How To Get Your Car Accident Report in Norwalk

In the wake of a car accident, you have multiple avenues to request a car accident report in Norwalk. You can visit in person at 12440 East Imperial Highway, Suite 120, Norwalk, California 90650, call (562) 345-4441, request a report via mail, or order your report online.

If you have recently suffered a Norwalk car accident, you may already have some difficulties handling your lawsuit. These difficulties can include uncertainty on how to get your car accident report in Norwalk, how to gather other evidence, and how to file your claim. Fortunately, our team is here to help you request your accident report and use it to your best advantage in the courtroom.

When you seek out Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, you can receive the high-quality, experienced legal support you need following an accident. A car accident lawyer with our team can provide the needed support to help you tackle your lawsuit, starting with a free consultation. We are prepared to request your accident report on your behalf or to guide you through the process of pursuing it.

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You Have the Opportunity to Pursue an Accident Report for Your Case

When seeking out a copy of your traffic collision report (TCR) in Norwalk, one of your first steps is to determine what police officials have jurisdiction over your accident scene. In general, your car accident report will typically be handled by the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station, a branch of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which serves the city of Norwalk, La Mirada, South Unincorporated Whittier, and East Unincorporated Whittier. However, if your accident happened on a state road, you may need to contact the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to request a copy of your accident report.

Once you have determined where to request your TCR, you then need to gather the correct materials. When seeking out a copy of your accident report, you will need a valid, government-issued ID to prove who you are. You will also need identifying information from the accident, such as a report number, your personal information, and other details from the accident scene.

Finally, getting your traffic collision report copy is as simple as choosing your method of delivery and paying your fee. Generally, you have multiple avenues to receive your collision report based on your specific needs. Once you pay the associated fees, you will have your own copy of your traffic report.


If you are unsure what police department had jurisdiction over your car accident, contact us for answers. Attorney Kevin Crockett and our team can provide specific guidance based on the location of your accident and your report number.

California Law Limits Who Can Request a Car Accident Report

Your Norwalk car accident may have been a devastating, scary experience involving catastrophic injuries, and that situation can be a personal one. Protecting the privacy of those involved in a car accident, especially ones involving fatalities, is important. Because of this, car accident reports are only released to involved parties, which may include any of the following:

  • Drivers in the crash
  • Passengers and bystanders affected by the accident
  • Insurance companies investigating insurance claims
  • Attorneys representing their involved clients
  • Other parties who suffered property damage in the crash
  • Parents, if one of the parties was a minor

Getting a copy of your traffic collision report can feel complex but can also be crucial to your recovery. Your collision report includes important information about liability and the cause of your accident, which can help you prove fault and pursue compensation for the suffering you have experienced. That accident report can help you through this process by documenting the many details you need during your lawsuit.

Check Availability Before Pursuing Your Traffic Collision Report

A traffic collision report can take time to file, meaning your report may not be ready immediately after your accident. In fact, in certain circumstances, the investigation for your report must be more rigorous, leading to longer processing times. Because of this, your accident report may not be available as quickly or as easily if any of the following conditions occurred:

  • Your accident involved a hit-and-run
  • A crime was committed in the course of your accident
  • A minor was involved in the accident
  • There was a fatality because of the crash

Once your traffic accident report is available, you may need to then provide the correct information to request your copy. Information that can identify the specific accident, including the investigation number, the date of the accident, and your identifying information, can help the workers find your specific report. Remember as well that, according to the California Public Records Act under California Government Code 7923.600, crash report requests submitted without a court order will be treated as a public records request.


Because certain details of your accident can shape the way your car accident report is handled, you may need to take extra steps or approach your report differently in these situations. Our team is prepared to guide you through this experience.

Navigating Your Car Accident Report Request

Once you know that your police report is available, you simply need to choose the best way to deliver it. These options depend on your ability to travel, your access to the internet, and other factors that may make certain options inconvenient. Once you choose the right path for you, your report may be available in just days after you complete these steps.

Keep in mind that if you are having difficulties with any of these steps, we can help. We understand how difficult it can be to heal from catastrophic injuries like burns, spinal injuries, and brain injuries and how difficult it can be to juggle both aspects of your recovery. We are prepared to act on your behalf in the process of requesting your report and beyond.

