How To Get Your Car Accident Report in Moreno Valley

In the aftermath of a Moreno Valley car accident, you may face significant damages, catastrophic injuries, and severe trauma that can impact your life going forward. When that happens, you need as much evidence as possible on your side to help hold the at-fault party accountable. However, you may be unsure how to get your car accident report in Moreno Valley, which can be crucial to your evidence in a car accident claim.

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we have the tools needed to gather your accident report and evidence beyond that. We provide the full scope of legal support you need, whether you are filing an insurance claim or pursuing a civil lawsuit. No matter the specifics of your accident claim, we provide dedicated, personalized help that begins with gathering evidence like your car accident report.

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Getting Your Moreno Valley Car Accident Report Is a Simple Process

When you are involved in a collision in any way, getting a copy of the traffic collision report (TCR) is important for your case. That information may be vital to proving you are not at fault or other details. Fortunately, requesting your traffic collision report is easy.

Once the report is available, you can seek it out using one of the many available options. These include in-person visits, online ordering, and information via phone call. The Moreno Valley Police Department (MVPD) can provide the information needed for your traffic accident request.

During the request process, you may need to pay a fee. The specific cost can vary depending on the method of delivery you choose. Once you pay this fee and receive your report, you can begin using it to your advantage with our help.

Traffic Collision Reports Are Only Available to Involved Parties

When a car accident happens, multiple parties may be involved in the accident. However, traffic collision reports are not released to the public, keeping some of this information private to the parties involved in the accident or its aftermath. Below are some of the parties who may be able to access this information:

  • Drivers involved in the crash
  • Passengers and bystanders involved in the crash
  • Anyone who has suffered property damage or bodily injury in the accident
  • Parents if a minor was driving or a passenger during the accident
  • The insurance companies of any involved parties
  • Attorneys representing any involved parties

If you have any stake in the outcome of a car accident report, you may be able to access it through the information you have about the crash. If you may have grounds for legal action, or if someone is taking legal action against you, a TCR can be an important part of the evidence to support your claim. If you are unsure if you have access to this or if you are unable to access it and believe you should be able to, reach out to us for help.

Pro Tip

Following a car accident, you may be unsure whether you need to report your accident in the first place. However, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, all accidents must be reported that involve more than $1,000 in property damage, injuries to any involved party, or the wrongful death of a person involved in the car accident.

Your Car Accident Report May Take Time to Process

When preparing a car accident lawsuit, you may want to take steps to pursue compensation as soon as possible. You may be concerned about the time limits of your case, for example, which are only 2 years from the date of the accident, according to the California Civil Code 335.1. In these situations, requesting your traffic accident report as soon as possible may seem like the best way to take action fast.

However, keep in mind that it does take time to review, approve, and release the collision report. According to the police department in Moreno Valley, that can take at least 14 business days. That means you may be waiting some time before the report is available.

Fortunately, you do not have to wait for this report to begin taking action in other ways. For example, seeking medical attention and getting examinations for the full scope of your injuries can provide needed evidence that you were hurt in the crash. You can also begin speaking with an attorney and gathering other evidence that may have been at the scene to help begin your case.

You Have Multiple Options to Pursue Your Car Accident Report

When seeking out your traffic accident report, you may be concerned about your options to get the report you need. Fortunately, the Moreno Valley Police Department offers multiple options to request a copy of your accident report and get that report as soon as possible for your claim. You have multiple avenues depending on your internet access, travel ability, and more.

If you have any problems enacting the following request options, remember that you can always speak with us for help. We are prepared to request a car accident report on our client’s behalf, ensuring that you have all the information you may need for your lawsuit. We offer ongoing guidance and support for the clients we serve.

Requests by Phone

Before you make a trip to the police station or purchase your report online, you may want to speak with the police department to learn more about what you can do about your crash report. To contact the police office business line, you can call 951-486-6700. This number allows you to speak with someone at the office and get answers about your case.

Requests by Email

If you do not wish to seek out your police report in person, you can always seek out an online collision report, which is provided securely through the MVPD’s partnership with LexisNexis. To access this, you will simply need to search for your area, provide identifying information for the case, and pay a convenience fee to access your report. If you have any difficulties with the LexisNexis eCrash system, you can always contact the eCrash help desk at +1-866-215-2771, and you can always contact the police office for any report-specific questions at

Requests from In-Person Visits

In some cases, you may not be willing to pay the convenience fee for an online report, or you may not have consistent access to the internet. In these cases, you can always get your collision report at the MVPD lobby front counter during their normal business hours at the following address:

22850 Calle San Juan de los Lagos

Moreno Valley, CA 92552

These business hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except on holidays.

