Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Crash in Sacramento Kills One

A fatal hit-and-run claimed the life of a motorcyclist on the night of Tuesday, May 18. The motorcycle crash in Sacramento was reported to the authorities at around 11:15 p.m. According to the details shared by California Highway Patrol, the crash occurred close to the Pocket neighborhood in Sacramento. The motorcyclist was traveling along Interstate 5 at the time of the collision. As the motorcyclist reached near the Florin Road, it collided with a second vehicle. Eyewitness accounts identified this vehicle as a sedan, although the precise manner and reason for a collision between the motorcycle and the sedan remains unclear. The sedan was traveling northbound along the I-5 when it hit the motorcycle. Following the collision, the sedan continued to move northwards. The sheer impact of the collision caused fatal injuries to the motorcyclist. Once the first responders and paramedics arrived on the scene, the motorcyclist had succumbed to his injuries. The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office also responded to the accident. The coroner arrived on the scene and pronounced the victim as deceased. However, the Coroner’s Office is yet to release identification details of the victim. It is expected that the coroner will release these details once the next-of-kin have been notified. CHP continues to investigate the motorcycle crash in Sacramento. The focus of the investigations, at this point, is to identify and locate the suspect vehicle involved in the crash. In a separate, unrelated crash, another motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in an accident that took place in Merced County on Tuesday night, May 18. The motorcyclist was traveling along Highway 99 at the time. He failed to slow down when the traffic ahead had slowed, which caused him to crash into the rear of another vehicle. In Orange County hit-and-run incidents involving motorcycles, the other vehicle is often at fault. When that is the case, the injured parties or survivors of the deceased victims can recover compensatory damages with the help of an Orange County motorcycle accident attorney. Sources: https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article251527078.html https://www.mercedsunstar.com/news/local/article251522263.html
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Kevin Crockett

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