How To Get Your Car Accident Report in Anaheim

Anaheim car accident victims have multiple avenues to get a car accident report. You can always go to the Anaheim Police Department front desk in person or contact them by phone at (714) 765-1990. You may also be able to mail in your request or order your report online.

Following an Anaheim car accident, you need as much evidence as possible to support your version of events. By building a strong defense, you can protect your claim from accusations of fault and secure compensation that meets your needs following an accident. However, you may be unsure how to get certain pieces of evidence, including your car accident report.

If you are unsure how to get your car accident report in Anaheim, contact the Text Kevin Accident Attorneys team. We provide the support and tools needed to navigate the best options to request your report and can even act on your behalf. We provide comprehensive support for those seeking compensation following a car accident.

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Getting Your Traffic Collision Report Takes a Few Steps

When pursuing compensation for a car accident, one of the first steps you may need to take is to request a traffic collision report (TCR) from the police station that presided over your case. Typically, this would be handled by the Anaheim Police Department. However, if you were injured on a state road, your claim may be handled by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Once you determine who has jurisdiction over your case, you then need to contact that police department to request your police report. This can be done in a number of ways, including in person, by mail, online, or by email. The best way for you depends on the specifics of your case.

Once you have this accident report, you can put it to use in many ways. This police report provides specific details from the scene of the accident, which can be useful as memory and evidence fade or are lost through the time spent pursuing your lawsuit. A police report can provide details that would otherwise be lost, and coupled with other key evidence, you may have the tools to get compensated fairly for your losses.


Keep in mind that your traffic collision report may not be ready immediately due to the processing and review time. Because of this, we may focus on helping you gather and prepare other evidence for your personal injury claim before pursuing your traffic accident report.

Car Accident Reports Are Limited to Only Authorized Parties

Car accident reports are not made available to the general public, meaning you may not have access to them unless you were in some way involved with the accident. However, anyone who may have a report number or be in any way involved may have grounds to get a copy, as the information provided there can be useful for either side of an insurance claim or lawsuit. If you are one of the following people, you may have grounds to pursue an accident report:

  • Drivers involved in the incident
  • Passengers in either vehicle
  • Bystanders who were injured in the accident
  • Other parties that suffered property damage because of the accident
  • Other parties who may be liable for your accident
  • Insurance companies for either party
  • Attorneys for either party
  • Parents in cases where the accident involved a minor

While your traffic collision report may not be public information, you may still have grounds to receive a copy of your report in many situations. If you have any doubts about whether you are eligible, we can always investigate your claim, determine whether you are eligible, and pursue compensation that meets your needs. If you are not included on this list but believe you may need a police report copy, contact the police department to learn more or reach out to an attorney like Kevin Crockett to get the help you need.

Car Accident Reports Can Take Time to Process

As you prepare your request for a car accident report, you may need to prepare some information before you complete your request form. This information helps the records unit find your report and ensure that you are receiving the correct one. Some of the information you may be expected to bring includes the following:

  • Your name
  • The date of the accident
  • The location of the accident
  • A report number if the responding officer provided you with one
  • How you were involved in the accident

However, remember that even after preparing this information, you may need to wait until the accident report has been reviewed and released. Typically, processing can take a minimum of 10 business days to complete, according to the Anaheim Police Department. In the meantime, we can help you through the car accident report process.


If you were involved in a car accident on a state road, you may face different wait times when seeking a report from the CHP. However, you will typically still need to provide most or all the same information to either institution, so we are always thorough when gathering this information with our clients.

Your Options for Car Accident Report Requesting

Once your traffic collision report has been released and is available, you can begin the process of filing your request. Remember that you have multiple options for receiving your request, depending on the most convenient and efficient way for you to receive your report. We can help you choose whichever proceedings work best for your needs as the car accident lawsuit progresses.

Phone Requests

One of your first options to request your report is to do so over the phone with the Anaheim Police Department. You can call their business desk at 714-765-1990. The business desk can provide the information you need Monday through Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:45 a.m., so reach out to them to learn more about your next steps.

Email Report Requests

If you would prefer to save time on the phone or in person, you can always request your accident report online. The Anaheim PD provides a form that you can fill out to access your report called the Request Authorization for Release of Case Information. That information includes accident details, your report number, and identifying personal information such as your name, address, and a scanned photo of your ID.

