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Traffic-related accidents such as pedestrian accidents, truck, and car accidents are the leading cause of catastrophic injuries in the U.S. according to NHTSA. Any damage or injury that is life-changing is considered to be catastrophic. A few examples include backbone injuries, wrongful death, head injuries, and loss of legs, hands, or arms. If you are a victim of a catastrophic accident, it is wise to seek compensation. This is where we come in. Our Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyers are experienced, professional, and highly skilled at seeking compensation. So, you must be thinking, “Why a Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer at Crockett Law Group?” Well, aside from offering personalized services (because every case is different), we do not get paid until we win the case. Moreover, we will handle all aspects of your case from the start to finish, which includes dealing with the insurance companies when it comes to negotiations and settlements. We offer free consultation services as well. This gives you an opportunity to know your legal options, the best legal action to take, and have any questions you have answered by a Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer. To book your free consultation session, call our Fullerton personal injury lawyers at (800) 900-9393.
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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Any injury that comes with immediate or future life-altering consequences is known as a catastrophic injury. As such it can be said that it is an injury or damages that offer severe life-changing costs or losses. However, each state has its own definition and classification. In California, the regulation mentions that catastrophic injuries are forms of damage or harm that prevent a person from performing any gainful work or living a normal life permanently. Catastrophic injuries are caused by many factors. The common factor is the severity of the accident. This simply means that a catastrophic injury can occur through a traffic accident, dog attacks, slip and fall accidents, and even work-related accidents. If a person is suffering from a catastrophic injury, it means that they have lost a part of their persona, often ranging from function, form thoughts, or work. A few examples of catastrophic injuries include:
  • Spinal and back injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Severe burns
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Loss of limbs (amputations)
  • Ear injuries (loss of hearing)
  • Eye injuries (loss of vision)
  • Permanent disfigurement or scarring
  • Organ damage
If you or a loved one have suffered from catastrophic injuries, call our offices today to speak to highly knowledgeable Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyers. They are waiting and ready to help you with your case. Image is of a very bad car accident scene with first responders, concept of Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer

Catastrophic Injury Statistics

We have gathered some statistics that help to demonstrate how devastating being involved in a catastrophic event can be:
  • Brain Injury Statistics – Research shows that victims suffering from brain injuries have a higher risk factor of experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psychiatric disorders. According to CDC, more than 1.5 million Americans suffer from TBI (traumatic brain injury) yearly. Of this number, about 240,000 are hospitalized.
  • Statistics on Amputations – Currently, there are 2.1 million people in the U.S. living with limb loss. According to reports, about 100,000 people are amputated every year across America. About 30% of those amputated go through depression and/or anxiety.
  • Statistics on Severe Burns – According to the American Burn Association, about 450,000 people suffer burn injuries that are severe needing medical attention. About 3500 people suffer fatal burn injuries due to accidents every year. Fire flames cause about 30% of all fire-related injuries and smoke inhalation causes about 70% of deaths. According to hospital admission records regarding severe burns, 44% of them are caused by flame burns, 33% are blisters (by touching hot surfaces or items), 4% are electrical burns, 3% are caused by chemical burns, and 7% others (e.g. fireworks).
  • Statistics on Organ Damage – According to medical reports, it is common for a person to suffer multiple organ failures after a fall from heights. A majority of these demand invasive procedures such as surgeries. A majority of organ damage cases lead to disabilities. Work-related accidents such as construction jobs often cause organ failure or damage.
  • Statistics on Permanent Disfigurement or Scarring – Work-related injuries and traffic accidents are the leading cause of permanent disfigurement or scarring. Back in 2018, almost 3 million nonfatal work illnesses and injuries were reported, which caused permanent scarring or disfigurement. This is based on a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor.
  • Statistics on Spinal Cord Injuries – The yearly spinal cord injury is about 54 cases per one million people in the United States of America. This simply means that out of every one million people, 54 suffer SCI. the estimated number of people with spinal cord injury in America is approximately 260,000. Traffic-related accidents (pedestrian, truck, motorcycle, and car accidents) are the leading in causing spinal cord injuries. This is closely followed by acts of violence, slip and fall accidents, and sports accidents.
If you or a loved one have been severely injured due to no fault of your own, call the Crockett Law Group today to speak to one of our skilled and experienced Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyers.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Catastrophic Injuries?

