High-Speed Pursuit Ends in Deadly Shooting

A high-speed pursuit through Orange and San Diego counties resulted in the suspect dying after police officers opened fire. On Sunday, October 4,  in Orange County, all lanes across the I-805 were closed. That is where a high-speed pursuit which brought officers through San Diego County into Orange County ended when officer’s opened fire. CHP and San Diego police vehicles were involved from the start of the high-speed pursuit, which began around midnight. Santa Ana Police initially attempted a routine traffic stop for a standard moving traffic violation. The driver refused to pull over and chose to flee the scene, instead taking off southbound on the I-5 and then diverting onto the Southbound I-805. The driver eventually came to a stop near Orange Avenue. There was a standoff between police while the driver was in his silver sedan. California Highway Patrol have not reported on whether or not they suspected the driver was armed or if there was anyone else involved in the vehicle. The suspect was shot after approximately 10 shots were fired towards the vehicle. There were not any officers injured and the pursuit or the shooting. San Diego County Sheriffs and California Highway Patrol were on scene at the end of the pursuit and during the shooting. At about 1:20 in the afternoon on Sunday, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department informed the public that their homicide detail would be on the scene and investigating the shooting involving CHP officers and San Diego Police.  This is not the first California High-Speed pursuit to end in a shooting. Although this pursuit did air live, it was later edited to ensure there were not any graphic images on the news feeds. There will probably be more details available as the homicide investigation unit evaluates the specifics of the high-speed pursuit and the shooting.  If you or a loved one have been involved in a similar incident, contact our personal injury attorneys for help or guidance. Source: https://patch.com/california/orange-county/high-speed-chase-suspect-gunned-down-pursuit
Kevin Crockett

Kevin Crockett

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