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Car accidents are a constant concern for anyone who drives, a common occurrence with potentially devastating results. The carelessness of another driver can severely impact your life and livelihood, but you are not helpless when the worst happens. A reputable Vacaville car accident lawyer can help you get back on your feet, doing all they can to get you fair compensation from the parties responsible for your misfortune.

The Text Kevin Accident Attorneys is an experienced, well-trusted law firm serving Vacaville residents. Together, we can build a case and secure a settlement befitting the damage endured. Do not let someone else’s carelessness put you in a bad situation when our personal injury attorneys can help you push back.

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Car Accident Statistics in Vacaville

In 2021 alone, Vacaville experienced nearly 300 injuries and fatalities in car accidents according to the Office of Traffic Safety. Of those, 29 involved alcohol. Another 58 accidents were due to speeding.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, our state has one of the highest numbers of car accidents in the country, making them a common hazard no matter where you are. Because accident rates are so high, staying vigilant is a must. While you cannot avoid every careless driver, extra care can help.

While wrecks can happen anywhere and at any time, residents of Vacaville need to remain especially vigilant. It is vital always to follow the rules of the road and keep an eye on those around you. Even if you are a perfect driver, you can rarely rely on the others on the road to be as skilled or considerate.

Which Roads and Intersections in Vacaville Are the Most Dangerous?

According to locals, there are a few intersections that are especially frustrating. Poorly designed roads can cause confusion and potential trouble. Below are just a few specific roads and intersections that see more accidents than other areas:

  • Elmira Road
  • Peabody Road
  • Highway 12

However, an accident can happen anywhere. While you should be extra vigilant in places where accidents happen frequently, you may still seek help for accidents all over Vacaville. Fortunately, the team at The Text Kevin Accident Attorneys is here to help.

It never hurts to know your surroundings. Familiarizing yourself with the roads around town can help you avoid possible danger and better know what to expect.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Vacaville?

Enduring a car accident is chaotic and often confusing. While you may be shaken up, it is important to follow a few steps afterward to ensure that you are not left worse off. This not only benefits you but will also help your attorney should a lawsuit arise, putting you at an advantage.

Document the Accident Scene

Other than ensuring anyone injured is treated, the most important thing you must do is document the accident as much as possible. Record video, take pictures where you can, and try to get any witnesses to share their testimony. A police report will need to be filed, so be sure the report is thorough.

Keep Records

A lawsuit can be lengthy, sometimes dragging on for over a year. Because of this, maintaining the evidence and documentation is a major concern. The documentation you gather at the scene needs to be kept untampered with so that it can be used down the line.

Do As Your Doctor Says

You should follow any medical advice a professional gives you, both for your health and the good of the case. Oftentimes you may be accused of faking or exaggerating your injury, and any skipped appointment or ignored treatment will only help that claim. Trust your doctor the same as you would your lawyer, or it could impact your compensation.

Inform Your Insurance Provider

You should notify your insurance company as soon as possible after a crash. This is generally expected of you regardless, but it also gets you the payout your plan provides. If your provider refuses to pay the agreed-upon amount, you can ask a lawyer for more options.

Preserve Evidence

In a lawsuit, any evidence you can provide that your claim is valid is valuable. Just like records of the crash, evidence needs to be held onto tightly. Whatever you can find at the scene that can help prove your claim helps and should be trusted only to your attorney.

Call a Lawyer

When all is settled at the scene, you should reach out to a car accident law firm to discuss your options. Many offer a free consultation, so even if nothing comes of it, there is no harm in at least considering it. You could very well have a case, especially in a particularly severe crash.

Pro Tip
Remember, just because you are not considering a suit, that does not mean the other parties involved are not. You may want to speak to a lawyer preemptively for your own sake.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All of Your Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can be a disaster, seriously injuring those involved even in a minor crash. Familiarizing yourself with the most common injuries sustained in these accidents can help you better understand how to avoid them and what to do should you sustain one. The more intense the injury usually means the more costly the treatment, making a settlement that much more vital.

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

A sudden blow like those experienced in a car crash can rapidly shake your neck, causing serious injury. Whiplash is a common result of this, a condition that causes pain and can badly disorient you. Your neck connects your brain to your spine, two particularly vital areas, so any injury here is a significant risk to your health.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Your brain is as delicate as it is essential, and any blow to your head can potentially damage it. Concussions are typical, which not only hurt you but also affect your mood and personality long-term. Traumatic brain injuries often have effects on your life long after you receive them, so they are especially serious.

Broken Bones and Fractures

Even a mild car accident can still result in a few broken bones. Depending on where you receive them, you could be looking at limited ability to function while they heal. There are also places such as your chest where broken ribs and bones can easily cause more severe internal injuries, compounding the damage even further.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Like your neck and brain, a spinal cord injury can have far-reaching consequences in your life. Spinal cord injuries can severely impede your ability to move, sometimes even resulting in permanent paralysis. At best, they still have a lengthy, painful recovery period before you are back to normal.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Even if you feel you have a strong claim, you may be intimidated by the potential price tag of legal help. The ultimate price of a good car accident lawyer will depend on the details of the case, but there are things in place to keep it affordable. Fortunately, our team takes action to make your recovery easier.

Our law firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only have to pay if the case is successful. You will simply pay a portion of your compensation rather than a flat rate. You also only pay if your case is successful.

We also offer free consultations. That gives you the opportunity to speak with an attorney before you sign anything. We want you to know we are the right firm for you before we begin.

Local Results
Man Received $100,000 Settlement for Injuries Caused by Car Accident When Struck by Reversing Vehicle
Case Type Car Accident
Location California
Settlement $100,000

Can I Recover Compensation if I Share Some of the Blame for a Car Accident in Vacaville?

