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At Crockett Law, our Fullerton burn injury lawyers can help you or your family member seek justice if you believe that you sustained burns due to another’s negligent, malicious, or reckless actions. Burns can differ in severity, some leaving psychological and physical scarring. But why should you endure such pain and suffering without holding those to blame at fault and seeking compensation? California laws regarding burn injuries give victims the right to sue those responsible, and we at Crockett Law Group have the law professionals that can help you seek justice. Our accomplished Fullerton personal injury lawyers are experienced with what it takes to win such a compensation case. We have represented numerous burn victims and helped them walk home with a fair settlement for their injuries, pain, and suffering. Get in touch with our Fullerton burn injury lawyers at (800) 900-9393 to book a free case review, or visit our office in Fullerton, CA.
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Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Many burn accidents are attributed to minor errors associated with negligence or recklessness. However, some are linked to malicious acts. Our Fullerton burn injury lawyers have handled cases involving victims that required extensive treatment and care for burns caused by another’s actions. The burn-related injuries we have encountered include:

Vehicle Accidents

Cars can explode or go ablaze after a crash or collision, and flammable materials in the vehicle feed the fire. The occupants can sustain burns if they are trapped inside the car. They can suffer internal burns if they inhale hot air and smoke or external burns on their skin from the blaze.

Faulty Products

Electric appliances with a defect that went unnoticed during manufacturing can overheat and catch fire, setting a room or house ablaze, burning the user, or resulting in death.

Industrial and Construction Accidents

The construction, industrial, and manufacturing sectors are some of the leading professions that have workers working in risky conditions. Employees in these sectors can sustain thermal burns, chemical burns, contact burns caused by explosions, or electrical burns.

Chemical Accidents

Chemical burns tend to occur in labs and facilities that deal with flammable or corrosive fluids. However, a chemical accident can also happen in other places like homes, stores, and schools. Image is of sparks flying against a dark background, concept of Fullerton burn injury lawyer

What Are the Different Categories of Burns?

The attending doctor or physician will assess your burns to determine where to categorize your injuries. Classifying burn injuries is necessary for proper treatment and will prove vital when building your compensation case. Medical experts classify burns under the following:

1st Degree Burns

First-degree burns are mostly superficial, though with light lingering pain. It impacts the epidermis (top skin layer) and can cause reddening, swelling, and pain. You can treat such burns at home using your first aid kit and over-the-counter medications. Run cold water over the injured area, apply the recommended ointment, and dress it appropriately.

2nd Degree Burns

Second-degree burns reach the dermis (second skin layer). The injuries can result in painful blisters and inflammation. Treating these types of burns at home is not wise, though not impossible. However, it is best to let professionals examine and diagnose the injuries, especially if the area is a sensitive body part. The treatment can help manage the pain and healing to mitigate potential scarring.

3rd Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are intense since they reach the skin’s subcutaneous layer (the deeper parts) and can impact the muscles and nerves. Third-degree burn victims will have white, charred, leathery, or waxy skin, and some cases can result in organ failure. Special medical treatment can care is vital for these types of burns, which can entail extensive surgical procedures to remove damaged tissues and even do repairs using skin grafts. The objective is to reduce the risk of infection, mitigate extensive scarring, and promote quick recovery. Some patients will need prescribed medications to help manage the pain.

4th Degree Burns

Fourth-degree burns cause extensive skin, muscles, nerves, and bone damage. These injuries are primarily fatal due to severe organ damage and failure, with victims losing their senses of touch and pain. Surgical procedures are necessary to help remove the damaged parts, but the victim is left with significant disfigurement. Recovery can take months.

What Damages Are Recoverable Through a Burn Injury Claim?

Under California laws, you can sue the responsible parties for your injuries, seeking compensation. Our Fullerton burn injury lawyer will provide you with the best legal counsel and vigorously fight for your rights and interests when pursuing the following damages:
  • Economic Damages: The amount your Fullerton burn injury helps you recover under economic damages will cover any losses with a monetary value. That means it can help you settle medical expenses (current and future), cover lost wages, predication costs, and other financial burns and losses associated with your burn injuries.
  • Non-Economic Damages: What we help you recover under non-economic damages shall cover the losses that lack substantial monetary value although they impact your life significantly. Some of these things include loss of consortium, wrongful death, emotional anguish, physical and psychological pain, and suffering.
  • Punitive Damages: Your Fullerton burn injury lawyer will pursue punitive damages if the investigations show that the defendant’s actions were grossly indifferent. However, the judge and jury will have sole discretion in determining the settlement based on our evidence.

