What Happens When Children Need Medical Aid After a Crash?

What Happens When Children Need Medical Aid After a Crash?

Getting into a crash is bad enough, but knowing that your child is in the backseat makes the entire situation catastrophic. So what should happen when children need medical aid after a collision? Always place medical needs above everything else. If your child is physically hurt, or non-responsive, then contact 911 for an emergency response immediately. However, many injuries that come after an auto collision can initially seem minor. It is possible that your child may need medical aid at the scene of the crash. It is also possible that the child may prevent symptoms of injury in the hours, days, or even weeks following the collision. It’s important that any adult around the child and the parents keep a close eye out for key symptoms of soft tissue injury, brain damage, brain trauma, and other complications. Getting immediate medical care and keeping in close contact with your pediatrician can help you know what to look out for and when it is possible that you could put some of your concerns at ease.

Getting the Right Support for Your Child

Just like with any other victim, it’s vital that the inner child receive the right support. Often after an auto collision, children will be taken to Children’s Hospitals where they can receive medical aid from those who have Pediatric and Trauma training. On a global scale, road traffic injuries are the primary cause of death for those between the ages of 10 and 19.  Many who work in the pediatric field understand the complexities of a trauma inflicted upon a small body. If your child has experienced moderate-to-severe injuries as a result of the Collision it’s likely that they’ll actually have a team of medical professionals rather than one primary doctor to work with. They may need to undergo physical therapy, rehabilitation, and other aftercare options to ensure that they can continue and grow and develop even after these injuries have healed.

Injuries and Injury Prevention

The most common injuries which children suffer as a result of auto collisions include broken or crushed bones, lung injuries, damage to various internal organs, spinal injuries, burns, and traumatic brain injury. Some of these injuries tend to occur because of the very seats meant to protect them. Most children are not placed into their car or booster seat appropriately, and that can often cause lung injuries, damaged internal organs, and spinal injuries. If you ever doubt or question how your child should fit in their car seat or booster seat, go to a local fire department. Fire departments are often responsible for inspecting child passenger safety seats. However, if they do not have a certified child passenger safety technician in the station, they can direct you to a nearby location to ensure the seat is installed correctly and that you’re using it the right way. However, there are many times where you can’t prevent all possible injuries. Injuries including head and brain trauma often occur simply because of the force of the collision. Children can also experience whiplash, and when they do so it’s possible that the soft tissue injury may be more aggressive than in an adult. It’s possible that children can experience a concussion, brain trauma, and lifelong impact from a brain injury.

Assessing the Damages During Your Demand Letter

One key element that comes into play when a child experiences injuries as a result of a collision is the extent of their medical needs. They may need medical aid for minor injuries, moderate-severe injuries, or lifelong medical assistance. Most families are not prepared to handle the medical costs associated with these unexpected injuries. Often the solution is to seek full compensation for medical aid already received, and medical aid the child will need in the future as a result of the crash.

Legal Support with Orange County Car Accident Attorneys

Experiencing injuries in an Orange County crash is bad enough, but if you’re worried about your child’s injuries as well, you may need extra support. Ensure that your time and your priorities are geared toward working with your child’s medical team and helping them work for a full recovery. Other things that come with car accidents such as insurance claims and property repair or secondary to injuries to a child. What you can do to help manage some of these other elements without becoming overwhelmed is to speak with a local Orange County car accident attorney. They can take over for contacting your insurance company and working on closing the claim. Although you’ll still have to explain the crash and provide evidence, an attorney can do the bulk of the claim work. Issuing a demand letter, collecting witness statements, and evaluating evidence are all things you should expect from an Orange County car accident attorney while you focus on the medical needs of your child.