Judge Awards $23.7 Million in California Motorcycle-Truck Collision Lawsuit

The victim of a California motorcycle-truck collision has been awarded $23.7 million in damages by a judge. The incident occurred back in 2017 and resulted in the amputation of a leg of the victim. The plaintiff in the lawsuit was identified as Steve Rojas. The heating and air conditioning company Hajoca Corporation was the defendant as the truck involved in the crash belonged to the company. The collision between the truck and the Yamaha motorcycle that Rojas was riding at the time took place at an intersection in Los Angeles. In the personal injury lawsuit filed by Rojas, it was claimed that Kevin Henderson, a Hajoca employee who was driving the truck at the time, drove into the intersection without stopping. This, the lawsuit claimed, caused the accident and resulted in life-altering injuries of the plaintiff. Attorneys representing Hajoca countered by claiming that Rojas was lane-splitting at the time of the crash and that the truck involved in the collision was stationary. Hajoca Corporation also agreed that it was partly liable for the California motorcycle-truck collision but disagreed with the plaintiff over the amount of damages. Rojas sought around $35 million in damages in lieu of the past and future medical costs of his injuries, lost wages, and other non-economic damages. Hajoca Corporation was of the view that Rojas was entitled to $5 million. California State Court Judge Stephen Czuleger reached a decision on the case on Wednesday, February 10. Judge Czuleger listened to the closing arguments of both sides for nearly eight days before pronouncing the decision. As per this decision, Rojas has been awarded $22.5 in damages for his losses. An additional $1.2 million have been awarded to Rojas’ wife for her loss of consortium claim. It is possible that Hajoca Corporation may appeal against the decision. If you or a loved one have been involved in a traffic incident, contact our California car accident attorneys for help or guidance. Source: https://blog.cvn.com/breaking-23.7m-awarded-to-motorcyclist-injured-in-collision-with-truck-following-cas-1st-post-shutdown-live-civil-trial
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