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If you have been in a car accident in Murrieta, it’s important to find a good lawyer to help you. At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we know how tough it can be after a crash. We want to help you get money for things like doctor bills, missed work, and pain. Call us today, and we will look into your case for free.
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Murrieta Car Accident Statistics

Total Injuries & Fatalities

  • 2019: 255
  • 2020: 181
  • 2021: 220
  • 2022: 288
  • 2023: 275

Statistics on Fatal and Injury Causing Collisions in Murrieta

Murrieta has seen fluctuations in the number of accidents over the past five years. In 2019, there were 255 accidents, and by 2023, that number had slightly decreased to 275. Despite this slight decline, it’s noteworthy that there was an overall 8% increase in accidents involving injuries and fatalities during this period. This data prompts a closer examination of the factors contributing to these incidents and the potential measures needed to mitigate them effectively.

Primary Collision Factor

  • Right-of-Way: 54
  • Unsafe Speed: 96
  • Traffic Signals and Signs: 39
  • Improper Turning: 27
  • DUI: 11
  • All Other: 48

Statistics on Common Causes of Collisions in Murrieta

Furthermore, a concerning trend emerged in 2023, where unsafe speeds emerged as the primary collision factor. This highlights the importance of addressing speeding behaviors and implementing measures to promote safer driving practices within the Murrieta community. Analyzing such factors can guide authorities in developing targeted interventions, such as enhanced traffic enforcement or educational campaigns, to curb speeding-related accidents and ensure road safety for all residents and commuters.

Which Roads and Intersections in Murrieta Are the Most Dangerous?

Car accidents can occur anywhere in Murrieta, but some spots see more crashes than others:

Murrieta Hot Springs Road

Murrieta Hot Springs Road is a busy street with many shops and restaurants. You can find places like Starbucks, Target, and Home Depot here. The road gets a lot of traffic from locals and visitors throughout the day. With many intersections and stoplights, it can get quite crowded, especially during rush hour. This makes Murrieta Hot Springs Road a common spot for car accidents.

Interstate 15

Interstate 15, or I-15, is a major freeway that connects Murrieta to several other cities in Southern California. It has a lot of traffic every day, with many commuters and commercial vehicles. With cars going very fast and so much traffic, there is a higher chance of high-speed crashes on I-15. The areas close to freeway interchanges, like the one with I-215 near Murrieta, often have traffic jams and accidents.

Winchester Road

Winchester Road in Murrieta has a mix of businesses along it. You’ll see many drivers and pedestrians here, going to places like Walgreens, Jack in the Box, and various local shops. But because Winchester Road is so busy, accidents are more likely to occur. There are several intersections where crashes can happen, particularly when traffic is heavy.

Clinton Keith Road

Clinton Keith Road goes through Murrieta and is known for spots like the Murrieta Public Library and California Oaks Sports Park. It’s a popular route for residents and gets quite busy. The mix of vehicle and foot traffic, along with cars turning at intersections, makes accidents more common on Clinton Keith Road. Areas near big public places like parks and schools are especially busy and require drivers to be extra cautious.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Murrieta?

What you do after a car accident can make a big difference in your case later on:

Document the Accident

After an accident, it’s important to gather as much information as you can. Write down exactly when and where it happened. Take note of the weather and any traffic signs or signals. If it’s safe, take photos or videos of the scene. Get pictures of the vehicles, any damage, tire marks on the road, and the general road conditions. Also, collect contact info from everyone involved – their names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance details. Do the same for any witnesses. This information will be important for insurance claims and any legal action. It helps show what really occurred.

Keep Records

Keep good records after a car accident. Get copies of the police report, your medical records that show your injuries, and receipts for any costs from the accident, like doctor bills, medicine, and rides to appointments. Also, keep track of any wages you’ve lost from missing work. Organize all these documents. They will be very important for your insurance claim and any legal case. They help prove how the accident has affected your life.

Follow Medical Advice

After an accident, do what your doctors say. Go to all your appointments and therapy sessions. Take your medicine and follow your treatment plan. This shows that your injuries are serious and you are trying to get better. It matters for legal and insurance reasons. If you ignore medical advice or skip appointments, it could hurt your case and lower any money you might get.

Notify Your Insurance

After an accident, tell your insurance company what happened. But be careful what you say. Stick to the basic facts. Don’t guess who was at fault, and don’t give lots of details about your injuries. Remember, insurance adjusters might use what you say against you to try to pay you less. It’s usually best to talk to a lawyer before giving a full statement to your insurance. A lawyer can help you decide what to share to protect yourself.

Preserve Evidence

Keep any evidence from the accident. Don’t fix your car until an insurance person checks the damage. Keep any personal items that were broken, like clothing. Take photos of your injuries. This physical proof can be very powerful in showing how bad the crash was and how it connects to your injuries. That’s key for insurance claims and any legal cases.

