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Norwalk, California, faces its share of challenges, notably pedestrian accidents. Walking in Norwalk, particularly in high-traffic areas or during peak tourist seasons, poses risks due to fast-moving and sometimes careless drivers.

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident in Norwalk, Text Kevin Accident Attorneys is here to support you. Our team, led by Kevin Crockett, an acclaimed personal injury lawyer, has deep roots in Southern California. We are known for our strong track record in personal injury cases, having recovered millions for our clients. Our firm’s excellence is reflected in over 30 awards and honors, including a perfect 10.0 Superb rating from Avvo.

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Which Roads and Intersections in Norwalk Are the Most Dangerous?

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys , we have pinpointed several Norwalk locations where pedestrian accidents are more likely due to factors like heavy foot traffic and busy streets.

Norwalk Town Square

Norwalk Town Square is a hub of commerce and social interaction, drawing both locals and visitors. The mix of shoppers, diners, and vehicles in this area increases the likelihood of pedestrian accidents.

The Intersection of Firestone Boulevard and Pioneer Boulevard

This busy intersection is a focal point of traffic in Norwalk. The high volume of vehicles coupled with pedestrian crossings makes it a hotspot for potential accidents.

Civic Center Area

The area around the Norwalk Civic Center, including City Hall and the Norwalk Courthouse, witnesses substantial pedestrian movement. With government offices and public services located here, the influx of pedestrians is constant, raising the risk of accidents.

Norwalk Arts & Sports Complex Vicinity

The Norwalk Arts & Sports Complex attracts a variety of visitors, from sports enthusiasts to families attending events. The increase in pedestrian traffic around this area, especially during events, can lead to higher accident risks.

Alondra Boulevard Near Cerritos College

The vicinity of Cerritos College on Alondra Boulevard is another area of concern. The presence of students and faculty, along with local traffic, creates a dynamic environment where pedestrian accidents can occur.

Studebaker Road Near Norwalk High School

The area surrounding Norwalk High School on Studebaker Road is particularly busy during school hours. Young pedestrians crossing streets and school-related traffic contribute to a heightened risk of accidents.

Norwalk Metro Station Area

The area around the Norwalk Metro Station is a major transit point in the city. The convergence of commuters, buses, and other vehicles creates a challenging environment for pedestrian safety.
Pro Tip
In Norwalk, prioritize pedestrian safety in busy areas; stay alert and use crosswalks
Our goal at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys is to heighten awareness about pedestrian safety in Norwalk. If you or someone close has been affected by a pedestrian accident in Norwalk, our experienced legal team is ready to offer support and guidance, aiming for justice and appropriate compensation for our clients. Image is of a young woman walking her bike across the road on a crosswalk with a car stopped at the crosswalk, concept of a Norwalk pedestrian accident lawyer

What Should I Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Norwalk?

Following a pedestrian accident, here are some steps you can take to improve the chance of success of your claim:

Document the Incident and Injuries

Documenting every detail of your incident and injuries is a major positive step after a pedestrian accident. This involves keeping a comprehensive record of all injuries sustained, medical treatments received, and how these injuries have affected your daily life and activities. This documentation should include dates of medical appointments, types of treatments, and any medical reports or diagnoses. Additionally, note any pain or discomfort experienced and how the injuries have impacted your ability to work or perform regular activities. This detailed record will be used to demonstrate the extent and impact of your injuries in your legal case.

Gather and Preserve Evidence

Collecting and preserving evidence is helpful in building a strong legal case. This process includes taking photographs of the accident scene, your injuries, and any property damage. If there are witnesses, their statements and contact information should be collected, as they can provide valuable insights into how the accident occurred. It’s also important to gather any available video surveillance footage, police reports, and other relevant documents. This evidence helps not only establish the facts of the case but also prove liability and the extent of damages.

Consult with Text Kevin Accident Attorneys

Consulting with the Text Kevin Accident Attorneys provides you access to top-tier legal guidance and support. Our team will review the details of your case, advise on the best legal strategies, and help you understand your rights and options. With our guidance, we’ll lead you through the legal process, ensuring that you’re informed and comfortable at every stage. Our goal is to make the legal journey as smooth as possible while aiming to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Handle Communications and Negotiations

Handling communications and negotiations is one of the primary tasks we handle as part of your legal process. Our team at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys will take on the responsibility of managing all interactions with insurance companies, opposing counsel, and any other parties involved in your case. We’ll make sure that your rights and interests are protected and that you don’t inadvertently say or agree to anything that could negatively affect your claim. Our years of negotiation experience will be leveraged to aim for a settlement that accurately reflects the extent of your damages and losses.

