Steps to be Taken After a Car Accident in California

Whenever you take the road in your car, there’s always a small percentage of chance that you might get into a car accident. Car accidents in California can be very dangerous and involve many risk factors. It is always good to be aware of the things and steps you’d have to consider after such an accident because one is panicked and baffled right after the accident to think at that time. Here are some measures you should know to ensure that everyone is safe, that the legislation is followed, and that the insurance settlement procedure gets begun on time. Such measures can assist you in making crucial decisions if you’ve been in an automobile accident, regardless of whether you were guilty or not.

Self-Examination for Injuries after Car Accident in California:

Even a small car accident in California can lead to serious and dangerous injuries to the passengers and their lives are the priority. So in case you’re hurt or injured, dial 911 or let someone else dial 911 for you. But in case you’ve been severely injured, do not try to do any movement and wait for help to arrive.

Confirm and Examine the Health of Other Passengers if Any:

Once you’re done examining yourself, look out for and check up on the wellbeing of any other passenger on board if there was any. In case you’re not too badly injured, try to help them yourself; otherwise, call 911 or urge a passerby to call for assistance.

Move to A Safe Place:

After ensuring the wellbeing of others and yourself, the most important thing is to move yourself and others to a safe location e.g. the sidewalk or the side of the road otherwise there’ll be a risk that a moving car might hit you. However, in a situation where you and the car both are in good shape then try moving the car to somewhere safe as well, and if that’s not possible then leave the vehicle where it is and save yourself and your loved ones.

Call the Police:

Calling the police, whether it’s a tiny fender-bender or a severe incident, is critical. In certain jurisdictions, it’s a statutory requirement. The cops on the site will fill out an official document and record the situation. If the authorities are unable to respond to the incident site, you can proceed to the local police station and file a complaint on your own. Whenever you claim with your insurance company, they will demand a police report to aid in the assessment process.

Don’t Panic and Wait Patiently:

Once you’re done with all the steps mentioned above, now it’s time to wait for help to arrive. If your car is in a working condition, alert other drivers to slow down; switch off the vehicle, put on your warning lights, and deploy the road flares from the emergency car pack. If there is no possibility for this and the car is destroyed, then simply wait on the roadside patiently.

Give and Take Info:

In a situation where the car accident was with another vehicle, the following information should be given as well as taken from the other driver. However, this is not necessary if the accident didn’t involve another vehicle. Full name Contact information Insurance company Policy number Driver’s license License plate number Type, make, color and model, year of the vehicle Location of the accident However, it is strongly advised not to discuss who’s guilty with the other party involved. The authorities and insurance company will be deciding that based on the information they gather from you, the other party, the damaged vehicle, by-passers, etc. Arguing with the other party might complicate the situation even more and exacerbate it.

Record and Take Notes of the Accident Yourself:

To stay on the safe side, make sure that you record and document the accident yourself as well if you are in such a position health-wise. You can do so by getting to know the officers, getting a copy of the police report, making videos and pictures of the accident site and the vehicles, getting info from the parties involved and talking to the bystanders and any witnesses, etc.

Start the Insurance Claim Process:

Once you’re done with all that, now it’s time for you to inform your insurance company and tell them the situation so they can start the insurance claim process. In this way, they’ll be able to inform you exactly what they’ll need to lodge your application and what you should expect during the process.

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Even the most experienced and strong person might become agitated after a car accident in California. In such a state it will be very tough to handle the court proceedings and insurance claims alone. We have professional and experienced injury lawyers to help you out so get in touch right now.
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