Multi-Vehicle Crash Kills Woman after Hay Bales Fall

One woman was killed in a multi-vehicle crash that was caused by the shifting loads of hay bales on November 10. Several other individuals also sustained minor injuries in the accident.

According to details shared by the California Highway Patrol, a flatbed trailer was traveling westbound on Highway 299 on the morning of Tuesday. Its driver was identified as Zuniga-Garcia, 42. The trailer was carrying hay bales.

At about 10:45 a.m. as Zuniga-Garcia was negotiating a curve with the trailer, the hay bales on it shifted and became dislodged. Six of the bales fell off from the trailer, each of these weighing around 1200 pounds. As the trailer was traveling along a curve at the time, the bales fell in the eastbound lanes of the highway.

One of the hay bales crushed a Honda on which they fell. Others collided with a Dodge pickup and a Subaru vehicle. The crushed Honda then veered away and crashed into another vehicle, identified as a van.

The driver of the Honda sustained critical injuries in the multi-vehicle crash. Identified only as a woman by CHP for now, the victim was crushed under the weight of the hay bale that had fallen onto the vehicle. CHP is expected to identify the victim following notification to the next-of-kin.

The drivers and passengers in the other vehicles remained largely safe in the incident. Only some of them reported minor injuries, including the driver of the flatbed trailer.

The crash occurred close to Ingot. CHP continues to investigate the incident. During the investigations, CHP is likely to consider precisely how the hay bales became dislodged and caused the incident. CHP has not ruled out speeding as a contributing factor yet. If negligence is involved, formal charges may be considered against the trailer driver or the company owning the vehicle. 

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