Call a Lawyer

The next step is to talk to an experienced car accident lawyer. A Murrieta car accident lawyer can guide you through dealing with insurance and the legal process. At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we will protect your rights, help with insurance talks, and make sure you are treated fairly. We can also tell you how strong your case is, what might happen, and what you should do next, whether that’s reaching a settlement or going to court. It’s especially important to have a lawyer if there are disagreements about who was at fault or if the insurance company fights your claim.
Pro Tip
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) usually has the accident report ready within 10 days. You can get it from any CHP office, not just the one closest to the accident.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All of Your Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents in Murrieta can cause injuries ranging from mild to life-altering:

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

Whiplash and neck injuries frequently happen in rear-end collisions. They occur when the impact forces your head to quickly jerk back and forth, straining your neck muscles and ligaments. Symptoms include neck pain and stiffness, headaches, dizziness, and sometimes blurred vision or tiredness. While some people heal in a few weeks, others can have long-term neck pain and other lasting issues. Always see a doctor after an accident, even if you don’t feel too bad at first. Whiplash can get worse over time without proper care. Treatment often involves managing pain, physical therapy, and maybe wearing a special neck brace.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen in major or minor car crashes. They occur when your brain gets shaken inside your skull, even without hitting your head directly. Symptoms vary a lot – from headaches, confusion, and memory loss to more severe problems like passing out, seizures, or ongoing thinking difficulties. Concussion and TBI effects may be temporary, or they could lead to long-term issues with memory, focus, and even personality changes. Get checked by a doctor as soon as possible since these injuries aren’t always obvious right away. Treatment might include rest, medicine, and rehab therapy. In serious cases, surgery could be needed to relieve pressure or bleeding in the brain.

Broken Bones and Fractures

The sudden, strong impact of car crashes frequently causes broken bones and fractures. Arms, legs, and ribs are especially at risk. Breaks range from simple fractures, where the bone cracks but doesn’t pierce the skin, to worse compound fractures, where the bone shatters or sticks out through the skin. Typical symptoms are immediate pain, swelling, and not being able to move the body part. Treatment depends on how bad the break is and where it is. It may involve a cast, splint, or surgery to realign and stabilize the bones. Healing time differs – some fractures mend in weeks, while others take months and may need physical therapy to fully recover.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are some of the worst outcomes of car accidents. They can lead to permanent disability. They happen when your spine gets damaged, often causing lost function or feeling below the injury. The force of a crash can break or shift vertebrae, bruising, squeezing, or tearing the spinal cord. Symptoms range from pain, weakness, or coordination trouble to paralysis, which can be partial or total. How severe and where the injury is determines the level of disability. Treatment usually means stabilizing the spine, medicine for inflammation, and intensive rehab. Some recovery may be possible, but many spinal injuries result in lifelong impairment needing big lifestyle changes and ongoing care.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

After an accident, you may worry about the cost of hiring a Murrieta car accident lawyer. That’s understandable since crashes often lead to big losses – high repair bills, lost wages from missing work, and medical costs. The good news is, at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we take cases on contingency. That means you can hire us with no upfront fee. We only collect payment if we win your case. So if we don’t get you a settlement or court award, you owe us nothing.
Local Results
FBI Agent Secured $172,500 Settlement for Shoulder Injury from Being T-Boned by Another Vehicle
Case Type Car Accident
Location California
Settlement $172,500.00

Can I Recover Compensation if I Share Some of the Blame for a Car Accident in Murrieta?

Many people wonder if they can still get money if they were partly at fault for their accident. This is more common than you’d think. For example, if a driver going the wrong way hit you but your headlights were off at night, you might share some blame. Under California law, you can still get compensation if you were partially responsible. However, the amount will be reduced by your percentage of fault. So, if you were found to be 20% at fault, you could get 80% of your total damages.

Further reading:

What Causes Car Accidents in Murrieta, CA?

California law says if you’re hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you can seek compensation. Negligence is when a person fails to be reasonably careful. Examples are distracted driving, speeding, or not yielding properly.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major issue in California. It’s a common type of negligence behind car accidents. Distracted driving means doing anything that takes your attention off the road. That includes using your phone, eating or drinking, chatting with passengers, or messing with the radio or GPS. California has laws about this. Vehicle Code 23123 says drivers can’t use handheld phones while driving. Code 23123.5 bans texting. These laws reflect the known dangers of not focusing on driving. If a crash happens because a driver broke these laws, they may be considered negligent. That means they could be liable for damages from the accident.


Speeding is a top cause of California car accidents. It’s a clear example of negligent driving. Vehicle Code 22350 states no one should drive faster than is safe. It says you shouldn’t drive so fast that it endangers people or property. This law means even the speed limit might be too fast in some situations, like heavy traffic, bad weather, or construction zones. If a driver speeds and causes a crash, they can be held responsible for damages. That’s because they didn’t meet the legal standard of care and put others at risk.

