Fiery Single-Vehicle Crash in Irvine Kills One

One person was killed in a fiery single-vehicle crash in Irvine early on the morning of Wednesday, March 10. It was reported to the authorities at around 6:45 a.m.

According to the details shared by the Irvine Police Department, this was a single-vehicle accident. The sole vehicle involved in the crash was identified as a Tesla. The vehicle had only one occupant in it, the driver, at the time the crash occurred.

The Tesla was traveling southbound along the Culver Drive at the time. As the vehicle reached the stretch of the road between the Barranca Parkway and Warner Avenue, its driver apparently lost control. As per eyewitness accounts and other available evidence, the Tesla veered away from the roadway and crashed into a tree at a high rate of speed.

The sheer impact of the collision caused extensive damage to the vehicle. Right after the collision, the Tesla caught fire and was engulfed in flames. It isn’t clear if the driver was able to escape the vehicle before it burned. Once the paramedics and first responders reached the scene of the crash, the driver was already deceased. IPD didn’t confirm whether the cause of death was the injuries from the collision, or burn injuries.

Authorities have not yet revealed the identification details of the deceased driver. These details will likely be made public once the next-of-kin have been notified.

Following the single-vehicle crash in Irvine, the southbound lanes of Culver Drive were briefly closed to traffic. This was done so that authorities could conduct on-site investigations and clean-up.

IPD continues to investigate the incident. The focus of the investigations at this point is to ascertain the precise cause of the crash. The accident occurred in rainy conditions but it remains to be seen if that contributed to it.

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Kevin Crockett

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