North Hills Hit-and-Run Kills One and Injures Others

Police in North Hills, California responded to the report of a hit-and-run accident that left one dead and several others injured early Tuesday morning, October 5. The North Hills hit-and-run happened at 5:30 am on Hayvenhurst Avenue.  A yet unidentified man was driving a black Range Rover. The cops would later learn that there was a second male passenger in the vehicle. The car was speeding in the Southbound lanes of Hayvenhurst Avenue just off of Nordhoff Street. The driver blew through a red light and collided with at least 3 vehicles. One of the cars that were hit was a silver Honda Civic. Witnesses say that the suspect almost crashed into a 4th car before coming to a stop. The driver got out of the car and took off on foot. A second man jumped out of the car and followed him. The North Hills hit-and-run was captured on private home video. The cops hope that this recording will help them identify the suspects. The driver who reported the crash said the driver and passenger in the Honda Civic were trapped in their vehicle. The air bags had deployed and witnesses indicated that all of the windows in the Civic were shattered. By the time rescue crews arrived, the driver had passed away from their injuries. The passenger in the car was taken to the hospital. Two other people involved in the crash were also injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.  The names of the victims have not been released. Once the police are able to identify the driver and his passenger, the family of the deceased victim will likely have a valid claim or wrongful death. It will depend on what facts the investigation uncovers. If your loved one is hurt or killed in a hit-and-run, you should speak with one of our California car accident lawyers as soon as possible. Source:
Kevin Crockett

Kevin Crockett

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