Man Dies in Car Accident Near Yosemite Park on Christmas Weekend

A man died in a car accident near Yosemite Park during the Christmas weekend. The victim was identified as 27-year-old Andrew Trujillo. Trujillo died after his car went off-road and struck a tree. Family members believe that snow and ice on the road were a contributing factor to this crash.

Trujillo’s girlfriend and three children, including Trujillo’s two-year-old son Drew, were also present in the vehicle at the time of the crash. They all survived, however. Police have reported to the newspaper that the children and Trujillo’s girlfriend were transported to the hospital with minor injuries; they remained hospitalized for a few days as well.

Fifteen months prior to this accident, Trujillo’s son Drew lost his mother to suicide. Drew’s family members organized a GoFundMe campaign for him and raised $80,000 from over 1,000 donors. Drew is currently living with his grandparents.

The family is now taking up the responsibility of Drew; as he manages to cope with the loss of both his parents. His family members have stated that it was already difficult to tell him where his mother was. Now it will be difficult to tell him about the whereabouts of his father.

This car accident near Yosemite Park may or may not have occurred due to the negligence of another party or individual. However, if you or your loved ones experience a loss such as this due to another person’s fault, reach out to a California car accident lawyer today.


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