How Much Can I Get From an Underinsured Motorist Claim?

Picture of two cars in a car accident representing how much money one can get from an underinsured motorist claim Getting into a car accident gets even more complicated when the person who hit you doesn’t have enough insurance to cover all the costs. That’s where underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage comes in. It’s like a safety net to help cover your expenses if the other driver’s insurance isn’t enough. Let’s break down how this works and how much you might be able to get from a UIM claim with the help of a car accident attorney.
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What is UIM Coverage?

Understanding Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage might seem a bit complex at first, but it’s an important part of your car insurance. UIM coverage acts as a safety net for unexpected incidents on the road. In California, all drivers must have insurance to ensure there’s money available for damages and injuries in case of an accident. However, sometimes the required insurance may not be sufficient. For example, in an accident where you’re not at fault, the other driver’s insurance may not cover all your medical expenses and car repairs. This is where UIM coverage becomes important. It provides an extra layer of protection by covering costs that the other driver’s insurance doesn’t fully handle. UIM coverage is optional when selecting your insurance plan. You have to choose to include it.
Always check your insurance policy to see if you have UIM coverage. It’s a good thing to have, just in case.

How Much Coverage Do You Get?

In California, you need at least $15,000 for one person hurt and $30,000 for more. It’s wise to have more, if possible, like a big safety net. Why have more than the minimum? Accidents can bring huge costs. If expenses exceed your safety net, you pay the rest. California law ensures a safety net for driving, walking, or biking. It protects from financial troubles after an accident with an underinsured person. Choose your insurance wisely to have a safety net. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
Pro Tip
The more UIM coverage you have, the better. It doesn’t cost much more to increase your limits, and it can really help if you’re in a big accident.

How Does It Work?

Let’s imagine you’re in this situation. The driver who hit you has the minimum insurance that’s required by law in California, which is $15,000. But after the accident, you find out that your medical bills, plus the cost to fix your car, are way more than $15,000. This is a lot of money, and you might be wondering how you’re going to handle all these expenses. This is where your UIM coverage steps in. But there’s a specific way it works. First, you have to use up the $15,000 from the other driver’s insurance. This means their insurance pays out the full amount they’re responsible for. But what about the rest of your bills? That’s a lot of money still hanging over your head. After the other driver’s insurance has paid the $15,000, you can then turn to your own insurance company to use your UIM coverage for the remaining costs. So, if your total bills came to $30,000, and you’ve already got $15,000 from the other driver’s insurance, your UIM coverage could help cover the remaining $15,000. But remember, this only works if your UIM coverage limit is high enough to cover the extra costs. It’s a bit like when you’re saving up for something big, and you find out you don’t have enough money. If you have a savings account you forgot about, you can use that money to help pay for the rest. UIM coverage is like that savings account for car accident costs. It’s there to help you when the amount you need is more than what the other driver’s insurance can provide. One important thing to remember is that you need to have UIM coverage on your insurance policy for it to help you. It’s not automatically included in every policy, so it’s something you have to choose when you’re setting up your insurance. Having UIM coverage is a smart move because it gives you an extra layer of protection. Accidents can be expensive, and you never know how much the other driver’s insurance will cover. By having UIM, you’re making sure that you have a way to help pay for those extra costs, so you’re not left trying to figure out how to pay for everything on your own. It’s all about making sure you’re covered, no matter what happens.
UIM coverage only starts after the other driver’s insurance is used up. So, if you have $30,000 in UIM coverage and the other driver’s insurance covers $15,000, you could get another $15,000 from your UIM coverage.

Why You Shouldn’t Waive UIM Coverage

Choosing not to have UIM coverage might seem like a good way to save a few dollars on your car insurance bill. However, saving a little bit now could end up costing you a lot more in the future. UIM coverage is a special part of your insurance that steps in to help you when someone who doesn’t have enough insurance hits you. This can happen more often than you might think, and the costs can really add up. Imagine you’re driving home from school or work, just like any other day, and suddenly, another car crashes into you. It’s not your fault, but the other driver’s insurance can’t cover all of your medical bills or the damage to your car. If you have UIM coverage, your own insurance can help pay for those extra costs. Without it, you might have to pay those big bills on your own, which could be really hard. But UIM coverage does more than just protect you while you’re in your car. Let’s say you’re riding your bike, walking to the store, or even skateboarding in your neighborhood. If a car hits you, UIM coverage can still help cover your medical bills and other costs, just like it would if you were driving. This is important because accidents can happen anywhere, not just when you’re behind the wheel. Some people might think they don’t need UIM coverage because they’re careful drivers or they don’t drive very much. But the truth is that accidents can happen to anyone, and you can’t control how much insurance other people have. UIM coverage is like a safety net. It’s there to catch you and help you out if something unexpected happens. Skipping UIM coverage to save a little bit of money each month might seem smart now, but if you ever get into an accident with someone who doesn’t have enough insurance, you’ll wish you had it. Those few dollars you saved won’t seem like much if you’re facing huge bills without enough help to pay them. In the end, having UIM coverage is a smart choice because it gives you extra protection and peace of mind. It’s there to make sure you’re covered, no matter what happens, whether you’re driving, walking, or biking. It’s all about keeping you safe and making sure an accident doesn’t hurt your finances more than it has to. So, when you’re looking at your insurance options, think about the big picture and how UIM coverage can help protect you and your family.

How Text Kevin Accident Attorneys Can Help

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we understand how overwhelming it can feel after you’ve been in an accident. Insurance claims, especially UIM claims, can be confusing and stressful. That’s where we come in. Our team is here to help you understand your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Dealing with insurance companies isn’t always easy. They often aim to settle claims for as little as possible. Our job is to prevent that from happening to you. If negotiations don’t lead to a fair settlement, we are prepared to take your case to court to fight for what you deserve. We’re not just any law firm; we are a top-rated car accident firm with a track record of securing millions of dollars for our clients in settlements. Our achievements include substantial settlements in various accident cases, such as:
  • $2,750,000 for a car accident
  • $1,250,000 for a pedestrian accident
  • $1,000,000 for a truck accident
  • $1,045,000 for another car accident
  • $1,300,000 for yet another car accident
  Our firm is an award-winning personal injury law firm. We have received over 30 awards and honors that show our commitment to excellence and our clients’ success. Some of our accolades include being named among the Lawyers Of Distinction 2020. We also received the Top Ten Attorney 2020 award from NAOPIA. Additionally, we are listed in The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 and secured a place in the Top 25 Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers. Kevin Crockett, the heart of our firm, is not only a highly skilled attorney but also a rising star in the personal injury law arena. Raised in Orange County and a top graduate of the University of California, Irvine, Kevin has dedicated his career to helping people who have been injured. His personal touch and commitment to being hands-on with each case have earned him a perfect 10.0 “Superb'” rating on AVVO, along with numerous 5-star reviews from clients who appreciate his dedication and hard work.

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