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If you’ve been hurt in a car crash in Antioch, you need the help of a skilled lawyer. At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we know how hard it can be after an accident. We’re here to help you get money for your losses, like hospital bills, missed work, and pain. Call us today for a free talk with an Antioch car accident attorney.
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Antioch Car Accident Statistics

Many people in Antioch enjoy driving. But accidents can happen anytime, especially when there’s a lot of traffic. Car crashes can cause bad injuries or even death. In 2021, Antioch had 6 deadly car accidents involving 12 cars. Across the U.S., 1.34 people died for every 100 million miles driven in 2020. That’s the most since 2007. These numbers show why it’s so important to drive safely in Antioch and everywhere else.

Total Injuries & Fatalities

  • 2019: 230
  • 2020: 174
  • 2021: 140
  • 2022: 182
  • 2023: 139
Statistics on Fatal and Injury Causing Collisions in Antioch We sought to determine if accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities have risen or fallen in Antioch over the past 5 years. Our findings reveal a significant decrease of 26% in accidents between 2019 and 2023. In 2019, the highest number of accidents was reported, totaling 230 incidents. This reduction highlights positive progress in enhancing safety measures within the community.

Primary Collision Factor

  • Traffic Signals/Signs: 33
  • Unsafe Speed: 26
  • Right-of-Way: 19
  • Improper Turning: 17
  • DUI: 8
  • All Other Factors: 36

Statistics on Common Causes of Collisions in Antioch

The statistics on common collision causes in Antioch highlight key factors. Traffic signals/signs account for the most incidents at 33, followed by unsafe speed with 26, and right-of-way violations with 19. Improper turning and DUI contribute 17 and 8 incidents, respectively. Other factors lead to 36 incidents. These findings emphasize the varied challenges in road safety.

Which Roads and Intersections in Antioch Are the Most Dangerous?

Car accidents in Antioch can occur anywhere, but some spots tend to have more crashes:

Lone Tree Way

Lone Tree Way is a busy street in Antioch with many stores, restaurants, and local businesses. You’ll find places like Target, Starbucks, and Lone Tree Plaza here. The street is usually crowded with both local traffic and visitors. This busyness, plus the intersections and stoplights, can cause traffic jams, especially during rush hour. That’s why Lone Tree Way is a common spot for car accidents.

Highway 4

Highway 4, also known as the John Muir Parkway, connects Antioch to other cities in the East Bay. Lots of cars and trucks use this highway every day to get to work or make deliveries. Because Highway 4 has fast speeds and heavy traffic, accidents are more likely to be serious. Places near highway exits, like the junction with Lone Tree Way in Antioch, often get crowded and have more crashes.

Somersville Road

Somersville Road in Antioch has a mix of homes, shops, and businesses. The Somersville Towne Center mall and several restaurants bring a steady flow of traffic. Cars and pedestrians often cross paths here, raising the risk of accidents, particularly at intersections. The road’s many access points to shopping centers and neighborhoods also contribute to congestion and collisions.

Delta Fair Boulevard

Delta Fair Boulevard runs past the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds and has many local businesses. Stores like Grocery Outlet, AutoZone, and several fast food places line the street. With people constantly coming and going, it gets very busy. Accidents are more likely to happen where the boulevard meets other major roads, especially when traffic is heavy.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Antioch?

What you do after a car accident can make a big difference in your case:

Document the Accident

After an accident, write down as much as you can. Note the time, place, and weather. If you can do it safely, take photos or videos of the scene. Get pictures of the cars, any damage, skid marks, and the road. Also, get the names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance info of everyone involved and any witnesses. This information will be used for insurance and any legal case. It shows what really occurred.

Keep Records

Keep detailed records after a car accident. Collect and organize all the papers related to the crash and your injuries. Make sure to get copies of the police report, your medical records, and receipts for any costs from the accident. These could be hospital bills, medicine, and trips to the doctor. Also, keep track of any missed work and lost pay. These records are key for your insurance claim and any legal case. They prove how the accident affected your life.

Follow Medical Advice

Listening to your doctor after a car accident is crucial for getting better and for any legal case. Go to all your appointments and follow your treatment plan. Take your medicine and go to any therapy or rehab. Doing what your doctor says shows that your injuries are serious. It also shows you’re trying to get better. This matters for insurance and legal reasons. Skipping appointments or ignoring advice can hurt your claim and lower any settlement.