Requests Via Mail-In Options

The Moreno Valley Police Department does not offer specific guidance for a mail-in car accident report request. However, if a mail-in option is best for you, you may be able to contact the Moreno Valley City Hall through their main line, 951-413-3000, or through their mailing address:

B14177 Frederick Street

PO box 88005

Moreno Valley, California 92552

Using this information, you can contact city employees and speak directly to them about your best options for getting your collision report.


Any of these options may work for you as you pursue a lawsuit, but keep in mind that different solutions will have different price points. Choose the option that provides the convenience you need if you are severely injured without spending more than you are able to.

Note Your Processing Time and Report Fees

As you request your Moreno Valley car accident report, keep in mind that there are certain obstacles and expenses that may arise as you seek this piece of evidence. While it can be a crucial part of building your case, being aware of these issues before they happen can help you better prepare for your case. When you know what to expect, you can take appropriate action.

If you are struggling to handle any of these concerns, you can also reach out to a lawyer like attorney Kevin Crockett. We have tools and resources that can help guide you to the results you need and ensure you get your traffic accident report as efficiently as possible. Contact us if you have any difficulties with the following concerns.

Getting a Moreno Valley Car Accident Report May Incur a Fee

In Moreno Valley, you may be charged for your collision report. With the Moreno Valley Police Department, the current fee is $5 for up to ten pages. If your report is longer than this, you can add an extra $0.20 for each additional page.

The Moreno Valley Police Department also encourages the use of the LexisNexis eCrash report system, which allows you to retrieve your collision report digitally. However, keep in mind that this also comes with a $10 convenience fee. While that can be a time-saving option, be sure to prepare this fee before you begin the process.

Remember to save any receipts that you have for purchasing copies of your car accident report. The fees for this service can add up quickly, but they can be included in your compensation as you face a lawsuit or insurance claim. Any expenses like these should be included, as you would not have normally needed to spend this amount if the accident had not happened.

Processing Times Can Leave You Waiting

Keep in mind that it can take time before your collision report is available online. According to the Moreno Valley Police Department, you may need to wait a minimum of 14 business days following the collision before you are able to access your report online. It frequently takes at least this long to review and approve the report for release, ensuring that your report is as accurate and useful to your case as possible.

Remember that certain traffic collision reports may also not be available online. The MVPD does not provide online reports for crashes resulting in a fatality, arrest, or crashes where a juvenile was involved in an alleged crime. In these cases, you may need to contact the MVPD’s business office to request a report.

Our Law Firm Can Help Make Your Case a Success

Facing a car accident claim in Moreno Valley requires more than requesting a car accident report. While the TCR is an important piece of evidence for your claim, lawsuits can be complex and involve many other steps, which can be difficult when your health and well-being are impacted by the crash, especially if you have catastrophic injuries. Fortunately, we at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys can help in many areas, including the following:

  • Representing you in the courtroom
  • Providing regular updates about the course of your claim
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Gathering other vital evidence for your claim
  • Ensuring you meet all deadlines for your lawsuit

When you have an experienced trial attorney on your side, you have access to the tools and resources needed to potentially make your lawsuit a success. We strive to help our clients navigate this difficult area, pursuing compensation for their many needs. If you are seeking an attorney to support and represent you throughout this process, do not hesitate to reach out for guidance.


If you are unsure we are the right car accident attorneys for you, you can always look at our past clients and what they have said about our services. Our testimonials page includes the many positive reports we have received for our efforts in helping Moreno Valley car accident victims recover.

Seek Guidance from Our Car Accident Attorneys in Moreno Valley for Needed Guidance Throughout This Process

When you have been seriously injured in a Moreno Valley car accident, your accident report is one of the first pieces of evidence you can seek as you seek compensation for your claim. This report provides significant detail about the accident, providing a snapshot of the specifics of your case. If you are struggling with how to get your accident report in Moreno Valley, we are here to help make this process easier.

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we focus on helping personal injury victims get the compensation they need for recovery, including car accidents like yours. If you are struggling to make the request for your car accident report, we are ready to take action to support you and your claim, including taking action beyond your accident report. To learn more about our services, begin with a free consultation when you call or fill out our online contact form.

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