Two Injured by Vehicle Associated with Black Lives Matter Protest Caravan

On September 27th, a woman drove her vehicle through a crowd of pro-Trump counter-protesters after the Black Lives Matter protest was declared an unlawful assembly. Initially, the Black Lives Matter protest was a peaceful caravan protest that was well-organized and scheduled due to updates in the Breonna Taylor case. 

Counter-protestors appeared shortly after the protest started and were a much larger group than the originally intended BLM protestors. At about 2:40 in the afternoon, the Sheriff’s department for Yorba Linda shut down the gathering by declaring the demonstration an unlawful assembly. They ordered everyone to vacate the area, both the Black Lives Matter and the counter-protestors. 

After Sheriffs shut down both sides of the protest one protester took matters into her own hands. Tatiana Turner, a protester, associated with the Caravan of Justice or Black Lives Matter Caravan, drove her vehicle through an intersection that still held a crowd of dispersing protesters.  Turner exited the Yorba Linda Public Library parking area and then drove the compact car through a group of people. In doing so, she hit a man and a woman.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department was already on scene, and they reported that the man experienced two broken legs while the woman also had significant injuries. Both were transported to a nearby hospital. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is investigating, but at this time, it is unclear whether the man and woman injured were part of the black lives matter demonstration or part of the counter-protest.

Turner was arrested for suspicion of attempted murder as well as assault with a deadly weapon.  On September 29th, she entered a plea of not guilty and is still held on a $1 million bail. At this time, the victims were not named or identified in any other way. 

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