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As ridesharing grows in popularity, so too does the number of ridesharing accidents in California. Although ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have withheld many statistics from public view, we know that more than 1,100 ridesharing accidents in California are reported each month to the California Public Utilities Commission.

Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians injured in accidents with Uber vehicles may be entitled to large amounts of compensation, but only if their claims are handled properly. This is where a Victorville Uber accident lawyer with the Crockett Law Group can help. Award-winning personal injury attorney Kevin Crockett is experienced in handling Victorville car accident cases, including rideshare accidents.

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Uber and Lyft Accident Statistics

Since 2010, the number of people who use rideshare services has dramatically increased. While that is great in some aspects, this influx of vehicles on the road means that there have been more accidents. Here are some troublesome statistics many are not aware of:

  • A university study concluded that the number of traffic accident deaths increased 2-3% since 2011.
  • Between 2017 and 2018 there were 97 fatal Uber accidents, with a total of 107 victims.
  • More than 40% of injured parties in Uber and Lyft accidents are drivers or passengers.
  • The accident rate is unchanged depending on the day of the week, meaning a weekday morning ride is not safer than a weekend evening.
  • There has been an increase in the number of accidents occurring at Uber and Lyft drop-off and pick-up points.

As you can tell, rideshare accidents have been a disturbing trend. If you have been injured in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft, you should contact us at (800) 900-9393 to discuss your options.

What Are the Most Common Types of Uber and Lyft Accidents?

In case you are unclear about what constitutes an Uber or Lyft accident, here are some examples:

  • Passenger Injury Due to the Negligence of the Uber and Lyft Driver: This is when the driver has acted negligently and it has led to the passenger sustaining some type of injury. An example would be a driver running a STOP sign and the vehicle is hit by a third party.
  • Third-Party Injury Due to the Liability of an Uber and Lyft Driver: As with the example above, the rideshare driver is at fault, but the person injured is not inside the Uber or Lyft.
  • Property Damage Due to the Negligence of an Uber and Lyft Driver: This is when a negligent rideshare driver causes property damage. For instance, an inebriated driver hitting a parked vehicle.
  • Uber and Lyft Driver Injury Due to Their Own Negligence: In some cases, rideshare drivers are injured and they are the ones at fault.
  • Uber and Lyft Driver Injury Due to the Negligence of Another Driver: In this case, an Uber or Lyft driver is injured and the driver of another vehicle is at fault.
  • Passenger and Driver Injury Due to a Defective or Malfunctioning Vehicle Part: There are incidences where a malfunction with the vehicle causes injury to a driver or passenger. For example, an airbag deploys randomly and harms the driver.

Who Can Be Found Liable in an Uber Accident?

It should be noted that an accident is not automatically a liability for Lyft or Uber. Depending on the circumstances, the rideshare company, the driver, or a third party may be held responsible

Uber or Lyft Driver

If the accident was deemed the fault of the driver, they will be the ones held liable. This means that a third-party vehicle’s driver can file a claim against the driver. This will depend on whether there is a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the incident and whether the app is actively in use.

If the app is on and there is no rider, contingent coverage will apply. If the driver has accepted a ride, commercial coverage will apply, whether the rider is in the vehicle at that specific time is irrelevant since the driver is considered actively at work. If the app is not on at all, then regular accident rules would apply.

The Rideshare Companies

For the rideshare company to be held liable, certain factors have to be present. One of the most common would be if the rideshare company failed to do a proper background check and the driver should never have been allowed to work for the company. This is negligent on the part of the company, so they may be held liable.

Another way the company may be held liable would be through vicarious liability. In California, if an employee is doing something that is considered a part of their job, an employer may be held responsible for any accidents.

Any Related Third Parties

If a third party is responsible for the accident, they are the ones who are responsible for compensating anyone who is injured. Uber and Lyft will have no responsibility since their contractor was not at fault.

Call us at (800) 900-9393 if you have been injured in an accident involving a rideshare. We will do everything we can to help you receive compensation from the correct entity.

How Are Uber and Lyft Accidents Different from Typical Car Accident Cases?

There is a minimum amount of coverage that the average driver is required to have on their vehicle. Many drivers decide to only purchase the smallest level of coverage, which means there is a large chance the person injured will be minimally compensated.

Uber and Lyft require every driver to have contingent coverage that will cover any accidents that occur while the driver is considered at work, like when a driver is waiting on a ride to be queued in the app. In addition, there is a $1M policy in place for occasions when a driver has accepted a ride. This applies when a driver is on the way to pick up a passenger and once they have a rider in the vehicle.

We understand how stressful it can be to try to navigate this type of situation, especially if you do not have any legal experience. This is why Crockett Law Group is here to assist every step of the way.

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Does Uber Have a $1 Million Insurance Policy for Accidents?

As we mentioned above, Lyft and Uber require drivers to have $1 million in insurance coverage. This policy will cover accidents that occur while a driver is considered”on the job.” It does not cover drivers who have not accepted a ride or those who have not signed into the app.

What Type of Compensation Can I Seek in an Uber Accident?

Victims of an Uber or Lyft accident may seek three types of damages.

  • Economic Damages: This includes lost wages, medical bill coverage (present and future), rehab coverage, and lost earning capacity.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Pain and suffering, disfigurement and loss of consortium are the most common.
  • Punitive Damages: This is when monetary damages are awarded because of gross misconduct or intentional negligence.

Should I Just Accept a Settlement Offer?

The short answer to this is no. Even if you are offered a settlement amount that seems reasonable, you should discuss this with an attorney. Insurance companies try their best not to give people the compensation they deserve since this means they have to pay more. Speaking with someone in our office about any settlement offers you may have received will help you decide what your next steps should be

How Much Will a Victorville Uber Accident Lawyer Cost?

If you are worried about the cost of an Uber accident lawyer, try to relax a little. Our law firm handles these cases on a contingency basis, meaning we will not require you to pay anything unless you have a favorable outcome. Our fees will be deducted from your compensation, so you have nothing to be concerned about right now.

Are There Time Limits for Filing an Uber Accident Claim?

In California, you can file a claim at any time within two years of the accident. If a minor has been injured, the limit extends from the time of the accident until two years after they turn 18.

Why Do I Need a Uber Accident Lawyer?

Here is how a Victorville Uber accident lawyer with the Crockett Law Group can help you.

Case Preparation / Filing a Lawsuit

A lawyer knows relevant case law and has all of the experience needed to file a lawsuit and properly prepare for a case. This may include reenactments of the incident and interviews with witnesses.

Settlement Negotiation

Having a lawyer on your side means that you will get what you deserve. You will not have to worry about someone taking advantage of your lack of legal knowledge and using it to extend a lowball offer.

Trial Preparation / Representation

Everyone is not well-versed in what happens during a trial. We will help you prepare and offer you the best possible representation.

Get the Best Uber Accident Lawyer in Victorville!

As you can tell, the Crockett Law Group is experienced when it comes to representing people who have been in Uber and Lyft accidents. Not only will we make sure you are rightfully compensated, but we will make sure that you are not taken for a figurative ride by anyone along the way. Get in touch with us today at (800) 900-9393 if you want assistance from the very best Victorville Uber accident lawyer.

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