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Car accidents happen every day on our roads. These traumatic and stressful experiences can lead to wrongful deaths of loved ones. Victims may also sustain severe injuries after car collisions. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you should seek legal counsel from a Rancho Mirage car accident lawyer. At Crockett Law Group, our personal injury lawyers in Rancho Mirage can help you recover damages and get the justice you deserve. We can answer any questions you have about your Rancho Mirage car accident case. Call us now at (800) 900-9393 to find out more about your legal options.
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Car Accident Statistics

The California Office of Traffic Safety reported 3,798 and 3,606 traffic fatalities in 2018 and 2019. There was a 5.1% decrease in fatalities in 2019. In Riverside County, the passenger car occupant fatalities were 117 in 2017, 131 in 2018, and 105 in 2019. This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

When seeking legal services in California, different law firms offer different payment plans, including hourly rates, retainers, and flat fees. At Crockett Law Group, we operate on a contingency fee basis. This implies that you pay no fees until we win your case.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

No one wakes up expecting to be involved in a car crash. If you are involved in one, there are several steps you can take to build your Rancho Mirage car accident claim. Here’s what to do in case you are in a car crash:
  • Contact the police immediately
  • Make sure everyone else is okay. Never leave the scene of an accident before the police arrive.
  • Exchange relevant information such as names, phone numbers, and insurance information with all involved parties.
  • Take pictures and videos of the scene
  • Never admit fault after a crash
  • Seek medical attention
  • Call a car accident lawyer immediately!
Reaching out to an experienced Rancho Mirage car accident lawyer after an accident is important. At Crockett Law Group, we can help you with all legal aspects of your case. Call us now to find out if you have a case. What Should You Do After a Rancho Mirage Car Accident

What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident?

Every accident is unique. Various things, including the extent of your injuries, property damage, and the impact of the accident on your life, must be considered when reaching a settlement figure. Some victims of car accidents may get $5,000 or $10,000 in compensation, while others may get millions of dollars. It all depends on the facts of your case and how good your law firm in Rancho Mirage is.
Local Results
Passenger Receives $100,000 Settlement from Driver’s Policy in Single-Vehicle Accident Resulting in Fractured Leg
Case Type Car Accident
Location Rancho Mirage, CA
Settlement $100,000.00

When Should I Get a Lawyer for my Auto Accident?

After a car accident, it’s best to get a car accident lawyer immediately. Your Rancho Mirage auto accident lawyer can protect your rights and interests. Call us now before crucial evidence from the scene of the accident is lost.

Why do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve been involved in a car wreck, you should consider hiring Crockett Law Group. Here’s why:

Case Preparation / Filing a Lawsuit

Our legal team will deal with all aspects of your case, including evidence collection and all related paperwork.

Settlement Negotiation

At Crockett Law Group, we will handle all your settlement talks while you focus on your recovery. Our legal team will make sure you get the best compensation for your Rancho Mirage car accident claim.

Trial Preparation & Representation

If out-of-court talks aren’t successful, we are prepared to go to trial. Our legal team will build an airtight case to convince the judge and jury that you deserve maximum compensation for your injuries.

How Much Can I Expect to Receive for My Damages?

The amount of compensation varies from accident to accident. The extent of your injuries, liability and policy limits will mainly determine the compensation you receive. Your total expenses and losses will also be factored in when calculating your compensation.

What Type of Damages Can I Recover?

If you are involved in a car collision in Rancho Mirage, California, you may be entitled to the following damages:
  • Economic damages, including medical bills, lost earning capacity, lost wages, and property damage.
  • Non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, trauma, disability, and worsening of prior injuries. There is no cap on the amount of compensation for general damages in California.
  • Punitive damages are meant to punish defendants for recklessness or negligence. These damages aren’t awarded in all personal injury cases.

How is Fault Determined?

In California, you may still be able to recover damages even though your fault for a crash is 95%. California applies pure comparative negligence laws when determining liability. Our experienced car accident lawyers in Rancho Mirage will prove that the defendant breached their duty of care when determining fault. We will link their actions to your accident, injury, expenses, and financial losses. How is fault determined after an automobile accident.