How Long Do You Have to File a Burn Injury Claim in California?

According to the Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1, burn victims have two years from when the accident occurred to file a compensation case or lawsuit against who they believe are responsible. But this period can change if the lawsuit is against a state or federal government agency in California. Such instances require the plaintiff to file the claim within six months. The 2 years might seem like enough time for you to seek treatment and recovery and then start the legal process. However, it is a very short window of time if you consider the various legal requirements you must meet when filing the case. The process can prove challenging if you do not know how to navigate hurdles when you start the process. Therefore, your chances of winning are far better when you hire an experienced Fullerton burn injury lawyer from Crockett law to help you.

How Much Will Hiring a Fullerton Burn Injury Lawyer Cost?

Lawsuits come with financial responsibilities that often add you the burden you are dealing with; still, at times, that is a price people are willing to pay if they are confident they can recover damages for their injuries, losses, pain, and suffering. We strongly believe a Fullerton burn injury lawyer is the safest call when pursuing a lawsuit and wants maximum compensation. At Crockett Law, we can provide you with dedicated legal counsel and vigorous representation on a contingency basis. It allows you to worry less about legal fees since you will pay us if we help you recover damages and receive the settlement you deserve. Our fee will be a small percentage deducted from the compensation, which we shall inform you before taking on your case.

How Can a Fullerton Burn Injury Lawyer Help My Claim?

Crockett Law is a firm that takes pride in providing unrivaled legal counsel and representation to every client. Our Fullerton burn injury lawyers have vast knowledge and experience in burn injury cases and shall fight for your rights and interests by focusing on three principal elements:

Case Preparation

Preparing your lawsuit entails comprehensive investigations to help gather the evidence that will support your claims. It is a process that demands talking with your doctors, analyzing the medical reports, and meeting with potential witnesses to hear their accounts of what happened. Your Fullerton burn injury lawyer will then use the information we gather to develop a winning strategy even as you hurry to ensure that we meet the filing deadline as per the California burn injury claims statute of limitations.

Settlement Negotiation

Hiring our Fullerton burn injury lawyers as your legal counsel means you have legally obligated us to oversee settlement negotiations with the accused’s legal team and insurance providers. Therefore, they cannot force you to have any direct discussions with them without your lawyer present. Moreover, you can be assured that our Fullerton burn injury lawyers and legal team will be ready to deal with any slick tactics that they might use to discredit or deny your claim.

Trial and Representation

While handling things outside the courtroom is something that we never downplay, sometimes it is hard reaching a favorable agreement that ensures the client gets a fair settlement. Hence, our Fullerton burn injury lawyers go to the negotiation tables expecting that trial might be an inevitable outcome; thus, we cover all possible loopholes to ensure our case is strong as we go before the judge or jury. Fullerton burn injury lawyer shaking hands with a happy client

Hire a Reliable and Reputable Fullerton Burn Injury Lawyer from Crockett Law Group

Whether your burn injuries are attributed to a defective product, car accident, workplace accident, or other reasons associated with another’s reckless, deliberate, or negligent actions; you have the right to sue them for the pain, suffering, and losses you incurred. At Crockett Law Group, our Fullerton burn injury lawyers can help you or your loved one seek justice. We know that burns can differ in severity, some leaving psychological and physical scarring. But why should you endure such pain and suffering without holding those to blame at fault and seeking compensation? At Crockett Law Group, you will find exceptional and experienced law professionals who can help you fight for your rights and interests. Our accomplished Fullerton burn injury lawyer is conversant with what it takes to win a burn injury compensation case. We have represented numerous burn victims and helped them walk home with a fair settlement for their injuries, pain, and suffering. Get in touch with us at (800) 900-9393 to book a free case review, or visit our office in Fullerton, CA.

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