Three-Car Crash Outside Riverbank Claims One Life

A three-car crash outside Riverbank claimed the life of one driver and left one severely injured on Tuesday morning, December 14. The collision occurred around 9:43 a.m. at Highway 108/ Patterson Road and Skittone Road. The driver was alone in a white Ford SUV, said CHP spokesman Tom Olsen. The deceased driver was identified as Kolleen Jackson, aged 86, of Riverbank.

The injured driver was identified as Summer Cheever, aged 27, of Modesto and she was with three young children in a green Chevrolet SUV. She sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the Doctors Medical Center. The children were identified as Sophia Aldaz, 6 months, Vanessa Aldaz, 2, and Joseph Aldaz, 3. They were also taken to the hospital; however, they were unhurt. 

Olsen revealed that Brandon Garcia-Castro of Oakdale was driving on Patterson Road in a Honda sedan. When he stopped to turn left onto Skittone. Jackson approached and veered left to avoid rear-ending the Honda. Jackson was traveling at an unsafe speed and when she turned left, the right front of the Ford sideswiped the left rear of the Honda. The Ford rotated clockwise upon impact and overturned onto its left side. The front of Cheever’s Chevrolet hit the right side of the Ford while overturning. 

Following the three-car crash outside Riverbank, traffic was diverted onto Coffee Road. Patterson Road reopened after 11:30 a.m. The involvement of drugs/alcohol is unknown yet. The CHP news release included a reminder that children under 2 should be in rear-facing car seats and that children must be in appropriate car seats until they reach 8.

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