You can also purchase a copy of your report through the LexisNexis portal. To do so, you will need to simply use your information to search for your report, pay the fee, and receive your report. While you may need to pay a convenience fee for this, it can be much faster and easier to get your report.

In-Person Accident Report Requests

When pursuing a copy of your Anaheim police accident report, you have the option to simply go to the police department in person and request your report at the business desk at this address:

425 South Harbor Boulevard

Anaheim, California 92805

When requesting a report in person, keep in mind that the business desk is open from Monday to Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:45 a.m. and that you will need a valid government-issued ID to get your report. Also, be sure to bring the appropriate fees for your accident report.

Mail-In Car Accident Report Requests

If you prefer to request your traffic collision report through the mail, you must include certain information and items. That includes a copy of a valid government-issued ID, information about the accident, and a self-addressed stamped envelope sent to this address:

425 S Harbor Boulevard

Anaheim CA 92805

ATTN: Records Bureau

Once you have sent this information, you should receive your report within a few days.

Car Accident Reports Can Take Time to Process

As you face the many facets of your police report, two key elements to keep in mind are the report fees and the time it can take to process your claim. These steps mean that it may take extra time before you get the full information you need from your police report. However, by taking the right steps, navigating these areas and getting your report is easier than ever.

Fees and Costs for Your Accident Report

As you pursue a copy of your car accident report, keep in mind that you may be charged a fee. If you seek a report directly through the Anaheim Police Department, your copy fees may be $0.50 for the first page and $0.20 for each page after that. Depending on the length of your report, you may have to spend more to get your report.

Keep in mind that if you pursue a claim online through LexisNexis, you may be charged a convenience fee. Typically, this convenience fee is $10, which adds to the costs of your report. However, if this report is crucial for your claim, those expenses may be worthwhile.

Remember as well that you may be reimbursed for this expense. If you maintain records of costs like these, they can be added to your damages total, and you may be compensated for by the at-fault party. Because of this, it is important not to skip this step despite the cost.

Your Report May Take Time to Process

Remember that your accident report will not be ready immediately after your Anaheim car crash. You may instead have some wait times, typically 7 to 10 business days, before your report has been processed. This processing typically involves reviewing the information and approving it before release.

Remember that report processing does not always take the same amount of time. For example, certain times of the year may see more traffic and thus more traffic accidents. Because of this, the Records Bureau may have more cases to process, which means that your case may take longer to be ready.

While you wait, we can always pursue other options to further your lawsuit. For example, while there may be necessary information in your police report, we can already begin determining whether you have grounds for a lawsuit, what damages you may be due, and what other evidence may be available for your claim. That way, we can progress through your case even if we do not immediately have your police report.

Getting Help from an Anaheim Car Accident Attorney Can Make a Difference

While getting your car accident report in Anaheim is a key part of your recovery, it is not the only step you need to take when pursuing a lawsuit. In fact, lawsuits can be complex and difficult to file without legal representation from law firms like ours. Below are just a few of the many boons a car accident attorney can provide:

  • Representation in the courtroom
  • Tools and resources to accurately calculate your compensation
  • Negotiation with the insurance companies on your behalf
  • Determination of grounds for a lawsuit
  • Guidance to ensure all deadlines are met

Car accident claims can be difficult to pursue, but that does not mean you have to pursue compensation alone or accept less compensation than you are due. At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we provide the support you need to handle these complexities and get answers for your claim. If you are considering filing a claim, reach out to us and check out our testimonials page to see how lawyers like attorney Kevin Crockett can help.

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If you are unsure whether we are the right team for you, you can always begin with a free consultation. Because these are no-strings-attached conversations about your claim, you can always speak with us for other attorneys and determine which team is right for you.

Get Help Pursuing an Accident Report and Beyond with Text Kevin Accident Attorneys

Seeking compensation for an Anaheim car accident can be a complex situation, and you may have difficulties pursuing this compensation. You may even need guidance and support as you determine how to get an accident report in Anaheim. Fortunately, you do not have to take these steps on your own.

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we provide needed support for our clients, from your initial free consultation to the final judgment on your claim. If you have questions or difficulties handling your case, we provide free consultations before you ever take your claim to court. To begin with a free consultation, call or fill out our online contact form.

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