carrying hazardous materials that may leak and seep into your lungs. The victims of injury may consider filing for financial compensation for their medical treatment and medical bills, but they could suffer catastrophic injuries as a result.

What Are the Main Causes of Truck Accidents?

Big trucks are the bane of motorcyclists and other motorists in densely populated areas and freeways.
  • Driver Fatigue:

It is more likely for drivers who tend to work longer shifts to fall asleep while driving. As a result of a growing demand for fast turnaround times, they tend to travel further with multiple stops, if not any at all. A passenger car and a large truck are more likely to collide because of driver fatigue, which might be triggered by falling asleep, changing lanes, or other errors.
  • Substance Abuse:

There have been many reports of trucking companies and drivers abusing alcohol and other drugs. Your senses along with your ability to properly function are impaired when driving under influence. Therefore, coordination is impaired. Recent studies suggest that many drivers misuse narcotics as a way to cope with their workplace stress. A good personal injury law firm can assist truck accident victims who have lost their lives from substance abuse.
  • Overtaking and Speeding:

As a result, truckers frequently resort to making poor decisions while driving. They may opt for overspreading and rash driving in order to safeguard their deliveries and their premiums.

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