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Accidents are not uncommon in Moreno Valley and throughout the Golden State. In most instances, they lead to personal injuries to one or more parties and losses ranging from severe physical pain to expensive treatment bills. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury because of negligent or careless actions of another party, you may be eligible for monetary compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial damages. However, taking on a personal injury claim can be complicated and that’s why it’s best to hire a Moreno Valley personal injury lawyer. Our team at The Crockett Law Group has vast experience in this field and we will help you seek the settlement you deserve. So, call us at (800) 900-9393 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and learn about your legal options! We are a top Moreno Valley personal injury law firm.
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What to Do Following an Injury

Once you have sustained a personal injury, you should do the following for higher chances of getting compensated:

Seek Medical Attention

The first thing to do after an injury is to seek medical attention. If it’s an emergency, call 911 for ambulance services, but if the injury is not severe, you can visit your general practitioner. Ensure you do this early to not only increase your chances of full recovery but also have a solid case when making a claim.

Take Photos or Video

Chances are you own a smartphone, so use it to record the injury and the scene of your accident so that you have solid evidence for your case. If you’re unable to record the scene immediately, do so as soon as possible following the accident.

Report the Injury

It is also important and mandatory to notify the relevant party about the accident. If it’s a slip fall at a supermarket, notify the manager. If it’s a workplace injury, notify your boss. If it is a car accident, report it to the authorities. Also, make sure you get a copy of the accident report.

Get the Contact Information of Any Witnesses

It is also advisable to collect the names and contact information of any witnesses as they will play a vital role in helping you prove your case. Do not compromise your chances of making a successful claim by allowing witnesses to slip away.

Never Admit Fault

Never admit fault in a personal injury case for any resulting damages and injuries. This applies even when you think you could be partly liable for the incident. Also, don’t offer any apologies to other parties involved as it counts as admitting fault.

Get a Moreno Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

Following an injury caused by the negligence of another person or entity, it’s advisable to seek a personal injury attorney with adequate experience with personal injury claims of all types. Our Moreno Valley personal injury lawyers have experience in slip and falls, car accident claims, defective product claims, etc. The Crockett Law Group handles personal injury cases of all forms. So, call us today to get started!

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

When it comes to personal injury claims, you may need a Moreno Valley personal injury lawyer for the following reasons:

Case Preparation and Filing a Lawsuit

If you sustain an injury in an accident, it’s up to you to initiate the claims process by getting in touch with an attorney to discuss the case, injuries, damages, and how to pursue settlement. Your legal representative will then perform a thorough investigation and garner the necessary evidence. In addition, they will file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your losses and injuries.

Settlement Negotiation

The party at fault and your attorney will attempt to reach a settlement following your injury. This is usually the case for most personal injury claims. At this stage, the liable party agrees to pay a certain amount and you agree to free them from liabilities. If you come to an agreement, this is the end of your claim.

Trial Preparation and Representation

If you and the party at fault are unable to come to an agreement, then your case will have to go to trial. At this step, the court determines if the defendant is responsible. If so, the judge will determine the damages to be awarded. A reliable personal injury attorney like those at the Crockett Law Group will provide competent legal representation throughout the trial. Moreno Valley personal injury lawyer concept image

How Is Liability in California Determined?

Proving liability in the Golden State personal injury claims requires you to first prove negligence. This often requires proving the following aspects:

Duty of Care

The first negligence aspect that you need to prove in Moreno Valley personal injury claims is that the defendant owed you some degree of obligation. This is referred to as duty of care and it’s meant to keep people safe. It can involve anything from doing the necessary inspections of the machinery to driving a car safely.

Breach of Duty of Care

The second negligence aspect that you need to prove in a personal injury claim is that a breach of that duty of care is evident. This may entail the failure to follow the traffic laws and/or skipping the necessary inspection of your vehicle.


Next, you need to show that the breach of that duty of care was a direct cause of the accident. Using the above-mentioned examples, it could include failure to undergo an inspection that would have shown your car brakes were faulty or running a spotlight and crushing with another vehicle in an intersection.


The last negligence element that you need to prove in a personal injury claim in California is damages. To show damages, you need to prove that the incident led to physical injury or pain, damage to property, or emotional distress. California is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that the victim can still get compensation even if they were partially responsible for the accident. This means that the court will award a certain percentage of liability to each party involved in the incident. Proving negligence in the Golden State calls for an experienced personal injury lawyer. So, if you or a loved one has sustained injury or losses, it is important to hire someone with adequate experience in all the above-mentioned elements of negligence. Our team has such lawyers, so call us today!

