Crash on Highway 180 Leaves One Person Seriously Injured

One person suffered serious injuries in a crash on Highway 180 on the evening of Monday, June 14. The accident took place in Fresno County and may have injured other persons as well, although authorities are yet to confirm the total number of injured parties. According to the details shared by the Fresno County Fire Department, the precise location of the crash on Highway 180 was close to Sanger. The person who suffered serious injuries in the crash was traveling in a vehicle near Highway 180 and Bethel Avenue. It isn’t clear if the victim was the driver or a passenger in the vehicle. As the vehicle reached near the intersection, it ran into an accident. Authorities have not confirmed the precise nature of the crash or details regarding any other persons or vehicles who may have been involved. Once the crash was called in, the county Fire Department and other local authorities responded to the crash scene. The nature and extent of the injuries caused by the crash are not known. However, at least one person with serious injuries was airlifted to an area hospital for emergency treatment. The incident took place in the eastbound lanes of Highway 180. Following the incident, authorities closed off the eastbound lanes as on-site cleanup, investigation, and rescue activities were conducted. The lanes were later reopened to traffic sometime later. Details surrounding the accident are still scarce and it is expected that the authorities will identify all the involved parties briefly. For Orange County accidents involving multiple vehicles, it is possible for one or more drivers to be at fault in a crash. When this is the case, victims of a crash can recover compensatory damages with the help of an Orange County car accident attorney. Source:
Kevin Crockett

Kevin Crockett

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