Notify Your Insurance

After an accident, you need to inform your insurance company. But be careful about what you say. Stick to the basic facts about what happened. Don’t guess about who was at fault or give too many details about your injuries. Insurance adjusters might use what you say against you to pay you less. It’s often best to talk to a lawyer before giving a full statement to your insurance. A lawyer can tell you what to share to protect yourself.

Preserve Evidence

To preserve evidence after an accident, don’t fix your car until an insurance person checks the damage. Repairs can erase signs of how bad the crash was. Hold onto any damaged items from the accident, like clothes. Take photos of any injuries. This physical proof can be powerful in showing how serious the accident was and how it relates to your injuries. That’s important for insurance claims and legal cases.

Call a Lawyer

The next step is to talk to a seasoned car accident lawyer. An Antioch car accident attorney can guide you through insurance claims and legal processes. At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we’ll protect your rights, help negotiate with insurers, and make sure you get fair payment for your injuries and losses. We can also tell you how strong your case is, your chances of winning, and what to do next. That could mean settling or going to court. Definitely get a lawyer if there are questions about who was at fault or if the insurance company fights your claim.
Pro Tip
You can usually get the California Highway Patrol (CHP) accident report within 10 days from any CHP office, not just the one closest to the crash site.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All of Your Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents in Antioch can cause a range of injuries, from small to life-altering:

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

Rear-end collisions often lead to whiplash and neck injuries. These happen when a crash makes your head snap back and forth suddenly. This strains the neck muscles and ligaments. Whiplash can cause neck pain, stiffness, headaches, dizziness, and sometimes blurred vision or tiredness. Some people get better in a few weeks. Others may have long-term neck pain and problems. Always see a doctor after a car accident, even if you feel okay at first. Whiplash can get worse if not treated. Treatment usually involves managing pain, physical therapy, and sometimes wearing a neck brace.

Concussions and Brain Injuries

Concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen in high-impact and low-impact car accidents. Your brain can get shaken inside your skull, even without hitting your head. Symptoms can differ a lot, from headaches and confusion to more severe issues like being knocked out, seizures, or lasting brain problems. A concussion or TBI can have short-term or long-term effects on memory, focus, and even personality. Get checked by a doctor right away, as these injuries aren’t always obvious at first. Treatment may include rest, medicine, and therapy. In bad cases, surgery could be needed.

Broken Bones and Fractures

The sudden, strong impact of car accidents often causes broken bones, especially in the arms, legs, and ribs. Breaks can range from small cracks to more severe fractures where the bone shatters or sticks out through the skin. Symptoms usually include instant pain, swelling, and not being able to move the affected body part. Treatment depends on how bad the break is and where it is. It may involve a cast, splint, or surgery to fix the bone. Healing times vary. Some fractures heal in weeks, while others take months and may need physical therapy to fully recover.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are some of the worst outcomes of a car accident. They can cause permanent disability. These injuries happen when your spine gets damaged, often leading to loss of movement or feeling below the injury. A crash can break or dislocate the bones in your spine, which can bruise, squeeze, or tear the spinal cord. Symptoms range from pain and weakness to paralysis. The severity depends on where the injury is. Treatment for spinal injuries usually means stabilizing the spine, medicine for swelling, and intense rehabilitation. Some recovery may be possible, but many spinal cord injuries result in lifelong disability. This means big changes to your lifestyle and ongoing care.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

After an accident, you may wonder about the cost of hiring an Antioch car accident attorney. It’s a valid concern, as crashes often cause major losses. You could be facing big repair bills, lost wages from missing work, and medical expenses. The good news is, at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, all of our cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means you can hire a lawyer without paying anything upfront. We only get paid if we win your case. If we don’t get you a settlement or award, you owe us nothing.
Local Results
Elderly Client Rear-Ended in Taxi Receives $350,000 Settlement, Exceeding Defendant’s Policy Limits
Case Type Car Accident
Location California
Settlement $350,000.00

Can I Recover Compensation if I Share Some of the Blame for a Car Accident in Antioch?

It’s a common question – can you still get compensation if you were partially at fault for your accident? This happens more often than you might think. For instance, if a driver hit you while going the wrong way, but your headlights were off at night, you might share some blame. Under California law, you can still recover compensation even if you were partly responsible for your accident. However, the amount you get will be reduced by your percentage of fault. So, if you were found 20% responsible, you could recover 80% of your total damages.

Further Reading:

What Causes Car Accidents in Antioch, CA?

