E-Bike Accidents in Orange County on the Rise

The number of e-bike accidents in Orange County is on the rise, according to the County Sheriff’s Office during a special informational meeting regarding the topic. E-bikes are just what they sound like they’d be. They are electricity powered bicycles. The difference is that e-bikes can go as high as 28 mph. According to experts, the number of e-bike accidents in Orange County has risen 500% since last year. Last year, between January and August, there had been 11 e-bike trauma patients at Providence Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California. This year, during the same time frame, there were 70 e-bike accidents at the same hospital. One teenager, a 15-year-old from San Clemente, was riding down a hill on his e-bike when he lost control of his bike. He ended up crashing into a street sign and his femur broke in half. He needed surgery where the doctor had to put rods and pins in his leg to set it. His mother said it was very painful for her son.  Some of the most common injuries suffered in e-bike accidents according to Mission Hospital are broken bones, head injuries, and internal organ damage. The number of head injuries is continuing to increase because more than 45% of all riders do not wear a helmet. Helmet laws in California require anyone under the age of 16 to wear a helmet. However, experts recommend that all riders wear a helmet. They also recommend that these be motorcycle helmets rather than bicycle helmets.  Children are being seen more often in the emergency room after e-bike accidents. The Sheriff hopes his informational meeting will help move this trend in the opposite direction. If your child is hurt on an e-bike, call a California bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible. Source: https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2021/11/03/2-on-your-side-orange-county-sees-spike-in-e-bike-accidents/
Kevin Crockett

Kevin Crockett

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