The long-term effects of any injury, especially following a catastrophic event, can leave you feeling very defeated. Our Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyers are here for you. A catastrophic injury affects people in four major ways. They are:
  • Financial Aspect – As is the case with any form of injury, it will affect the financial side of things. That is because one is expected to pay for medical bills, medications, rehabilitation, and loss of income (both future and current).
  • Lifestyle Changes – Catastrophic injury will result in lifestyle changes. For example, if you have lost your limbs, then you cannot move about freely. This means that you will have to change your lifestyle to meet this disability. This applies the same way to losing your hearing or sight.
  • Health and Bodily Related Effects – A catastrophic injury must come with bodily or health-related issues. In fact, some of the common issues are memory loss, increased risk of seizure, paralysis, cognitive function impairment, and more.
  • Career Change – People suffering from catastrophic injury find it difficult to go back to work or find work. This is because they are hindered by their impairment.

Can I Sue for a Catastrophic Injury in California?

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury due to another person’s negligence, you have the legal right to hold that person accountable. This is done by filing a personal injury lawsuit against that person or organization, usually with the help of a Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer. An injury can only be categorized as catastrophic by looking at the severity of the injury. Often, it is dictated by the amount or kind of medical care you need, time to recover, incapacitating symptoms, and rehabilitation symptoms. For you to receive compensation for your catastrophic injury, four elements must be established by your Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer. These are:
  • Duty of Care – The link between the plaintiff and the defendant. In other words, the defendant had a duty of care towards you. For example, a tenant and a landlord or one driver to another.
  • Breach of Duty of Care – Showing the defendant was negligent for not observing the duty of care. For example, the landlord failing to maintain a building or using appropriate signs or a driver carelessly driving his/her car.
  • Causation – Showing the defendant’s actions caused the accident. For example, because a landlord failed to maintain their property, it caused you to fall, or because the other driver was driving at high speeds, they lost control and lead to the accident.
  • Damages – Showing the actual damage, injuries, and losses incurred.
Under California Civil Code 1714(a), it mentions that everyone is liable not only for the result of his/her willful act but for injuries and damage caused to others. What does this mean? It means that California follows a pure comparative negligence system. This means that a plaintiff can still recover compensation even if they were at fault for contributing to the accident. The statute of limitation for personal injury civil cases is 2 years starting from the date of the accident. That is why it is imperative that you consult an experienced Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer who knows how to navigate the legal system.

Why Do I Need a Fullerton Catastrophic Injury Lawyer for My Catastrophic Injury Claim?

There are many benefits to hiring a Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer. Filing a civil case is not as easy as you may think. The legal system is complicated, understanding legal technical jargon is not easy, and finding proof for your case is not straightforward. For this reason, it is wise to seek the services of an experienced lawyer. A Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer will help and guide you through the process. Call us today and book your free consultation session by dialing (800) 900-9393. Image is of a couple looking at their case with their Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyer

What Damages I Can Recover in a Catastrophic Claim in California?

There are three categories of damages that you can fight to recover. Our Fullerton catastrophic injury lawyers have years of experience fighting for our clients to get them the compensation that they deserve. These categories are:
  • Economic Damages – These are damages that have proof and can be compiled and calculated. It includes losses like lost income, prescriptions, medications, hospital bills, and more.
  • Non-Economic Damages – This covers damages that cannot be proven but are known to be there. Examples include anguish, pain, loss of companion, sorrow, and more.
  • Punitive Damages – If the court finds the defendant’s actions to be reckless, malicious, or cruel; you will be awarded punitive damages. It is intended to punish the offender.

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