Marine Killed in Interstate 5 Crash Identified

Early morning on December 6, a man died in a tragic Interstate 5 crash in Oceanside. The person has finally been identified as a Camp Pendleton Marine who went by the name of Alberto Lucio, aged 20.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the crash occurred approximately around 3:20 am while the driver, Darryl Sheffey, aged 36, was driving southbound on Interstate 5 on his Ford Edge. His car crashed and its lights went out in traffic lanes near Las Pulgas Road.

As soon as the crash occurred, Lucio from Camp Pendleton stopped to assist the injured driver as well as a 31-year-old female passenger. It was at this point when a 41-year-old-man driving an international box truck crashed into Sheffey’s vehicle as well as Lucio, who was helping the injured. Lucio was pronounced dead at the scene by Camp Pendleton Fire Personnel. A Camp Pendleton’s spokesperson expressed his grief in a news release on the same day.

Sheffey and the female passenger were taken to the hospital with major injuries to have been reported. Sheffey has been arrested on multiple felony charges and will be booked into jail after he recovers from the injuries sustained in the Interstate 5 crash.

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