Further Reading

How Long do I Have to File a Claim?

You have two years to file a claim in California. For a property damage claim, you must file your claim within three years from the date of your crash.

How Can a Lawyer Help me File My Insurance Claim?

The attorneys at Crockett Law Group take every car accident case seriously. We will guide you throughout your claims process. Our legal team will help you complete all necessary paperwork and file your claim on time. This will be done once we’ve completed our preliminary investigation to determine liability. Our car wreck lawyers will also determine the value of your case and handle settlement talks. If talks aren’t feasible, our reliable law firm in Rancho Mirage is prepared to go to trial to ensure you get maximum compensation.

What Can I do if Insurance Denied My Claim?

Contact us today if your car accident claim has been denied. We will determine whether the insurer acted in bad faith. Our legal team will file an appeal with the insurance company to ensure you get maximum compensation. We are also prepared to file a lawsuit in California courts.

Do I Have a Case?

A seasoned Rancho Mirage car collision lawyer can advise you if you have a case. At Crockett Law Group, we will conduct independent investigations to determine if the other driver was negligent. Did the other party’s actions lead to your injuries? If both of the answers to these questions are “Yes,” you may have a case.

What if the Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

If an uninsured driver has hit you, you may file for uninsured motorist coverage benefits to recover your damages. This insurance policy can pay for your medical expenses and property damage. You have to file this claim with your insurance company to recover damages.

How Can I Obtain an Accident Report?

You can obtain an accident report by visiting https://buycrash.lexisnexisrisk.com. Remember to have your incident number with you when visiting this website.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Here are some of the common injuries accident victims sustain after car collisions:

Brain Injuries

You may suffer a traumatic brain injury, losing consciousness and memory after a wreck.

Back Injuries

A back injury can severely affect your ability to regain mobility.

Neck Injuries

Sudden back and forth movements during a crash can lead to a neck injury.

Internal Injuries

A high-impact car wreck can result in serious health complications. You can injure organs in your abdomen during a crash.

Facial Disfigurement

Flying objects, broken glass, and ejection from a car can cause significant facial scarring.

Leg & Knee Injuries

Bones may snap if intense pressure is applied to the legs during a crash.

Spinal Cord Injuries

This type of injury can lead to paralysis. You may lose the ability to move your legs or arms.


Car accidents can also result in death. If you’ve lost someone you care about in a car crash, reach out to a car accident lawyer near Rancho Mirage. Crockett Law Group is ready to help you get justice for your loved one.

Types of Car Accidents We Handle

Our competent legal team represents clients throughout California in the following types of car accident claims:

Driving Under the Influence Accidents (Drinking & Drugs)

Alcohol can lead to car accidents since it affects a driver’s judgment.

Distracted Driving

Texting while driving, eating, and talking to passengers are actions that can lead to accidents.

Head-on Collisions

This occurs when cars traveling in opposite directions lose control and collide.

Hit & Run Accidents

After an accident, a driver may decide to drive off quickly. This more so happens when the driver doesn’t have insurance coverage or is under the influence of drugs.

Rear-End Accidents

When a driver hits you from the back, it is considered a rear-end collision.

Rideshare Accidents

You can file a car accident claim if you are injured by an Uber or Lyft driver.

Rollover Accidents

This type of crash involves a vehicle overturning during a crash.

Uninsured Motorist

You may be hit by a driver who doesn’t have insurance coverage. All drivers are required to have minimum insurance coverage when driving vehicles in California.

Schedule Your Risk-Free Case Evaluation Today with a Rancho Mirage Car Accident Lawyer

Have you or your loved one been injured in a car accident? Do you believe it is because of another party’s negligent actions? Crockett Law Group is ready to offer you sound legal advice and help you get maximum compensation for your injuries. Call us now to find out if you have a case. We will answer all your questions. What’s more, we operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we win!

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