T-Bone Car Accidents in California: Who’s Liable?

T-bone accidents are those collisions when one car strikes the other vehicle from the side of it, and it happens to form “T” at the time of the hit. Car accidents in California mostly occur when one driver breaks the traffic rules. In T-bone accidents, one driver could have suffered a head injury, and the driver could have serious side damage. Therefore, you need to have an experienced car accident attorney to solve your case smoothly. We will be covering more aspects of a T-bone accident in this article. Let’s go over the causes of a T-bone accident.

What Are the Causes of T-Bone Car Accidents in California?

There could be many reasons for a T-bone accident. Reckless driving or breaking the traffic rules for any reason could also cause the accident. Some common causes of the accidents are:
  • Breaking red lights
  • Default or damaged vehicle
  • Drinking and driving
  • Driving in high speed
  • Ignoring stop or drive slow signs
  • Not focused on the road while driving
  • Texting while driving
These are just some causes of T-bone accidents. Apart from these, there could be some other circumstances

Who Is Responsible for T-Bone Car Accidents in California?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that more than 38,680 people lost their lives due to vehicle crashes in 2020. The significantly high number shows how one person’s irresponsibility can inflict serious harm on others. So, who is to be blamed for a T-bone car accident?

Driver Breaking the Law:

One of the common places where a T-bone accident occurs is at a turning point, also known as the intersection. If someone breaks the rules and crosses the intersection, they are most likely to hit the person standing in the intersection lawfully. In such cases, the person breaking the law will be liable for the accident.

Driver Turning Left:

Another reason behind a T-bone accident is left-hand turn accidents. The person making a left turn might crash into the vehicle coming in front of them, or the other car might collide head-on with the driver turning towards the left. Either way, the responsibility falls on the driver who fails to cause the right-of-way. Usually, the vehicle turning left should allow the traffic coming to pass by. If the driver attempts to jump in on the gap and the car coming is not at a great distance, it can cause a T-bone accident. Not understanding the oncoming vehicle’s pace or distance can cause a T-bone accident. But, there is a chance that the driver going straight can be the cause of the collision. It is when the driver going straight did not adhere to the traffic lights.

Both Drivers:

There can be an instance where both the drivers can be the reason for the accident. Car accidents in California can sometimes be when both drivers share fault in the collision. The guilty driver driving at a fast speed can cross the intersection while the other driver might be turning left at the wrong time. Since California is a comparative negligence state, the victim can get compensation for their injuries even if they are partially at fault in the collision. The claimant will receive their share of the compensation, based on their percentage of fault.

What Compensation Can You Get for T-Bone Accident Injuries?

You can receive monetary compensation as well as other settlement for your non-economic damages if you sustain injuries in car accidents in California. Monetary compensation includes costs that you incur directly for your injuries, such as:
  • Damages and impairments to the vehicle
  • Income loss
  • Medical expenditures
  • Physical therapy
The thing about monetary compensation is that it is easy to calculate since it can be found by adding all the expenditures for the injuries currently and in the future. However, the real difficulty comes in calculating the non-economic damages, including:
  • Absence of life’s pleasure
  • Discomfort or any misery due to the accident
  • Grief and sorrow
  • Inconvenience
  • Loss of a person
The court will consider all the aspects of the victim’s life and how they have changed to calculate the appropriate amount for the compensation of non-economic damages.

Use the Services of the Best Car Accident Attorney for your Case:

T-Bone accident victims have to go through several things that can add up to their pain and suffering. Nevertheless, having the best attorney by your side can help you get compensation for your injuries. Contact the offices of Crockett Law Group and avail the services of the best attorney in the town. We can help you with your claims for car accidents in California and give you the guidance that will help you get the compensation you deserve.
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