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Internal injuries caused by accidents can cause long-term disability, loss of enjoyment of life, and even death. Many of these injuries could have been prevented if greater care had been used by drivers, property owners, product designers, and other responsible parties. Internal injuries are often asymptomatic until a raging infection or other severe symptoms appear days, months, or even weeks after the injury was sustained. If you’re been involved in an accident or incident and have unexplained symptoms, you may be suffering from internal injuries and you should seek medical treatment immediately. When internal injuries are caused by the negligence, recklessness, or intentional act of another person, it’s possible for victims to collect a substantial amount of compensation. An experienced Orange County internal injury lawyer can help you collect money for medical expenses, current and future lost earnings, pain, suffering, and mental distress. Call the personal injury lawyers at the Crockett Law Group today to schedule your free consultation and learn more.
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What Are Internal Injuries?

Internal injuries can be life-threatening and don’t always present obvious symptoms after an accident. They are difficult to diagnose and treat because they can affect only the inside of the body, without bruising, lacerations, or other obvious visual signs of injury. Internal injuries can affect the brain, heart, lungs, and other vital organs, and are often life-altering catastrophic injuries. They can lead to death if not treated. That’s why it’s always important to have a thorough medical evaluation after any serious accident to determine whether you have sustained internal injuries.

Common Types of Internal Injuries and Organ Damage

High-speed car accidents, head-on collisions, rollovers, and falls from heights often cause severe internal injuries. That said, it’s also possible to sustain internal injuries from low impact collisions and other types of accidents.

Broken Ribs

Fractured ribs can puncture the lungs, the heart, and/or major blood vessels.

Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm

Compression of the stomach can cause a potentially fatal rupture of the abdominal aorta.

Internal Bleeding

Damaged blood vessels can cause internal bleeding with subtle symptoms such as feeling cold, fatigue, abdominal pain, and thirst.

Ruptured Spleen

Internal bleeding can indicate the existence of a ruptured spleen that usually requires surgery to repair.

Brain Bleeding

Closed or open head wounds often occur with bleeding inside the brain. When the bleeding prevents the brain from receiving enough oxygen temporary or permanent brain damage can result. Brain damage can also occur due to pressure on the brain from internal bleeding. Contact our Orange County internal injury lawyers today.

Liver Damage

Punctured or torn livers can cause internal bleeding and damage to the organ itself. Emergency surgery is required to repair the liver to avoid death.

Kidney Damage

Heavy impacts on the flank or lower back can cause damage to the kidney. This can lead to potentially fatal internal bleeding and damage to the kidney that could necessitate dialysis or the need for a transplant.

Collapsed Lungs

Fractured ribs or other types of trauma can cause the lungs to collapse, necessitating immediate medical assistance to avoid death. In some cases, victims may require intubation until their lungs recover from the trauma.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of an Internal Injury?

Internal injuries don’t always have obvious symptoms, so it’s important to be diligent with follow up care if you have sustained blunt or penetrating trauma to any part of your body. With blunt trauma, the skin is not broken, but the impact can cause internal blood vessels to be crushed or torn by the force of an impact. Penetrating trauma is when an object penetrates inside the body, which can tear holes in blood vessels and cause severe internal bleeding and organ damage. The internal bleeding may be asymptomatic, and x-rays, c-scans, or MRIs may be needed to help diagnose the condition. The following symptoms may indicate that there are internal injuries to organs and/or internal bleeding:
  • Dizziness, light-headedness, or fainting could be a sign that internal organs have lost blood, even if no external bleeding is present. A wide area of dark purple skin called “ecchymosis” can indicate that internal bleeding is seeping into the skin and soft tissues.
  • Abdominal pain, bloating or swelling can be a sign of damage to the liver or spleen. Symptoms will worsen over time.
  • Headaches, loss of consciousness, or seizures can indicate internal bleeding of the brain.
  • Swelling, tightness, and pain in the leg, foot, arm, or hand can indicate the presence of internal bleeding.

Damages Available to Internal Organ Injury Victims

Laws in Orange County, CA, provide victims of negligence or recklessness that suffer from internal injuries to collect compensation from the responsible parties. Two basic types of damages are available – economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages cover reimbursement and payment for all medical treatment, physical therapy, rehabilitation, long term care, home health assistance, prosthetic devices, and other products and services required due to the accident. Lost current and future earnings can also be collected as economic damages. Non-economic damages compensate victims for the pain, suffering, and mental anguish they’ve experienced due to their injuries. When an injury causes a person to be fully or partially disabled and unable to enjoy their favorite recreational activities, the settlements and awards can be for millions of dollars.

File Your Claim Today With Our Orange County Internal Injury Lawyers

Our Orange County internal injuries attorneys know how to collect the largest amount of money possible to pay for medical treatment, reimburse you for your lost earnings, and compensate you for your pain, suffering, and mental anguish. We’ll launch a thorough investigation of your case, ensuring that we have the evidence to present a strong case on your behalf. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and our legal strategy so you will have a complete understanding of all issues. Please call our Orange County injury firm at (800) 900-9393 today to make an appointment.

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