Anaheim Hit-and-Run Accident Kills Three Men

Three men lost their lives in an Anaheim hit-and-run accident early on the morning of Tuesday, May 4. The accident in Orange County involved a collision between a Mercedes-Benz and a Kia Soul and was reported to the authorities at around 3 a.m.

According to the details shared by the Anaheim police, the fatal collision between the two vehicles happened on Brookhurst Street. The sheer impact of the crash caused extensive damage to the Kia Soul. The Mercedes-Benz also sustained damage but its front remained largely intact.

Three men were traveling in the Kia Soul at the time of the collision which happened at a high rate of speed. All three suffered critical injuries. By the time the first responders and paramedics arrived on the scene of the crash, all three Kia occupants had succumbed to their injuries.

The Mercedes-Benz had two women in it. Both suffered injuries in the collision. However, before the first responders could arrive on the scene, both women had left. The exact manner and reason of their leaving the crash scene remains under investigation.

Preliminary investigations show that the two women were taken to a local hospital by a Good Samaritan. One of them had suffered critical injuries while the other incurred moderate injuries. Both women are in their 20s although the police have not yet named them.

The police continue to investigate the incident to determine which party was liable for the Anaheim hit-and-run crash. Surveillance footage shows that the Kia Soul had stopped on the roadway in the path of the Mercedes-Benz. However, witness statements also hint that the Mercedes was speeding at the time of the accident.

In Orange County accidents like these, determining liability can be a complex issue. An Orange County car accident attorney can help sort the issue of liability by considering police reports, witness statements, and other evidence. 


Kevin Crockett

Kevin Crockett

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