Two Killed After Vehicles Go Off Embankment on I-15

Two persons were killed in a fatal incident that saw the cars go off an embankment on I-15 in Fallbrook, CA. Preliminary investigations show that the crash itself occurred early on the morning of Saturday, July 3. It was later on the evening of Saturday, July 4 that the wreck and the victims’ bodies were discovered. According to the details shared by the California Highway Patrol, an eyewitness saw a vehicle down an embankment of the southbound lanes of I-15. The precise location of the incident was just north of the Stuart Canyon Road. Following up on these reports, CHP officers arrived on the scene. They found that a 2018 Toyota Corolla had gone down the embankment on I-15. There were two occupants in the vehicle. Both had suffered critical injuries and died as a result of the crash. CHP identified one of the occupants as a Hemet, CA man, 21. The other occupant was identified as a 21-year-old man from San Jacinto, CA. CHP is yet to reveal the names of both victims. It is expected that the names will be revealed once the next-of-kin have been notified. CHP had been previously notified that the said vehicle had gone missing since Friday. The agency launched a search for the vehicle. However, it was only after a witness called in the location of the vehicle that CHP was able to get to it. Firefighters from the North County Fire Department arrived on the scene of the crash to retrieve the bodies from the vehicle. The southbound lanes of the I-15 south of the Mission Road were temporarily closed to traffic as on-site investigations were being conducted. In Orange County accidents like these which may have been caused by a vehicular failure or poor road design, families of the victims can seek compensatory damages with the help of an Orange County car accident attorney. Source:
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