In many cases, more than one person shares the responsibility of a car accident. Determining to what extent each party is liable is an important court responsibility, but those parties can still receive compensation. In California, the system puts no limit on this under Civil Code 1714, meaning you can potentially sue even if you are over 50% responsible.

However, it does still reduce the value of your case. Significant decreases can leave you paying out of pocket for major expenses, putting you in debt for an accident you may not have caused. That can impact you and your family for years.

Because of this, pushing back and defending your case is vital. Our attorneys are here to represent you in the courtroom, helping you get fair compensation. We offer strong defenses for cases like yours.

Further Reading

This goes both ways. Even if you are not responsible for the accident, the other person may still accuse you.

What Causes Car Accidents in Vacaville, CA?

Driving, despite being an often necessary part of our day, is undeniably dangerous. However, familiarizing yourself with the most common causes of car accidents can help you avoid them. The biggest precaution you can take is to stay alert and mindful of the rules of the road and the other drivers around you.

Distracted Driving

While this has become more associated with smartphones, even something as simple as changing the radio channel can be distracted driving. Regardless of the cause, taking your eyes off the road for even an instant can have devastating consequences. Remaining mindful of your surroundings is essential not only for your own well-being but also that of those around you.


Driving over the speed limit is one of the most common causes of car accidents and a good way to get a costly traffic ticket. The faster your car is traveling, the more difficult it is to stop quickly and the less time you have to react. Depending on the weather and road conditions, speeding can be even more dangerous, with slick roads sending you quickly out of control.

Failure to Yield

Traffic is meant to flow a certain way, and traffic laws exist to keep that flow going smoothly for the safety of everyone on the road. One of the more important and complicated rules governing this is those around yielding, or what car is allowed to go and when. While there are sometimes signs in place to remind you, there are still a multitude of rules to memorize so that you do not confuse the signals and cause a crash.

As a Case Assistant, I’m eager to assist individuals in Vacaville, California, with their car accident cases. Helping our clients navigate through challenging situations brings me immense satisfaction. I’m committed to providing them with the support they need and ensuring that their journey to resolution is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Vacaville Car Accident FAQs

While you do not necessarily need a lawyer, trying to run a successful car accident case without one is extremely difficult. There are tasks a lawyer can complete quickly that will be challenging for you, and the opposing attorney will likely outdo you without help. So while it is not a legal requirement, it does greatly increase your chances of a successful claim.

It is difficult to give an exact price because that mainly depends on the circumstances of the case. However, with a free consultation, you can speak to an attorney and get a better idea of what to expect. With many of us working on contingency, you likely will only have to pay a small percentage of your settlement if we succeed.

A few factors determine your settlement amount, many of which cannot be determined until well into the case. However, an experienced car accident lawyer can likely give you a firm idea during the free consultation. You may be able to expect an amount well into the tens of thousands, perhaps even more.

Because of the statute of limitations, you only have a limited time to file your car accident claim in California. For a personal injury case, you have two years, starting when you learn of the injury. If you are suing because your car or other property was damaged, you have four years from the accident.

In California, there is no cap on damages, so the amount you are awarded is totally dependent on your case. This is determined by the damage and the injuries you suffered. A good lawyer can help you get the maximum possible compensation for your accident.

If your car is safe to use, you can legally continue to drive it after the wreck. It must be able to operate as usual without potentially harming either you or someone else. It must also still have the proper tags and registration.

Contact Our Vacaville Car Accident Attorneys Today for Legal Help

We at The Text Kevin Accident Attorneys are eager to help you however we can. We will carry you through the entire car accident suit, from the initial consultation to the courtroom. Our experienced, professional team of car accident attorneys has the tools and know-how to fight for your proper compensation, accepting payment only if we succeed.

Reach out to us now for whatever legal help you may need. Our team is prepared to help you, starting with a free consultation. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form.

Vacaville FAQs

Vacaville sits on the edge of the Sacramento Valley in Northern California. It is tucked halfway between Sacramento and San Fransisco.
Vacaville is known for its farmland, with plenty of vineyards, farms, and fresh markets to visit. There are also some excellent nature hikes and biking trails to explore.
California is one of the longest states in the US, covering almost the entire western coast. If traffic allows, driving from Vacaville to Long Beach will take around six and a half hours.
You can get your birth certificate at the County of Solano Recorders Office. You must stop by during office hours, so calling ahead is advised.
If you intend to drive between Vacaville and LA you are in for a long ride. The road between the two cities stretches on for nearly six and a half hours without traffic.
There are a number of quality rest and truck stops in and around Vacaville, along with allotted spots alongside the highways.

Vacaville Points of Interest

Treat yourself to a shopping spree at the Vacaville Premium Outlets, where you’ll find an abundance of designer and brand-name stores offering fantastic deals and discounts.

Location: 321 Nut Tree Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States


Explore the natural beauty and rich history of Vacaville at Lagoon Valley/Peña Adobe Regional Park. Hike scenic trails, learn about the region’s past at the historic Peña Adobe, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Location: 1 Peña Adobe Rd, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States


Take a trip back in time at Jack Hume Grove, a redwood grove with towering trees offering a serene escape into nature. Enjoy a picnic or simply wander through this tranquil oasis.

Location: Vacaville, CA 95687, United States


Embrace the community spirit at Andrews Park, a vibrant space featuring playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas – perfect for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Location: 614 E Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States


Immerse yourself in the world of herbs at Morningsun Herb Farm. Stroll through fragrant gardens, learn about herbal uses, and indulge in their delightful products.

Location: 6137 Pleasants Valley Rd, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States


Discover the captivating history of Vacaville at the Vacaville Museum. Explore exhibits showcasing the city’s past, from its agricultural roots to significant milestones.

Location: 213 Buck Ave, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States


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