How To Get Your Car Accident Report in Palm Springs

If you have been injured in a Palm Springs car accident, getting your car accident report starts with a request at the police station that reported to the scene of your accident. These requests can be made in a few ways, including in-person visits, email, phone, and mail-in options.

When facing a Palm Springs car accident, one of the more difficult steps you may have to take is pursuing and gathering information to help prove your version of events. The at-fault party may claim the accident happened a different way, and you may struggle to prove that you were not at fault for the accident. In these cases, you need as many pieces of evidence as possible to help support your claim.

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we understand the importance of having a car accident report on your side as you navigate this difficult situation. However, you may be unsure how to get your car accident report in Palm Springs, which we can step in and help with. We can guide you through these steps and more, including requesting your report on your behalf and representing you throughout your lawsuit when you need a Palm Springs car accident lawyer.

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Your First Steps to Pursuing a Car Accident Report in Palm Springs

As you pursue a copy of your traffic collision report (TCR) in Palm Springs, your first step is to determine where your TCR was filed. Typically, this will be found at the Palm Springs Police Department, as they oversee most accidents happening in the area. However, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) may have been the group responsible for reporting your accident for those that occurred on State roads.

You can begin the request process once you determine where your report was filed. Typically, you will need to determine the best option for your needs, such as requesting it online or through an in-person visit. You may also need to ensure you have as much identifying information as possible about your accident, including the report number, date of the accident, and drivers involved.

Once you have determined this, you can then take the next steps to request your collision report. Once you have made the request, receiving the information you need may take some time, especially if you requested a mail-in report. However, once this information is in hand, it can be crucial to hold the at-fault party financially responsible for the damage done.


As you pursue your police report request, be sure you know where your report was filed. It can take extra time for processing and delivery if you seek out your TCR from the wrong institution.

Parties Eligible for a Copy of Your Traffic Collision Report

Keep in mind that TCRs are not generally released to the public. In the wake of an accident, the record is only available to those who were actively involved. Those groups may include the following:

  • Any drivers involved in the crash
  • Passengers of either vehicle
  • Parents, if one of the drivers was a minor
  • Other parties who suffered property damage
  • Any parties accused of liability for the accident
  • Attorneys for either party
  • Insurance companies for either party

This limited list protects accident victims and their identities as they handle lawsuits and recover from the catastrophic injuries they have suffered. It can also help reduce the processing of collision reports to only the people involved who need a copy of this report. If you were involved in any way in the car accident, you may have grounds to get your copy and utilize a car accident attorney for your personal injury claim.

Traffic Accident Reports Can Take Time to Process

When you are involved in a car accident, you may want access to your traffic report as soon as possible. If you are injured and suffering, getting compensation may feel urgent as your bills are piling up. However, it can take time before a TCR is processed and ready to be copied, leaving you without certain evidence and tools for your case.

Typically, according to the Palm Springs Police Department, it takes about 10 working days to process and place a traffic collision report in the databases. That means you may have to wait more than a week after your accident to get your report. If you pursue it sooner, you may be denied a report until it is ready.

However, that does not mean you must simply put your lawsuit on hold while waiting. We can help you take other steps to help your claim succeed, including seeking medical care for dangerous injuries like brain trauma, spine injuries, and burns. We can also help you pursue other evidence that can support your claim.

Pro Tip

Remember that you typically have to wait a certain number of business days for your traffic accident report. Any weekends or holidays may mean longer wait times, so keep track of this with our legal guidance and aid.

You Have Options for Your Collision Report Request

As you face your Palm Springs car accident, requesting your car accident report can help you better identify who is at fault and any other specific details you need from the aftermath of the accident. Fortunately, you also have many options to request a copy of this report, which can help you get the evidence you need without sacrificing the needed time for your recovery. In Palm Springs, you have the option to seek your accident report over the phone, online, in person, and by mail.

Requests by Phone

Traffic collision reports are handled by the records department of the city of Palm Springs. To contact them via phone, you can call 760-323-8116 ext. 8159. Over the phone, you may be able to request a copy of your report from the records department and discuss your options for payment and retrieval.