Failure to Yield

Not yielding the right of way properly is another frequent type of negligent driving in California. Vehicle Code 21801 says drivers must yield to vehicles that have already entered an intersection or are close enough to be an immediate hazard. This applies when cars going opposite ways make left turns. It also applies to pedestrians in crosswalks. Accidents often happen when drivers ignore these rules and go without yielding, especially at intersections. The driver who didn’t yield is usually found at fault. They may have to compensate victims for injuries and losses. The reason is they neglected to obey traffic laws meant to prevent accidents and keep people safe.
Mr. Crockett has been a light in the dark tunnel of navigating thru all the unknowns after a car accident. You gave our family the piece of mind we so desperately needed!

Murrieta Accident FAQs

Having a lawyer isn’t mandatory, but it can be very helpful. They can protect your rights, handle insurance companies, and guide you through the legal process. This is especially true in complex cases.

Car accident lawyers in California usually work on contingency. This means they take around 33% of the settlement. So they only get paid if they win money for you.

The average settlement varies a lot based on the details – how bad the injuries are, medical costs, and other damages. Talk to an injury lawyer for a better idea about your specific case.

In California, you generally have two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit for personal injury from a car accident.

The amount someone can sue for depends on factors like medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses. It’s different for every case.

As long as the vehicle can be operated safely, it’s usually not illegal to drive a crashed car in California. However, you should report the accident to your insurance and get the needed repairs.

Contact Our Murrieta Car Accident Attorneys Today for Legal Help

If you’ve been in a car accident in Murrieta, reach out to Text Kevin Accident Attorneys right away. We have a strong history of getting millions of dollars for accident victims. We’ll review your case for free. Plus, we work on contingency – so you only pay if we win. To set up a free case evaluation with a Murrieta car accident lawyer, call our office or contact us online today.

Murrieta FAQs

Pasadena is a city in Los Angeles County, California, located about 11 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

In Murrieta, you can visit the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve, enjoy local wineries, play golf at various courses, shop at places like The Promenade Mall, and dine at many different restaurants.

Murrieta is about 60 miles north of San Diego, California.

Murrieta is approximately 80 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, depending on the specific route.

Truck drivers in Murrieta can park in designated commercial vehicle parking zones or look for truck stops and industrial areas that allow truck parking. But it’s always best to check local rules and with specific businesses about where parking is available and allowed.

Murrieta Points of Interest

Center that offers a diverse range of activities including miniature golf, go-karting, arcade games, and batting cages, making it a popular destination for families seeking wholesome entertainment and bonding experiences. Location: 24950 Madison Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562 Website:
A popular tourist destination offering diverse recreational activities such as soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and playgrounds, attracting visitors with its expansive facilities for outdoor sports and family-friendly amenities. Location: 37000 Ruth Ellen Way, Murrieta, CA 92563 Website:
A vibrant community hub hosting cultural events, concerts, and markets, making it popular for its lively atmosphere and diverse entertainment options. Location: 11 Town Square, Murrieta, CA 92562 Website:
Offers a diverse range of recreational activities such as baseball fields, soccer fields, and playgrounds, making it popular among families and sports enthusiasts alike for its abundant outdoor amenities and scenic surroundings. Location: 40600 California Oaks Rd, Murrieta, CA 92562 Website:
Thrilling outdoor adventures like ziplining and obstacle courses, make it a popular destination for families and adrenaline-seekers alike. Location: 39493 Los Alamos Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563 Website:
Offers visitors a unique blend of diverse ecosystems including oak woodlands, grasslands, and vernal pools, making it popular for its rich biodiversity and scenic hiking trails. Location: 39400 Clinton Keith Rd, Murrieta, CA 92562 Website:

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  • Acacia Crest
  • Golden Pheasant/ Nutmeg
  • Pacific Landing
  • Alamos
  • Greer Ranch
  • Prairie Creek
  • Alderwood
  • Griffith Place
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  • Arboretum
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  • Copper Canyon
  • CP/ Hillcrest Estates
  • Madison
  • Tenaja
  • Creekside Village
  • Mapleton
  • The Core’s and Via’s
  • Murrieta
  • The Gables
  • The Knolls
  • The Loop
  • The Preserve
  • Meadowlark
  • Masters
  • Mitchell Road
  • The Promontory
  • Falcon View
  • Falkirk-Royal Troon
  • Mwest
  • Torrey Pines
  • Fallsgrove
  • North Oaks
  • Valley Vista
  • French Valley
  • Northstar Ranch
  • Verona
  • Old Schoolhouse
  • Olive Hill Ranch
  • Whitewood/Longbranch
  • Villas at Old School House

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