Access Expert Witnesses

Accessing expert witnesses can significantly strengthen your case. At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys , we collaborate with a network of medical professionals, accident reconstruction experts, financial analysts, and other specialists. These experts can provide authoritative perspectives on different aspects of your case, from detailed explanations of injuries and medical needs to analyzing the accident scene and determining liability. Their insights and testimony can be pivotal in negotiations and, if necessary, in court proceedings, adding substantial weight to your case.

Seek Full and Fair Compensation

Our primary goal at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys is to ensure you receive full and fair compensation for all damages resulting from the accident. This includes not only medical expenses and lost wages but also non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and any long-term impacts on your quality of life. Our firm’s extensive experience and proven track record in handling pedestrian accident cases empower us to effectively advocate for the comprehensive compensation you deserve.

Prepare for Litigation

While we strive to resolve cases through negotiation, our team is fully prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. This readiness to litigate often results in more favorable outcomes during negotiations, as opposing parties recognize our commitment and ability to present a strong case in court. Our approach is to prepare for the possibility of litigation, ensuring that every aspect of your case is thoroughly examined and ready to withstand the rigors of a trial. Our ultimate goal is to secure the best possible outcome for you, whether through settlement or court proceedings.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All of Your Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrian accidents in Norwalk can lead to various injuries, including:

Head Injuries

Head injuries are a serious concern in pedestrian accidents. They can range from mild to severe, with the most common being concussions. A concussion occurs when the brain is jolted inside the skull, leading to symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and confusion. In more severe cases, a pedestrian might suffer from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBIs can lead to long-term issues like memory loss, impaired cognitive functions, and emotional challenges. The treatment for these injuries may involve immediate medical attention, ongoing therapy, and, in some cases, long-term rehabilitation.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries in pedestrian accidents are particularly alarming due to their potential for causing permanent disability. The spinal cord acts as the main pathway for messages between the brain and the body. When it’s damaged, these messages can be disrupted or completely blocked. The severity of the injury determines the level of impairment, which can range from partial paralysis (paraplegia) to full paralysis (quadriplegia) of the limbs. These injuries often require immediate medical intervention, possibly surgery, followed by extensive rehabilitation and sometimes lifelong medical support.

Broken Bones and Fractures

Pedestrians struck by vehicles often suffer from broken bones and fractures. These injuries commonly affect the arms, legs, ribs, and pelvis. The severity can vary greatly, from simple fractures that heal with casting and rest to complex fractures that may protrude through the skin and require surgical intervention. The healing process can be lengthy, involving physical therapy and rehabilitation. This not only impacts the physical well-being of the victim but can also lead to emotional distress and financial burdens due to medical expenses and potential loss of income.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are a concern in pedestrian accidents. They can involve damage to internal organs or internal bleeding and are particularly dangerous because they might not exhibit immediate symptoms. Affected organs can include the lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen. Common signs of internal injuries include abdominal pain, dizziness, and visible bruising. Immediate medical attention is necessary for these injuries, as delayed treatment can result in severe complications or even be fatal.

Road Rash and Burns

Road rash refers to skin abrasions caused by the pedestrian’s body scraping against the road surface. These injuries can range from minor scrapes to deep wounds that expose underlying tissues and are prone to infection. In more severe cases, skin grafts may be necessary, and scarring can be permanent.

Burns, another type of injury in pedestrian accidents, can occur if a pedestrian comes into contact with hot surfaces, fluids, or in vehicle fires. Burns are classified by degrees of severity and may require specialized treatment, including pain management, infection prevention, and, in severe cases, surgical interventions such as skin grafting. Recovery from serious burns can be a lengthy and difficult process, often involving specialized care.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys. We handle our cases on what’s called a “contingency fee” basis. This means you don’t have to pay us anything when you first hire us. We only get paid if we win your case. If we don’t manage to get a settlement or win in court for you, you don’t owe us any money.
Local Results
Young Boy Awarded $1 Million Settlement from Truck Driver’s Policy for Head Injury Sustained While Crossing Road.
Case Type Pedestrian
Location California
Settlement $1,000,000.00

Can I Recover Compensation if I Share Some of the Blame for a Pedestrian Accident in Norwalk?