What Damages Can You Recover?

In regards to personal injury claims or lawsuits in California, you can expect to recover the following types of damages:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the tangible losses you experienced after a personal injury. These types of damages tend to be more concrete as they are not just readily documented by also easy to calculate. Examples of economic damages include lost wages, utility bills, medical expenses (past, current, and future), property, and costs as a result of living with the injury.

Non-Economic Damages

These entail intangible losses or damages that are subjective in nature. They relate to forms of harm that do not come with objective documentation like receipts. Examples of non-economic damages include mental duress, emotional distress, pain and suffering, tarnished reputation, loss of enjoyment of life, etc.

Punitive Damages

These damages are designed and awarded to punish the liable for their malicious, fraudulent, or willful actions that resulted in injury, harm, or damages to another party. Punitive damages are also awarded to discourage other parties from engaging in such behavior.

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in California?

According to the statute of limitations for personal injuries in California, you have 2 years to file a claim. This means you need to initiate the claims process within 2 years starting from the accident’s date or you won’t have legal grounds to do so.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer in Moreno Valley Cost?

When dealing with reputable law firms like ours, the last thing you should be worrying about after a personal injury is how to pay an attorney to protect your interests and rights. At The Crockett Law Group, we know the legal challenges you experience as a result of another party’s carelessness or negligence. That is why we provide our services on a contingency basis. This means you do not have to pay unless you win the case. We agree on a certain percentage cut from your settlement amount before we start the claims process. Man with hurt leg calling Moreno Valley personal injury lawyer

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Work on at The Crockett Law Group

You can depend on our team to provide quality legal representation in the following types of cases in Moreno Valley, CA:

Auto Accidents

If you or a family member has been involved in a car accident that led to severe injuries or death, get in touch with our team to determine liability. The Crockett Law Group works hard to ensure our clients get maximum compensation.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles do not give riders much protection, which means an accident is likely to result in severe injuries. If you have been a bicycle accident victim, our team can help you seek fair compensation.

Truck Accidents

From intoxication to operator inexperience, truck accidents can be a result of varying factors. If you sustain injuries or losses in a trucking accident in California, you can count on our team to seek justice. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to hold negligent truck drivers and trucking companies accountable.

Motorcycle Accidents

Bike riders usually pay the price in collisions, even though the other motorist may be at fault. It’s advisable to reach out to a reliable Moreno Valley motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. This will help in securing evidence and maximizing your chances of getting compensated early.

Ride-Sharing Accidents

Lyft, Uber, and other ridesharing companies have gained vast popularity in the past several years due to their convenience and affordability. However, ridesharing accidents tend to be complex when it comes to making a claim. However, you can count on our Moreno Valley Uber accident attorneys to provide legal representation and make sure you’re compensated for your losses and injuries.

Slip and Fall Cases

Public and private premises are required to be safe for all, but dangers are not uncommon. It’s the responsibility of property owners and landlords to identify and rectify any hazards. If they do not do that, you can count on our Moreno Valley slip and fall attorneys to help seek compensation for personal injury.

Dog Bites

Dog attacks can lead to serious physical pain and trauma. If you’re attacked by a dog and sustain an injury, you’re required to prove negligence by garnering evidence like photos, medical records, and witness testimonies. We have dog bite lawyers in our team who have vast knowledge and experience to ascertain that your rights to fair settlement are protected.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries not only result in physical disabilities like paralysis but may also affect your memory, motor functions, and ability to communicate. Our attorneys know the physical, emotional, and financial stress that comes with brain injuries and will work with you to ascertain that you’re fairly compensated for the same.


All types of burns can be extremely painful and lead to severe scarring among other damages. Depending on the type or severity of the burn, you may require hospitalization or even surgery. If you sustain a burn injury due to the negligence of another party, you can count on our team to help protect your rights and interests.

Spinal Cord Injury

It goes without changing that spinal cord injuries can change your whole life. If you’re unable to walk, you may be forced to change careers and alter your home. Also, some spinal cord injuries call for long-term treatment, which can put you under financial strain. At the Crockett Law Group, we have the experience needed to hold the party responsible accountable.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one due to another party’s intentional or careless actions, you have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit in California. Our wrongful death attorneys have the expertise to handle these complicated cases.

Hire a Moreno Valley Personal Injury Lawyer Today!

Personal injuries are usually devastating to both the victim and their loved ones. If you or a family member sustains a personal injury because of another person or company’s negligence, you can count on our team at The Crockett Law Group for legal assistance to ensure you get fair compensation. Call our offices today at (800) 900-9393 for a free, no-obligation initial consultation!

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