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The period after a car accident can be stressful and crushing for you and your loved ones. Bills and expenses after a car crash, including medical costs, can be overwhelming. Crockett Law Group is here to help you through this difficult time. You are not alone.

If you’re hurt in an auto accident, consider reaching out to a Joshua Tree car accident lawyer. At Crockett Law Group, our personal injury attorneys in Joshua Tree, CA will talk to you about your legal options and counsel you on the best way forward regarding your case.

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What Should I Do After an Accident?

After a car accident in Joshua Tree, CA, it’s important to act fast. There are several crucial steps you should take if you’ve been involved in a car crash, including:

Report the Accident

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, call 911 immediately. The police will produce an incident report that can help prove fault.

Get Medical Treatment If Needed

The very first thing you should do after a car collision is to seek medical care. Your health must be your priority. Everything else can wait. Even though you feel okay, it’s best to visit the hospital for a checkup. Some injuries, including concussions and organ damage, may not be immediately apparent.

Take Photos/Video If You Can

Documenting everything that happens during a crash can help you build a strong case. Taking pictures and videos using your camera can help your seasoned Joshua Tree car accident lawyer prove fault. Remember, memory fades as time passes. You may not remember what happened during your accident after six months or one year. Evidence such as dashcam footage and CCTV feeds may also be destroyed after a certain period.

Get the names and numbers of any witnesses

People may witness your car accident. It could be other drivers, pedestrians, or store owners. Make sure you get the names, numbers, and addresses of these individuals. They can provide testimonies to prove the other party’s liability in your Joshua Tree car accident claim.

Never Admit Fault

Be careful about what you say after a crash. Never make statements that may be interpreted as an admission of fault. This may severely hurt your case.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer!

If you believe your accident was a result of someone else’s negligence, call a car accident lawyer near Joshua Tree, CA. At Crockett Law Group, our legal team will help you navigate California’s legal system to reduce the stress on your plate. We will handle talks with all other involved parties on your behalf.

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

After a car accident, you should hire an experienced attorney immediately. Don’t wait weeks or months to consider hiring a Joshua Tree car accident attorney. Remember, other parties may have already contacted their attorneys. They may be building a case against you. Here’s why you should hire Crockett Law Group after your car wreck:

Case Preparation / Filing a Lawsuit

In a car accident claim, thorough evidence analysis matters. Our legal team will gather and analyze evidence, including medical records, police reports, dashcam footage, and witness statements. We will then file your car accident on your behalf.

Settlement Negotiation

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. If both sides agree to settle their differences outside court, they avoid costs they’d have spent to bring the case to court. At Crockett Law Group, our car accident lawyers in Joshua Tree will handle your settlement talks to ensure you secure the maximum possible amount for your damages.

Trial Preparation & Representation

If settlement talks break down, our reputable law firm in Joshua Tree will file a lawsuit in California courts and fight for your rights in front of a judge and jury. We will offer you sound legal counsel throughout the trial.

What Type of Damages Can I Recover?

California courts may award these three types of damages in car accident cases:

Economic Damages

Also known as special damages, these damages are calculable expenses found in receipts and bills. Common examples include:

  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Vehicle damage

Non-Economic Damages

Also known as general damages, these damages are subjective and hard to quantify. They include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional distress
  • Disability

Punitive Damages

These damages aren’t awarded in most personal injury cases. They aim to punish the at-fault party for their recklessness. Punitive damages are awarded if the defendant’s actions were grossly negligent or malicious.

How is Liability Determined?

To qualify for a car accident claim in California, you have to prove that the defendant’s actions or inactions were negligent. In this case, the at-fault party’s behavior caused bodily harm. California is a pure comparative negligence state. You may still receive compensation for damages even though your fault for a crash is 99%.

Proving liability is a crucial step in any car accident claim. It determines if you have a claim or not. A plaintiff must prove that a reasonable person wouldn’t have acted in the same way when placed in a similar situation as the defendant. An experienced car accident lawyer in Joshua Tree can prove liability using these four elements:

  • Duty of Care: The accused owed the plaintiff a duty of care.
  • Breach of Duty of Care: The accused’s negligent actions led to a breach of their duty of care.
  • Causation: The accused’s actions led to the plaintiff’s accident.
  • Damages: The actions of the accused are directly related to the plaintiff’s injuries and financial losses.

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Car Accident Claim in California?

In California, the deadline for filing a car accident claim is two years from the date of the crash. For property damage claims, you have three years to file a claim. If you fail to file your claim within this period, the courts will bar you from recovering any compensation.

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Personal Injury Claims Process

After you’ve been involved in an accident, seek medical treatment and contact a reliable Joshua Tree car accident lawyer. At Crockett Law Group, our legal team will follow this process to ensure you get maximum compensation for your case:

  • Conduct a comprehensive investigation into your case
  • Gather evidence, determine liability, and advise if you have a case
  • Issue a demand letter to the insurance company
  • Handle settlement negotiations on your behalf
  • File an appeal if the insurer offers a lowball settlement or denies your claim
  • File a car accident lawsuit in California courts

At Crockett Law Group, our legal team will follow the proper steps to help you recover your damages. We will file all paperwork on time. If you’re hurt after a car wreck, it’s best to consider hiring a seasoned personal injury attorney in Joshua Tree.

How Much Will a Joshua Tree Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Crockett Law Group operates on a contingency fee basis. If you hire us to represent your interests, you won’t have to pay any upfront fees. We do not require any advance payments when representing Joshua Tree residents in auto accident claims. We will only charge you a percentage of the final settlement if you win your car accident claim.

Types of Car Accident Cases We Handle at Crockett Law Group

The legal team at Crockett Law Group is experienced in handling various types of car accident cases, including:

  • Driving Under the Influence Accidents (Drinking & Drugs): A drunk or intoxicated driver may quickly lose control, causing a car accident. Drugs make it hard for drivers to concentrate while on the road.
  • Distracted Driving: Texting, grooming, eating, reading, talking to passengers, and looking at a GPS device are all forms of distracted driving. They can lead to fatal car crashes.
  • Head-on Collisions: When two cars traveling in opposite directions collide, it’s considered a head-on collision. These types of crashes are amongst the most fatal.
  • Hit & Run Accidents: If a driver decides to flee the accident scene, the accident is considered a hit and run. Such drivers typically don’t provide any contact information before fleeing the scene.
  • Rear-End Accidents: These accidents can lead to severe back or neck injuries. Injuries mainly depend on the speeds of the vehicles and the force of impact.
  • Rideshare Accidents: If you are involved in a car crash with an Uber or Lyft, you can file a claim against the ridesharing company, the driver, or other drivers.
  • Rollover Accidents: A rollover accident happens when a vehicle overturns after a collision or when negotiating a sharp corner.
  • Uninsured Motorist: All drivers in California must carry minimum car insurance of 15/30/5. Unfortunately, many drivers opt to drive their vehicles without any insurance coverage.

Contact An Experienced Joshua Tree Car Accident Lawyer Today

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