Single-Vehicle Accident in Homeland Kills One

A single-vehicle accident in Homeland over the weekend resulted in the death of one person. The incident took place in the early hours of Saturday, January 23. It was reported to the authorities at around 1:50 a.m. According to the details shared by the California Highway Patrol, the only vehicle involved in the crash was identified as a 2019 Ford Fusion. The Fusion was traveling westbound along Highway 74 at the time. As the vehicle crossed the West Avenue and reached the 32000 block of the road, the driver of the vehicle apparently lost control. Eyewitness accounts report that the Fusion was traveling at speeds of around 65 to 70mph at the time. As its driver lost control, the vehicle veered to the left of the roadway. It then entered into a trench filled with asphalt. The high speed at which the turn occurred and the resistance of the asphalt surface caused the vehicle to overturn. The driver was the only occupant of the vehicle when the crash occurred. He was ejected from the vehicle as it overturned and sustained critical injuries in the rollover crash. Once the first responders and paramedics reached the scene of the accident, attempts to revive the driver failed. He was pronounced dead on the scene. The Riverside County Coroner’s Office confirmed the driver’s death. He was identified by the Coroner’s Office as John Marks III, 30, of Homeland. A number of local departments responded to the crash. These included Riverside County Fire Department, Cal Fire, Riverside County Coroner’s Office and CHP among others. Authorities continue to investigate the single-vehicle accident in Homeland, an unincorporated area. At this point, the key aim of the investigations is to determine how the crash occurred. For now, a precise cause of the crash is not known but may be revealed in subsequent reports. If you or a loved one have been involved in a traffic incident, contact our California car accident attorneys for help or guidance. Source:
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