It’s a common question whether one can receive compensation after being partially at fault for an accident. Such scenarios are more frequent than imagined. For instance, if a pedestrian was crossing the street when struck by a driver who was speeding, but the pedestrian was not using a crosswalk, the pedestrian might bear some responsibility for the incident.

Under the laws of California, even if you are partly to blame for your pedestrian accident, you’re still eligible to claim compensation. However, the compensation awarded to you will be adjusted based on your share of the fault. For instance, if you are found to be 10 percent at fault for your accident, you would still be entitled to claim 90 percent of the total calculated damages.

Further Reading

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents in Norwalk, CA?

California law offers pedestrians legal protection, including:

Right of Way

In California, Right of Way laws play a crucial role in ensuring pedestrian safety. Under California Vehicle Code (CVC) Sections 21950-21954, drivers are mandated to yield the right of way to pedestrians crossing streets in both marked and unmarked crosswalks. This means that even if there is no painted crosswalk, drivers are still required to stop or slow down for pedestrians crossing the road. These laws are designed to protect pedestrians, who are more vulnerable in traffic situations, and to reduce accidents. It’s important for both drivers and pedestrians to be aware of these laws to maintain safety on the roads.

Distracted Walking and Driving

Distracted walking and driving laws in California are aimed at reducing accidents caused by inattention. For drivers, California Vehicle Code (CVC) 23123 and 23123.5 prohibit the use of handheld wireless telephones or electronic devices while driving. Exceptions to this rule are allowed for hands-free operations and in emergency situations. While there is no specific state law against using electronic devices while walking, pedestrians are also advised to stay alert and avoid distractions, especially in high-traffic areas. These laws emphasize the importance of full attention and awareness for both drivers and pedestrians to prevent accidents.

Speed Limit

The Basic Speed Law, under CVC 22350, requires drivers in California to drive at a speed that is safe for current conditions. This law means that drivers must adjust their speed in response to various factors, such as traffic, weather, visibility, and the presence of pedestrians. This is especially relevant in areas with high pedestrian traffic, such as school zones and residential neighborhoods. By adhering to appropriate speed limits and slowing down in pedestrian-heavy areas, drivers can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and ensure pedestrian safety.


Strict DUI laws in California are enforced to reduce pedestrian accidents related to alcohol or drug impairment. According to CVC 23152, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The law sets specific blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits:

  • 08% or higher for regular passenger vehicle drivers aged 21 and over
  • 04% or higher for commercial vehicle drivers
  • 01% or higher for drivers under 21 or those on DUI probation

Enforcement of these laws is crucial in areas where alcohol consumption is common, such as entertainment and nightlife spots, to prevent impaired driving and enhance pedestrian safety.

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Norwalk FAQs

Norwalk, California, is located in Los Angeles County, in the southeastern part of the Greater Los Angeles area.

In Norwalk, CA, you can visit the Norwalk Cultural Arts Center, explore local parks like Cerritos Regional Park, enjoy dining at various restaurants, and catch a movie at the AMC Norwalk 20 theater.

Norwalk is approximately 13 miles northeast of Long Beach, California.

You can obtain your birth certificate in Norwalk, CA, at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office located at 12400 Imperial Highway, Norwalk, CA 90650.

Norwalk is roughly 17 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, depending on the route taken.

Truck drivers in Norwalk, CA, can park in designated commercial vehicle parking areas or look for truck stops and industrial areas that allow truck parking, but it’s best to check local regulations or businesses for specific availability and rules.

Norwalk Points of Interest

A community college offering various educational programs and cultural events.

Location: 11110 Alondra Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650


A shopping center with a mix of stores and restaurants.

Location: 11110 Alondra Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650


A facility offering recreational activities and cultural events.

Location: 13000 Clarkdale Ave, Norwalk, CA 90650


A park with sports facilities, picnic areas, and a skate park.

Location: 12500 Excelsior Dr, Norwalk, CA 90650


The administrative center for the city government.

Location: 12700 Norwalk Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650


A courthouse serving the legal needs of the community.

Location: 12720 Norwalk Blvd Computer Lab, Norwalk, CA 90650


Norwalk Neighborhoods We Serve

  • Studebaker

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