Who Is Liable for an Orange County Truck Accident?

Orange County Truck accident

Accidents involving commercial trucks are different from other accidents in that they typically involve heavy vehicle damage. This is simply because of the sheer disparity in the size of a truck and common SUV. The larger size and heavier weight of the truck are able to inflict more serious damage on the much smaller vehicle, […]

Who is Liable in an Irvine Crash Caused by Tire Defects?

tire defects

Tire defects can lead to accidents. If you have been involved in a car crash in Irvine, CA, it is important to understand what caused the crash. Identifying the cause helps determine who was liable for the accident. You can then seek compensatory damages from the liable party with the help of an Orange County […]

What Does Affidavit Mean in an Orange County Crash Claim?

orange county crash

If you have suffered an Orange County crash, you will need to meet certain legal requirements before you can actually recover damages. An Orange County car accident attorney can help you understand these requirements and file a claim without wasting any time. When you are in the process of filing a claim, you may be […]