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All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) have a long history of functional use in farming, hunting, and construction, and have more recently become popular as recreational vehicles. They are available in three-wheel and four-wheel versions, and the latest trend is tandem ATVs that can hold a driver and passenger, to accommodate parents riding with their child onboard. This trend is alarming as it coincides with an increasing number of injuries and fatalities. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are close to 1,000 ATV fatalities a year and a third of these people killed are children under the age of 16. Injuries from ATV accidents are often severe or catastrophic, so it’s important to hire the most experienced Orange County ATV accident lawyer that knows how to get you the largest amount of compensation possible. The Crockett Law Group’s Orange County personal injury attorneys have successfully recovered large amounts of compensation for ATV accident victims. Call (800) 900-9393 for a free consultation. You don’t have to pay us anything until we collect money for you. Orange County ATV Accident Lawyer ATVs lack basic safety equipment which can lead to horrific injuries and fatalities when they are used improperly. These are the most common causes of ATV accidents:
  • Riding an ATV on a paved surface where it does not handle properly;
  • Collisions with trucks and cars when driven on roads and highways;
  • Inexperienced operators;
  • Children under 16 riding without proper adult supervision;
  • Daredevil stunts;
  • Severe weather;
  • Speeding on turns, causing rollovers;
  • Operating under the influence;
  • Driving with more than one passenger;
  • Operation on dangerous and unfamiliar terrain and
  • Failing to observe safety laws, ordinances, and regulations.
  The cause of an ATV accident is not always obvious. That’s why it’s important to speak to an Orange County ATV accident lawyer as soon as possible after an ATV accident. Call (800) 900-9393 to make an appointment as soon as possible after an ATV accident.
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What Should I Do After An ATV Accident?

The first order of business is to request medical attention for persons that are injured by calling 911 from your mobile phone. Be sure to inform the officer if the injuries are severe enough to require a medivac rather than an ambulance. While you’re waiting for medical assistance, anyone that is able should take photos and videos of the scene to show how the accident happened. Take wide shots that establish the location and close-up shots of street signs and damage to property. If other drivers are involved, be sure to get their contact and insurance information. Next, speak to an experienced Orange County ATV accident lawyer at The Crockett Law Group to discuss making a claim. Call today to schedule a free consultation. What Should I do after an ATV Accident?

What Types of Injuries Are Common for ATV Accidents?

Despite the fact that California law requires the use of helmets for ATV riders on public lands and that drivers under the age of 18 must take a safety course, enforcement is lax and many people break these rules. That’s one of the reasons that ATV riding has a higher incidence of injuries requiring hospitalization than other dangerous sports including snowboarding, wrestling, football, and skateboarding. These are the most common severe injuries caused by ATV accidents:

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI):

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines a traumatic brain injury as a brain function disruption caused by a blow, bump or jolt to the head or by a penetrating object. The symptoms of TBI are not always pronounced, that’s why it’s important to seek medical assessment for any head injury immediately. Symptoms include headache, blurry vision, nausea or vomiting, sensitivity to light, seizures, slurred speech, or loss of consciousness.

Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)

This is an injury to the spine that is severe enough to cause loss of function in feeling or mobility. When the spinal cord is severed, paralysis occurs in the area of the break down causing paraplegia or quadriplegia. These injuries are usually permanent, but some additional function and/or feeling can sometimes be restored with long-term rehabilitation.

Internal Organ Damage

These are life-threatening injuries due to traumatic damage to internal organs including brain bleeds, pneumothorax, abdominal aorta aneurysm, ruptured spleen, and internal bleeding. Symptoms include abdominal pain, coldness, lightheadedness, thirst, lack of color, and fatigue. Fractures: Some simple or hairline fractures require minimal treatment, but severe compound fractures can require immediate surgery. These are the common types of fractures suffered by people injured in ATV accidents:
  • Open Compound Fracture: The skin is pierced by a bone or a blow that breaks the skin. Sometimes the bone is visible.
  • Transverse Fracture: The break in the bone is horizontal.
  • Oblique Fracture: The break has an angled pattern.
  • Comminuted Fracture: The bone shatters into three or more pieces.
  The types of severe and catastrophic injuries that are all too often caused by ATV accidents often require multiple surgeries, years of rehabilitation, accrue huge amounts of medical costs. Couple that with lost earnings and lost earning capacity and it’s clear why it’s important to work with an experienced Orange County ATV accident lawyer that knows how to collect the large amount of money that’s needed as compensation for this type of case. The Crockett Law Group is the most well-respected personal injury law firm in Orange County, known for its generous settlements and jury verdicts. Call (800) 900-9393 to make an appointment for a free consultation. Common Injuries after an ATV accident

How An Orange County ATV Accident Lawyer Can Collect  Money For You

Some ATV accidents are much more complicated to handle than car accident cases. This is because most ATV cases are often one-vehicle accidents that occur due to the negligence or recklessness of the ATV rider. ATV passengers can sue the operator of the ATV, but since California does not require ATVs to be insured, it’s not common for people to purchase insurance.  Orange County ATV accident lawyers know of other ways to collect money for injured victims including collecting compensation from ATV manufacturers for product liability. These are some examples:
  • Three-Wheelers: After many rollovers caused severe injuries, The United States Justice Department (DOJ) filed a lawsuit alleging that these vehicles violated the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA). In response, ATV manufacturers agree to stop producing them and to recall the vehicles in circulation. Over two million were never recalled by their manufacturers who are liable for injuries caused by their defective products.
  • Inadequate Warnings: Manufacturers are giving people the impression that ATVs are safe fun for people of all ages, marketing their products to inexperienced drivers and children. Most ATVs are sold without appropriate safety instructions and warnings, and some manufacturers are literally presenting ATVs as suitable for activities that are extremely dangerous.
  Most ATVs in California are sold without advising purchasers orally or in writing about California’s ATV laws. For example, California Vehicle Code, Section 38304, prohibits children under the age of 14 from operating ATVs and persons under the age of 18 from operating them on public roads. If a child is operating an ATV in violation of the law, a school, camp, or other responsible organization can be held liable if they are injured. There have also been successful recoveries from dealerships under California’s Lemon Laws when they sell ATVs on recall lists or with known safety hazards. These theories of liability are difficult to prove and require representation from experienced Orange County ATV accident lawyers. The Crockett Law Group has successfully handled many ATV accident cases for seriously injured victims. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.
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Former Client Secured $250,000 Settlement After Arm Injury as a Passenger in an ATV Rollover Accident
Case Type ATV Accident
Location California
Settlement $250,000.00

Orange County ATV Accident Attorneys are Ready to Help!

If you’ve been seriously injured in an ATV accident, you need an attorney that specializes in these cases to collect the largest amount of money damages. Kevin Crockett, lead attorney for the Crockett Law Group has been selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine, an honor reserved for less than 2.5% of California attorneys. Contact us today at (800) 900-9393 to schedule a free consultation.

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