Who is Liable in an Irvine Crash Caused by Tire Defects?

Tire defects can lead to accidents. If you have been involved in a car crash in Irvine, CA, it is important to understand what caused the crash. Identifying the cause helps determine who was liable for the accident. You can then seek compensatory damages from the liable party with the help of an Orange County car accident attorney. A large number of accidents are caused by speeding, distracted driving, or impaired driving. These are all factors that are in the control of a driver. A driver can choose to drive at a moderate speed, drive sober, and ensure that there are no distractions during driving. However, there are some car accident causes which are outside the immediate control of a driver. One of these causes is tire defects.

How Tire Defects Can Cause Accidents?

A tire that pops, bursts, or otherwise disengages from the vehicle can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. This is particularly the case when a tire pops at a high rate of speed. The incident may cause a vehicle to veer across lanes and collide with other vehicles or other objects such as a barrier. In the event where a driver loses control due to a popped tire, the vehicle may also overturn. These instances can result in serious or even fatal injuries. Another way tires can cause accidents is when a tire disengages from the vehicle. This is very rare, however many incidents have occurred where the driver of a second vehicle was critically injured or killed when a tire flew through the windshield at a high rate of speed. This happens when the tire is not properly secured to a vehicle. When driving at a high speed, the tire may disengage and become a sort of missile which can hit other vehicles on the road.

Who is Liable?

The issue of liability can be a bit complicated in crashes caused by a defective tire. In general, the following parties may be liable for the accident.


A tire is a part of the design of a vehicle. And it is the responsibility of a manufacturer to ensure that the design and manufacturing of a tire is safe for use. Tire defects may be caused by a poor design or due to errors in the manufacturing process. If the design and manufacturing are handled by the same company, it can then be held liable for a crash caused by such a defect. If the two processes are managed by two separate companies, it is possible to hold one of them liable depending on whether it was a design or manufacturing fault.

Driver or Maintenance Company

It is the responsibility of the driver of a vehicle to deal with tire defects. If the driver fails to fulfill this responsibility, the driver can be held liable. For instance, if the air pressure in the tires is low, the driver is expected to check it routinely and get it fixed. Failure to do so can lead to driver liability of a crash caused by the defect of the tires. In some cases, vehicle owners hand over their vehicles to maintenance companies on a routine basis to sort out tire defects. It is then the responsibility of these companies to ensure that the tires are fixed and properly maintained. If a crash occurs due to poor maintenance, the maintenance company can be held liable in a claim or lawsuit for damages.

Local Government

The road conditions can play an important role in the performance of the tires. If you are traveling at a high rate of speed and suddenly reach a stretch of road with a lot of potholes, your vehicle’s tires may suffer severe damage. This damage also pops the tire or disengages it from the vehicle. In such a scenario, the entity responsible for the maintenance of the road will be liable for damages. This is typically the local or municipal government.

Why Hire an Orange County Car Accident Attorney?

If you have suffered a crash in Irvine, Orange County, it is important to hire an attorney to help you recover damages. Here at the Crockett Law Group, we work with you to identify the liable party and recover a fair amount of damages to cover your losses. In case you suffer a tire failure that caused the crash, we can also help you file a claim against the manufacturer. Reach out to us for a free one-on-one consultation with our Orange County attorneys.
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