Phone Requests

When pursuing a copy of your Norwalk car accident report, a phone call may be your first idea for taking action. Your report may be found through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Records and Identification Bureau for Norwalk car accidents. You can call the department at 562-345-441 to request your report.

However, remember that you will not receive the report over the phone. Instead, you can call to submit a request, then pick up your copy and person or have your copy mailed to you. These requests will be handled by the Public Services section of the Sheriff’s Department.

Email Report Requests

If you choose to handle your car accident report online, many California Police departments have partnered with LexisNexis to provide online crash reports across much of the state. However, while this may be much more convenient, keep in mind that this site has a $10 convenience fee. However, it can help you get your report more quickly and easily.

In-Person Accident Report Requests

One of the simplest ways to request your car accident report is to do so in person. If you choose to do this, you will need to go to this address:

12440 East Imperial Highway, Suite 120

Norwalk, California 90650

When you arrive, note that the main entrance will be outside the building near the visitor parking lot.

These services are open and available Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Remember that if you request your record in person, you will need to submit valid identification. The police department will need to ensure that you have the legal authority to obtain a copy of this report.

Mail-In Car Accident Report Requests

You may also choose to mail in your request, which can be sent to this address:

Records and Identification Bureau

ATTN: Correspondence Unit

12440 East Imperial Highway, Suite 400 West

Norwalk, California 90650

When submitting your report request by mail, remember to include any required documents and fees to access it. That includes your full name, your birth date, the address to mail the report to, your signature, and a valid notarized identification.

It Can Cost Time and Funds to Get Your Accident Report

While getting your accident report as fast as possible may be preferred for you, as you may be ready to take action on your claim right now, it can take time and cost some fees before you are provided your collision report. To ensure these reports are as accurate and useful to the investigation of the accident, these reports go through rigorous analysis and approval before they are available to you. In these situations, we can help you identify the fees and wait times you may experience, as well as make the most of your wait times.

Costs of Obtaining an Irvine Car Accident Report Can Vary

One of your concerns when obtaining a traffic collision report may be the cost. While these reports are meant to be as accessible as possible, facing fees when you are already struggling to recover financially can be difficult. Because of this, we try to make our clients aware of their costs before they arrive.

Your initial record request will cost $25 at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Any additional copies of the report will be charged based on the number of pages. The first 10 pages are free, but from the 11th page on, the pages will be $0.13 per page.

It Can Take Time to Process Your Car Accident Report

Keep in mind that the processing of your police report can take time. These reports have to be written, analyzed by investigators, finalized by the presiding deputy, and approved by their supervising officer. With so many steps to go through, it can take several business days before your report is ready.

Other elements may increase the amount of time it takes to process your report. For example, over the holidays, there may be an increase in traffic and drunk driving, which can lead to more accidents. That means there may be more traffic collision reports for the department to process, meaning that processing times may be slower.

While you wait for your records to be processed, we can take action in other ways. For example, focusing on identifying all injuries in your path to recovery can be useful for your lawsuit. We can also help you identify other evidence and begin the process of completing the many forms and documents needed for your lawsuit.

We Offer the Support You Need Following a Car Accident

The car accident timeline you face does not begin and end with getting your traffic collision report. In fact, you may have many steps ahead of you, which can be difficult to pursue when you are injured. Fortunately, the team at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys provides the support you need, such as the following:

  • Requesting a car accident report on your behalf
  • Representing you in the courtroom
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Ensuring all deadlines are met for your claim
  • Determining whether you have grounds for a lawsuit

These examples cover only a sample of the ways our Norwalk car accident lawyer can help guide you through the specifics of your claim. We also provide free consultations, so you can speak with us before you ever make a decision. We want our clients to feel certain we are the right team for them.

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Contact Text Kevin Accident Attorneys for Focused, Comprehensive Legal Support

When facing a car accident, you need as much evidence as possible to support your claim and secure the compensation you need. That may begin with a car accident report that reviews the specifics of your crash. However, you may be unsure where to begin with your case and what evidence you need to support your defense.

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we provide the ongoing legal services you need when you are facing a car accident lawsuit. We offer free consultations for car crash victims struggling to recover from the suffering they have experienced, and we offer support through the many steps you may need to take, such as getting your traffic collision report. Call or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our comprehensive legal services for scheduling your free consultation.

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