Email Requests

You can always access the LexisNexis website to receive your traffic report online. Riverside County has partnered with LexisNexis to provide these reports and improve processing and delivery time. This option requires an extra $10 convenience fee, but you may be able to receive your report much faster.

In-Person Accident Report Opportunities

To request a car accident report in person, you need to go to the Palm Springs Police Department and speak with them directly about your case. They can be found at the following address:

200 South Civic Drive

Palm Springs, California, 92263

The Records Bureau is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is closed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and all holidays.

You Can Mail in Your Car Accident Report Requests

If you choose to mail in your car accident report request, this process can be done by including any pertinent information from the traffic collision report, such as police report number and date of accident, as well as a fee of $12.90. If you mail in your traffic report request, the Palm Springs Police Department mailing address is:

PO Box 1830

Palm Springs, California 92263

Remember, however, that mailing your request may take extra time to arrive at the station for processing.

Some Obstacles Can Impact Your Car Accident Report Request

While you may have grounds to seek out a traffic collision report, you may have a few obstacles to overcome during this time. For example, you need to be aware of the fees and processing times that can impact how quickly you are able to get your report. That can be a serious problem for those who are nearing the statute of limitations deadline, which is two years under California Civil Code 335.1.

If you are concerned about these limits, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you complete your car accident report request forms and get these reports, whether your crash was a week ago or years ago. We can then use that evidence to pursue compensation for you further.

Getting Your Car Accident Report Comes with Fees

Keep in mind that there are certain fees that may apply to your car accident report request. In Palm Springs, the Records Bureau charges $0.11 per page of your report. Once you pay, the Records Bureau can then provide your requested report.

However, for certain methods of delivery, you may also have to pay a convenience fee, so be sure that you know what you may be charged before you begin. Take care as well to keep a copy of your receipt for reimbursement purposes during your claim. Pursuing evidence like this is one of the many damages that may arise that you can pursue compensation for with your insurance claim or lawsuit.

Processing Times Can Vary Depending on Your Case

In the wake of a car accident, a police officer may have been at the scene of the accident and may have completed a report. However, that report does not go immediately into the system, as it must be processed following delivery to the station. In many cases, it can take around 10 business days to process your request.

However, you may face certain factors and obstacles depending on when the accident happened. For example, if you had a collision over a holiday, when many people are traveling, the rate of accidents may have been higher at the time, meaning that many people may be pursuing a request as well. An overload of cases can mean delays for you.

Fortunately, our team is prepared to take action to pursue other evidence while you wait. While a TCR can be valuable, we can help pursue other evidence for your case. We are here to guide you throughout this process and to best maximize the time you have to file a lawsuit.

Seeking Help from Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Your Claim Succeed

As you negotiate a Palm Springs car accident claim, you may find yourself struggling to juggle the many legal steps you may need to take to sort your claim. In some cases, you may have to sacrifice the time spent with your legal claim or your health recovery, meaning you may have more difficulty recovering from the injuries you have suffered. Below are just a few ways attorneys like Kevin Crockett can help your claim succeed:

  • Pursuing a car accident on report on your behalf
  • Representing you in the courtroom
  • Gathering evidence, including contacting expert witnesses
  • Calculating the economic and non-economic damages you may be due
  • Negotiating with the insurance company for you

Pursuing a car accident lawsuit can be difficult, but that does not mean you are out of options. With our decades of experience, including trial experience, we have the tools to help guide you through your case. Whether you are struggling to get a copy of your car accident report or are unsure where to start, contact us at Text Kevin Accident Attorneys whenever you are ready to take action.


If you have any doubts or concerns about our legal services, you can always check out our testimonials and a free consultation. Our free consultations are obligation-free, meaning that you can speak with us before you ever agree to anything.

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When navigating a Palm Springs car accident, proving your version of events is essential. Without this evidence, obtaining the compensation you need for a recovery can be difficult. Worse, the at-fault party may use any doubts against you, leaving you struggling to recover from the injuries you have suffered.

At Text Kevin Accident Attorneys, we provide comprehensive legal services that begin by gathering evidence like your car accident report. If you are struggling to take steps like these, we are prepared to step in and act on your behalf, helping you protect the compensation that you are due. If you have any questions or concerns about the steps needed to be taken in your case, do not hesitate to reach out by calling or filling out our online contact form.

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