In California, if you’re hurt in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you can seek compensation. Negligence means failing to be reasonably careful, such as by driving distracted, speeding, or not yielding. Distracted Driving Distracted driving is a big problem in California and a common cause of accidents. It includes anything that takes your attention off the road, like using your phone, eating, drinking, chatting with passengers, or fiddling with the radio or GPS. California has laws that specifically address this. For example, California Vehicle Code Section 23123 bans all drivers from using handheld phones while driving. Texting is also prohibited under California Vehicle Code Section 23123.5. These laws recognize the dangers of not paying full attention while driving. If an accident happens because a driver broke these laws, they may be considered negligent and liable for any damages.


Speeding is a top cause of car accidents in California and a clear example of negligent driving. California Vehicle Code Section 22350 states that no one should drive faster than is safe for the conditions, even if that means going below the posted speed limit. Conditions like heavy traffic, bad weather, or construction zones may require slower speeds. If a driver is speeding and causes a crash, they can be held responsible for any resulting harm. That’s because they didn’t exercise the level of care required by law and put others at risk.

Failure to Yield

Not yielding the right of way is another common form of negligent driving in California. According to California Vehicle Code Section 21801, drivers must yield to all vehicles already in an intersection or close enough to be an immediate hazard. This applies when making left turns in front of oncoming traffic and when pedestrians are in crosswalks. Accidents often occur when drivers ignore these rules and proceed without yielding, especially at intersections. In such cases, the driver who didn’t yield is typically found to be at fault and may have to compensate any victims for their injuries and losses. The law says the driver neglected their duty to follow traffic rules meant to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe.
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Antioch Accident FAQs

While not required, working with a lawyer can help ensure your rights are protected, especially when dealing with insurers or if the case is complex.

Most car accident lawyers in California work on contingency, typically taking around 33% of the settlement. They only get paid if they win your case.

Car accident settlements in California vary greatly based on factors like injury severity, medical costs, and other damages. Consult an attorney for an estimate.

Generally, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit for a car accident in California.

The amount you can sue for after a car accident in California depends on your specific damages, like medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering.

In California, it’s generally legal to drive a damaged car after an accident if it’s still safe and functional. But it’s best to inform your insurer and get necessary repairs.

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If you’ve been in an auto accident in Antioch, reach out to Text Kevin Accident Attorneys right away. We’ve helped accident victims recover millions in compensation. We’ll review your case for free. Plus, we work on contingency, so there’s no fee unless we win. To set up a free consultation with an Antioch car accident lawyer, call our office or contact us online today.

Antioch FAQs

Antioch is located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area in Contra Costa County, California.

In Antioch, you can visit the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge, spend time at local parks like Prewett Family Park, dine at various restaurants, and shop at the Somersville Towne Center Mall.

Antioch is about 45 miles east of San Francisco, depending on the route.

Antioch is approximately 35 miles northeast of Oakland, California, depending on the route taken.

Truck drivers in Antioch can park in designated commercial vehicle parking areas, truck stops, and some industrial zones that allow truck parking. However, it’s important to verify local regulations and availability with specific businesses.

Antioch Points of Interest

A center that offers a diverse range of retail stores and dining options, attracting visitors with its convenient location and vibrant atmosphere. Location: 5749 Lone Tree Wy, Antioch, CA 94531 Website:
A serene escape with its picturesque lake, hiking trails, picnic areas, and popular swimming lagoon, making it a beloved destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking relaxation and adventure. Location: 1200 Frederickson Ln, Antioch, CA 94509 Website:
Offers visitors the opportunity to explore historic coal mines, scenic hiking trails, and stunning views, making it popular for both history enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. Location: 5175 Somersville Rd, Antioch, CA 94509 Website:
Shoreline that offers pristine waterfront views, serene walking trails, and abundant birdwatching opportunities, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts seeking tranquility amidst the urban bustle. Location: Bridgehead Rd At Wilbur Ave, Antioch, CA 94509 Website:
A historic ambiance coupled with a diverse range of live performances, from concerts to theatrical productions, making it a popular cultural hub for locals and visitors alike. Location: 602 W 2nd St, Antioch, CA 94509 Website:
An exceptional golfing experience amidst scenic landscapes, featuring pristine courses and versatile event facilities, making it a popular destination for both golf enthusiasts and event planners alike. Location: 4800 Golf Course Rd, Antioch, CA 94531 Website:

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